King of Gods

Chapter 1583 - The Center of Attention

Chapter 1583 – The Center of Attention

In Sunharbor City, the beauty and talent of the Lu Clan’s two genius daughters had caused the entire destiny of the city to change.

In the distance, five people and one cat were staring at the grandiose and majestic city. Leading the group was a young man with clear eyes and a wild smile on his lips. On his shoulder was a silver-black cat. This person was none other than Zhao Feng.

Two of the four people behind him were Huo Qingfeng and Blood Spirit. The other two were servants Zhao Feng had taken on his journey, both of whom were at the Imperishable Realm.

Zhao Feng didn’t even care that much about Imperishable Realm experts.

The moment Zhao Feng’s party entered Sunharbor City, it attracted a great deal of attention.

“I wonder what clan this young master is from. He has four Imperishable Realm experts protecting him!”

“What does that matter? The Young Master Wei who came earlier had a Chaos Heaven Realm expert protecting him!”

Conversation was just conversation. Everyone immediately yielded the path upon encountering Zhao Feng’s party.

Upon entering Sunharbor City, Zhao Feng ordered his servants to gather information. Meanwhile, Huo Qingfeng was entrusted with the matter of the new auction house branch.

Zhao Feng also began to walk around. This was partially to see the situation and partially to purchase materials.

“I hear that more than one hundred people have come to make marriage proposals to the Lu Clan. There’s not even enough space in the Lu Clan’s main hall to seat them all!”

“But that Lu Qin’er and Lu Fei’er are really too beautiful! Ah, if I could just marry one of them, I would live the rest of my life without regret!”

“Don’t speak nonsense! You’re profaning the fairies!”

All of the conversations around Sunharbor City basically revolved around the two genius daughters of the Lu Clan. For this reason, these two women became known as Fairy Qin and Fairy Fei.

These two women were twins, and not only were they so beautiful that fish would drown and swans would drop from the sky upon seeing them, they both possessed superb talent. At only the age of fifteen, they had reached peak Star Origin Realm, only one step away from the Divine Transformation Realm.

“Did you hear? Because so many people have come to propose, and since the majority of them are people that the Lu Clan can’t reject, the Lu Clan has decided to hold a contest. Only the first place will become the son-in-law for the Lu Clan!”

In this way, the person who could marry one of the fairies would undoubtedly possess a peerless talent.

Although many of the proposers opposed the idea, the vast majority of people had approved, particularly the royal household. Thus, the matter was settled.

“It seems I’ll have to defeat all the other contenders….” Zhao Feng sighed.

He felt a reaction from his Dream Origin the moment he entered Sunharbor City. Zhao Feng was sure that Lu Qin’er and Lu Fei’er were Liu Qinxin and Zhao Yufei.

The surrounding experts were all stunned by these words, and they all looked over to see who had spoken them. “Hmph, a naughty child with no idea how vast the world is!”

“A mere initial-level Star Origin Realm wants to marry a fairy? Truly a toad lusting for swan meat!”

The crowd instantly sneered in derision.

Only the most talented and powerful experts had come to propose. Those of young age held no advantage in this contest.

In addition, one could only rely on one’s own cultivation and strength to win the favor of the fairies. This was one of the rules set down for the contest.

“Haha, just because of these words of yours, if I run into you in the contest, I’ll kill you!” Brash laughter came from the back of the crowd.

The crowd parted, allowing a proud youth to slowly come forward.

“That’s Hua Tianfeng, the prodigy of Heavenly Capital Peak! At the age of twenty, he’s already at the initial level of the Divine Transformation Realm. A monster!”

“This is one of the geniuses with the highest chance of winning the contest, and he’s got a vicious personality. Now that this kid has caught his eyes, things won’t turn out well for him!”

The crowd backed up some distance.

Zhao Feng turned and left, ignoring the youth.

“Stand still! Did I let you leave?” Hua Tianfeng stepped forward to block Zhao Feng’s path.

Zhao Feng actually said that he would defeat all the other competitors, and this included him. How could Hua Tianfeng let Zhao Feng leave after being humiliated by someone so young?


The little thieving cat glanced pityingly at Hua Tianfeng.

This only made Hua Tianfeng angrier. Not only was he being looked down on by a child, but a cat as well!

“Scram!” Zhao Feng’s face hardened as he glanced at Hua Tianfeng.

The moment Hua Tianfeng’s eyes met Zhao Feng’s, he felt like his soul was being crushed under a mountain range, and he almost fell unconscious on the spot.

Zhao Feng slowly walked past Hua Tianfeng and left.

“Just now…” After a long while, Hua Tianfeng came back to his senses, his entire body drenched in cold sweat.

He turned his head, but Zhao Feng had vanished long ago.

The spectators glanced at each other, confused as to what happened. The vicious and domineering Hua Tianfeng had actually just stood there like a fool and let Zhao Feng leave.

“Scram!” Brimming with rage, Hua Tianfeng roared, frightening away the crowd before swiftly taking his leave. “Curses! Don’t let me run into you again, or else I’ll make you beg for death!”

After gathering information, Zhao Feng bought up a large batch of high-level materials and entered seclusion.

When he emerged from seclusion, his four servants were waiting respectfully outside.

“This is to reward you.” With a wave of his sleeve, Zhao Feng sent out four dazzling balls of light that were brimming with energy.

Huo Qingfeng glanced at the crystal-veined sword before him. The Wind energy infused into it made his heart thump in fear.

“Heaven-level top-class!?” Blood Spirit blurted out in surprise. In front of him was a savage red hook. The fiendish energy it exuded made Blood Spirit almost go mad with longing.

The other two servants were also stunned, indescribable joy on their faces. They had also been gifted Heaven-level top-class divine weapons.

“Let’s go! I want to participate in the Lu Clan’s contest. You’d better not lose face for me while we’re there.” Zhao Feng strode out.

He had been in seclusion for one month, and today was precisely the day of the contest.

Yes, Master!” The four took their divine weapons and excitedly followed.

The party soon reached the Lu Clan’s estate in the southern part of the city.

At this time, countless martial artists had packed the area around the Lu Clan, and it was extremely difficult to squeeze in to get a view of the spectacle.


Blood Spirit, Huo Qingfeng, and the other two servants unleashed their Imperishable Realm pressure, causing the crowd to back away in fear.

Zhao Feng led his group of four people and one cat into the Lu Clan.

At this moment, in the central plaza of the Lu Clan, one hundred and twenty-some youths had gathered, all of them of extraordinary bearing. Some of them were fierce and imposing, others genial and refined, and still others cold and frightening.

In the distance were the upper echelon members of the Lu Clan, several elite experts, and also the targets of these many proposals, Lu Qin’er and Lu Fei’er.

All the people present were staring at these two women.

Lu Fei’er possessed a pair of clear eyes and had tender white skin. Lu Qin’er had a black waterfall of hair and exuded a solemn and dignified air. Though she was just fifteen, she radiated transcendent elegance.

The moment Zhao Feng stepped into the plaza and mixed into the crowd of geniuses, he attracted little attention. After all, he was only at the initial level of the Star Origin Realm, which was truly too insignificant among all these prodigies.

“It’s him!” Hua Tianfeng spotted him, but he did not strike.

Now that they were here, all their actions would be seen by the two fairies.

However, the two fairies of the Lu Clan couldn’t help but glance at Zhao Feng. They were already sick of seeing talented geniuses, but for some reason, they felt an inexplicable familiarity from this youth.

Half a day later:

“We can begin now!” the Lu Clan patriarch spoke to a black-robed elder at his side.

This man belonged to the royal household of the Azure Net Kingdom. He had come to propose on behalf of the Tenth Prince, and the Tenth Prince himself was the most popular choice among the prospective grooms.

“Very well! The contest may now begin. Only the number one has the right to propose marriage to my beloved daughters!” the Lu Clan patriarch announced.

The upper echelon members of the Lu Clan stood up and sent out a wave of energy. A massive passage like a whirlpool began to take form above the plaza.

“Go!” A handsome youth wearing a crown was the first to charge forward. This was Young Master Wei.

The Azure Net Kingdom had countless major cities, but the Great Dragon City that Young Master Wei resided in was one of the three strongest.

A youth wearing dragon-patterned golden clothes shot into the air, leaving golden dragons in his wake. This person was the Tenth Prince of the Azure Net Kingdom.

The other prodigies also began to fly into the whirlpool, Zhao Feng being among them.

Once everyone had entered, the whirlpool gradually closed and vanished.

A massive screen appeared in the air, displaying the events of the contest ground.

Zhao Feng was surrounded by a gray and churning fog.

“An illusion?” Zhao Feng instantly saw through this test.

Even an initial-level Divine Transformation Realm expert would find themselves greatly hindered by this illusion.

The Lu Clan probably felt that there were too many proposers, so they wanted the first trial to eliminate the majority of the contestants. This was why they had made this illusion so difficult to see through.

Those outside weren’t affected by the fog, so they could clearly see the contestants in the illusion.

Many of the geniuses had a variety of expressions: happiness, grief, fear. Some of the contestants also tried to attack the fog. Only thirty-some geniuses remained sober in the illusion, and they immediately used some of their hidden cards.

Hua Tianfeng took out a jade pendant. The gold light it exuded circled around him and repelled the illusion.

The other geniuses had their own methods.

They were all confident that they could pass the trial. They were all fighting to be first so that they could show off for the fairies.

Outside, the spectators excitedly watched as these geniuses vied against each other.

“Eh? Who’s that? He’s so much faster than everyone else!” someone cried out in surprise.

Others turned to look. A thin figure dressed in white, not at all obvious in the middle of the gray fog, was proceeding through the fog as quickly as the wind, and his eyes brightly twinkled, completely unaffected by the illusion!

“How could that be? He’s only at the initial level of the Star Origin Realm, but he’s unaffected by the illusion!?”

“And he’s also left all the other geniuses far behind him!”

“Who is he? Just how did he do it?”

The crowd outside exploded in an uproar, and everyone looked away from the more popular contenders to focus on Zhao Feng. Even Lu Fei’er and Lu Qin’er seemed shocked and incredulous.

A few moments later, Zhao Feng emerged from the illusion. Meanwhile, the more popular contestants had only gotten halfway.

Zhao Feng was now the center of attention. The Imperishable Realm upper echelon members and the Chaos Heaven experts were all taken aback.

Some time later, Young Master Wei and the Tenth Prince, in a tight race, charged out of the fog.

“I’m the first one!” the two of them shouted at the same time, exploding with all their power so that they might be first. But they had just charged out of the fog when they saw someone else seated cross-legged on the ground.


“Who is this person?”

The two geniuses were stunned. They found it impossible to believe that someone had gotten here before them. They might have been able to accept it if this was some powerful foe that they had already acknowledged, but the one who had beat them was some Star Origin Realm expert that they had completely disregarded.

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