King of Gods

Chapter 41 – Zhao Yufei’s attractiveness

Chapter 41 – Zhao Yufei’s attractiveness

“It’s my turn again?” Zhao Feng sat on his chair and touched his chin. There was only Zhao Chi and Zhao Linlong in front of him.

Although he could beat Zhao Chi, he would have to spend a bit of energy. If he challenged Zhao Linlong, everyone would know his real strength and cultivation. His cultivation had increased way too fast in the past few months and it would attract too much attention.

Zhao Feng also wanted to leave a hand to guard against Zhao Tianjian.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng didn’t have much confidence in beating Zhao Linlong.

“I pass.” Zhao Feng wanted to pass even after he analysed the benefits.

His goal was to reach the top three and get a peak ranked martial art. Now that his goal was achieved, there was no point in fighting to the death for a higher rank.

Zhao Feng’s pass caused many to be slightly stunned, but they didn’t feel too weird about it. After all, with Zhao Feng’s cultivation, to be ranked in the top three was a massive feat already.

“I also pass.” Zhao Chi looked deeply at Zhao Feng.

He had seen the battle between Zhao Han and Zhao Feng and he knew that Zhao Feng was stronger than him.

The top three had all passed.

The ranks were: Number one Zhao Linlong, number two Zhao Chi, number three Zhao Feng, number four Zhao Han, number five Zhao Qin, number six Zhao Yufei, number seven Zhao Bing…

The top seven were all martial artists.

“This is the last time anyone will have the chance to challenge someone.” The judge announced.

After the second round, not many people challenged others as the ranks were almost confirmed. However, when it was number six’s Zhao Yufei turn, there was a small twist.

“I want to challenge number five Zhao Qin.” Zhao Yufei’s eyes were like crystal as she smiled faintly.

Her challenge caused many to be surprised.

“Sure.” Zhao Qin nodded her head as she went onstage.

Soon, the two beautiful girls faced off. Both Zhao Yufei and Zhao Qin were pretty. Furthermore, they were both talented.

As the two headed up, many youths’ heartbeat started to thump faster. It could be said that the two were the women of their dreams.

Especially Zhao Yufei. Her age was lower and her prettiness shone.


Zhao Linlong’s eyes flashed brightly as he saw Zhao Yufei.

“Azure Cloud Finger!”

“Butterfly Leaves Palm!”

The two girls shouted as their perfect bodies swayed in the wind.

Zhao Qin was always the top girl genius. Her cultivation had almost reached the peak of the fifth rank. In terms of age, Zhao Yufei age was lower than Zhao Qin’s by two years and she had only just reached the fourth rank.

However, as they exchanged blows Zhao Yufei wasn’t losing. Zhao Yufei’s Inner Strength was like the wind, agile and fast. Zhao Feng understood that Zhao Yufei was also learning the Air Crossing Breathing Technique, but there was still a big distance between them. But the complexity of Air Crossing Breathing Technique made up for the cultivation gap between the two of them.

After exchanging twenty blows, Zhao Qin’s face started to turn solemn as she started to fully circulate her Inner Strength. However, Zhao Yufei still easily dodged her attacks with her agility.

Thirty moves! Forty moves!…

Zhao Yufei’s skill started to perfect itself as time went on. Only till the eightieth move did a change happen.

“Butterfly Flower Dance!” Zhao Yufei’s power and speed suddenly stepped into a whole new level.

Pah! Pah! Pah…

Zhao Yufei’s graceful body was like a butterfly that danced in the air.

Zhao Qin was pushed back only after three moves: “You hid your strength!”

Zhao Yufei conserved her strength when they exchanged blows before.

“I give up.” Zhao Qin was soon injured after a few moves.

The disciples started to see Zhao Yufei in a new light. This woman was not only beautiful. Her talent was also top tier.

“Good!” Zhao Linlong nodded his head praisingly as he stared at Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Chi on his right thought: “Could Zhao Linlong be in… ”

Being number one, Zhao Linlong’s short gaffe was seenby the crowd.

“Haha, it looks like the hero can’t pass the beautiful woman.” The elders of the sect laughed.

“Zhao Yufei’s talent is not weaker than Zhao Linlong. The two would make a good couple.” The head of the sect Zhao Tiancang smiled.


After beating Zhao Qin, Zhao Yufei was promoted to fifth. According to the rules, she could keep on challenging others.

But as Zhao Yufei looked at the top four, she realised that all of them far exceeded her. When she met Zhao Linlong’s hot eyes, she felt a bit weird.

Zhao Linlong was cold and expressionless during the tournament. But when he noticed Zhao Yufei, his coldness seemed to melt. This was the first time it had happened – Yep, the feeling of his heart thumping.

After Zhao Yufei, it was Zhao Han’s. Zhao Han’s eyes passed over Zhao Feng, Zhao Chi and Zhao Linlong. Zhao Han didn’t have any chance to reach top three.

Zhao Feng? He had already tasted the bitter side. His strength was terrifying, maybe only Zhao Linlong could stop him.

“I pass.” Zhao Han said helplessly.

If he hadn’t challenged Zhao Feng before, he could still be ranked in the top three, and with him in peak condition, there was a chance of him beating Zhao Chi.

“Pass.” Zhao Feng said.

“I also pass.” Zhao Chi also said.

“The tournament has ended.” Zhao Linlong faintly smiled and once again looked towards Zhao Yufei.

He didn’t know why, but every time he saw her, he felt that she was even more perfect.

Feeling his fire-red eyes staring at her, Zhao Yufei on instinct tried to dodge.

“This year’s family sparring contest has come to an end. Now, we will announce the prizes and ranks… ”

Soon, the inner disciples ranking came out:

First: Zhao Linlong

Second: Zhao Chi

Third: Zhao Feng

Fourth: Zhao Han

Fifth: Zhao Yufei

Sixth: Zhao Qin

Seventh: Zhao Bing


The top disciples were full of expectations. According to last year’s ranking, the top twenty, top ten, and top three would gain extra rewards.

“Now the head of the sect will announce the rewards.” The judge said.

Head of the sect!

A thunderous sound of clapping came from the crowd. Onstage, a middle aged man slowly stood up. He raised his hands and an overbearing pressure came from him.

He was the head of the sect, Zhao Tiancang!

Zhao Feng felt that the head of the sect’s aura was similar to the high tier deadly beasts in the Sky Cloud Forest. He was a martial master of the seventh rank or higher.

Zhao Tiancang scanned the faces of the fifty inner disciples. When it landed on Zhao Linlong, it was extremely caring and loving.

Many knew that Zhao Linlong was his step-son.

“All those that have become inner disciples can go to the second level of the Martial Arts Library and choose a high ranked martial art. They’ll also receive a three hundred year blood plant.” The rewards were as good as the rumours said.

“The top twenty can also choose two high ranked martial arts and receive two three-hundred year blood plants. The top ten can also choose two high ranked martial arts and receive one five-hundred year blood plant.” The head of the sect paused.

“The top three can also choose one peak and two high ranked martial art. Also they’ll receive a’blood pill.’” The head of the sect said as he smiled.

Peak ranked martial art! Blood pill!

The rewards of the top three far exceeded the others. Zhao Feng couldn’t help but smile.

He was in need of peak ranked martial arts. And the blood pill could increase the cultivation of a martial artist.

The fifty disciples went to retrieve their rewards under the guidance of the manager. That day, Zhao Feng received a blood pill.

As for the one peak ranked and two high ranked martial arts, Zhao Feng had a special token which allowed him to go Martial Arts Library and choose his skills.

“I heard that the number one person usually had some special rewards. Why isn’t there any this year?”

“Maybe they just haven’t announced it yet.”

On the way back Zhao Feng heard a few discussions. He didn’t bother listening to them. Instead, he just walked back home.

“Brother Feng!” A sweet voice called from behind.

Without turning his head, Zhao Feng knew that it was Zhao Yufei.

The two were neighbours and so they were a bit familiar with one another. After the exchange of Metal Wall Technique and Air Crossing Breathing Technique, the two became even closer.

“Yufei, your performance was pretty good.” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but think about her beating Zhao Qin.

“I’m still far away from brother Feng. I’m just curious as to why you didn’t challenge Zhao Linlong!” Zhao Yufei looked curiously athim.

She was certain that his Metal Wall Technique had reached the fourth level. His defense was easily top amongst the inner disciples. Adding on Zhao Feng’s Inner Strength and Lightly Floating Ferry, he had the right to challenge Zhao Linlong.

“You overestimate me. There’s still a big distance between me and Zhao Linlong.” Zhao Feng said humbly.

Obviously, Zhao Yufei’s estimation of his strength was the closest. The two’s age’s were close so they got along well.

On the corner of the stage. A youth clothed in gold watched Zhao Yufei’s and Zhao Feng’s figure dimly as they walked off together.

His eyes flashed coldly and he said to himself: “That kid seems to be called Zhao Feng?”

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