King of Gods

Chapter 1582 - Mysterious Master

Chapter 1582 – Mysterious Master

Blood Spirit was the Grand Elder of the Bloodfiend Sect. His peak Imperishable Realm cultivation had firmly established his post as the hegemon of his sect.

In the city lord’s estate, the members of the Zhao Clan sensed that the situation had taken a turn for the worse.

Firstly, the sneak attack from Zhao Balong’s side inflicted significant losses on them. After that, Blood Spirit emerged from his hiding place in Zhao Balong’s residence to ambush and injure the Zhao Clan’s Grand Elder.

Originally, the Grand Elder should have been just as powerful as Blood Spirit, but now, there was a gap – a gap that could decide the outcome in a battle between experts.

“Zhao Balong, you actually…!” the Grand Elder roared, his finger pointed at Zhao Balong as his body trembled.

He hadn’t expected for the Zhao Clan to eventually fall to the hands of one of its own clan members!

“The city lord is in danger…!” An elder grimaced in fear.

Zhao Tianlong had gone with many experts to the Bloodfiend Sect to discuss peace, but this was all a trap.

The Blood Vein Array around the estate made it difficult for them to break out or send word to Zhao Tianlong of what was happening.

“Relax! The Bloodfiend Sect can’t deal with Zhao Tianlong just yet, but once you’re all dead, he’ll be coming to join you!” Zhao Balong loudly laughed.

As long as he could capture Zhao Feng, he wasn’t worried about Zhao Tianlong coming back. This was why he had waited until Zhao Feng returned to execute his plan.

The Zhao Clan experts within the estate began to gather in the rear. Although they were imprisoned in the array and couldn’t send the news out, the other people in Southcloud City were bound to notice something wrong and inform Zhao Tianlong.

All they could do was defend and buy time until Zhao Tianlong returned. This was their only hope of victory.

“Strike, Blood Spirit!” Zhao Balong wickedly smiled.

“Haha, you don’t need to tell me that!” Blood Spirit licked his crimson and bewitching lips, his red eyes staring at the Grand Elder with intense killing intent.

Boom! Bang!

Crimson mist suddenly rose from Blood Spirit’s body. As it churned and seethed, it took the form of a savage mouth with red canines gleaming with cold light.

“Kill!” Blood Spirit charged forward, his finger jabbing forward as he sent the massive mouth at the Grand Elder.

The Grand Elder’s face turned grim. The sword in his hand exploded with dazzling golden light, creating a vast and tyrannical wave of energy.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The shockwave created from this clash of peak Imperishable Realm attacks caused the nearby experts to fall back.

On the other end, Zhao Balong battled with several elders of the Zhao Clan.

“If you submit now, I can still spare your lives!” Zhao Balong smiled, his voice oozing with pride.

“Don’t even think about it!” a white-haired old woman angrily shouted, the cane in her hand unleashing a dazzling white light.

“Scram!” Zhao Balong roared, firing off a massive palm of gold and red light that exuded a fiendish energy.

This Zhao Balong is extremely powerful, and he even cultivates a secret of the Bloodfiend Sect that raises his strength to another level. Other than Zhao Tianlong and the Grand Elder, no one is a match for him! The white-haired old woman turned grim.

The fiendish golden-red energy scattered the dazzling white light and then shattered the attacks of the other elders. Not even the elders working together were any match for this man.

Zhao Tianlong was only a little less talented than Zhao Tianlong. It was just that his way of doing things was too tyrannical, causing the post of patriarch to be given to Zhao Tianlong.

Now that he cultivated the secret art of the Bloodfiend Sect, he could absorb the energy of others. This meant that in chaotic battles involving many people, he got stronger as time went on.

At the same time, a chubby man was charging at Zhao Feng.

“Heh, just a little kid requires me to personally take action? Zhao Balong views this kid too highly!” The chubby man, his belly bulging, hurtled toward Zhao Feng.

As a peak Divine Transformation Realm expert, he could kill a Violet Qi Realm expert by just breathing on them.

“Just hand yourself over!” The chubby man savagely smiled.

“You don’t know your place.” Zhao Feng calmly took three automatons out of his Interspatial Dimension. Two of them were automatons made of black metal while the other was made of wood. The moment they appeared, parts of their body gleamed and they flew at the chubby man.

“This is… Divine Transformation Realm automatons, and even… an Imperishable Realm automaton!?” The chubby man paled as he gasped, his belly jiggling in terror.

He had never imagined that a mere Violet Qi Realm expert would possess so many powerful automatons.

“Run!” This was the only thought left in the chubby man’s mind.

He could fight against a Divine Transformation Realm automaton, but he was helpless against an Imperishable Realm automaton.


The wooden automaton drifted over to the chubby man. A round hole appeared on its palm, and a white ray of light shot out.

“No…!” The chubby man screamed in terror.

He had underestimated Zhao Feng’s Imperishable Realm automaton! Hwooooom!

Several white beams of light pierced through the chubby man’s body, and a sphere of white light began to gradually devour him. The two other automatons struck next.

A few moments later, not even dregs were left of the chubby man.

The experts fighting in the air all noticed this sight.

“That’s… Zhao Feng!” Quite a few elders spotted Zhao Feng.

A Violet Qi Realm expert was truly too insignificant in the middle of this rebellion, so he didn’t attract any attention at first. However, a peak Divine Transformation Realm expert had died while attacking Zhao Feng.

“So many automatons!” Zhao Balong’s eyes coldly twinkled. He finally understood why his assassin had died. Surrounded by three automatons like this, any Divine Transformation Realm expert would be doomed.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll personally deal with you!” Zhao Balong angrily roared. His body exploded with strength, knocking aside the other elders as he charged at Zhao Feng.

“Feng’er, watch out!”

“Zhao Balong, you’re actually attacking a child!? You’re not human!”

The elder roared, but they were helpless to stop Zhao Balong.

Zhao Feng was unpanicked by Zhao Balong’s assault. He took out three more automatons from his interspatial dimension, two of them peak Divine Transformation Realm and one of them middle-level Imperishable Realm.

“You actually have more!? Give them to me then!” Zhao Balong heartily laughed.

He was a peak Imperishable Realm expert and possessed tremendous strength. Only two of the automatons were Imperishable Realm, and these he could easily take care of.

He was also extremely interested in these automatons, which had played a part in his decision to attack.

Zhao Balong was getting closer and closer to the weak Zhao Feng, ready to annihilate him in one fell swoop.

But at this moment:

“You dare touch my things?” A voice emerged from the infinite void to explode in Zhao Balong’s mind.

This terrifying Soul Intent made Zhao Balong’s soul tremble in fear. This power that could not be defied made Zhao Balong almost kneel mid-air.

“Se…nior… spare…” Zhao Balong barely managed to squeeze out a few words.

“You wanted to kill me. How could I spare you?” The voice resounded once more, and Zhao Balong stared at Zhao Feng in utter shock.

A moment later, the terrifying Soul Intent swept through his mind, dealing his soul a destructive blow and causing his body to freeze.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The six automatons charged forward and launched a wholesale assault. Just like that, Zhao Balong was killed by the six automatons.

Of course, this was primarily because Zhao Feng had heavily injured Zhao Balong’s soul, but no one else could see that. “This… what’s going on?”

“What happened just now?”

Everyone else was stunned, disbelief on their faces. For some reason, Zhao Balong had frozen in mid-air and then allowed the automatons to surround and kill him. This was simply absurd, inconceivable!

“This is… what’s going on?” The Grand Elder and Blood Spirit were similarly stunned.

A peak Imperishable Realm expert just like them had died in such a bizarre manner. It made their hairs stand on end and their hearts turn cold.

With the loss of an Imperishable Realm expert, the traitor forces were on the back foot, and what Blood Spirit feared the most was that he would also die in this bizarre fashion.

“It’s your turn now!” A voice exploded in Blood Spirit’s mind, causing his mind to buzz and his body to sway.

“Senior… spare me…” Blood Spirit was overcome by terror and immediately dropped to his knees in mid-air. He could sense that this person could kill him as easily as one crushed an ant.

“This…” The other people could only watch in shock, staring at Blood Spirit in utter confusion.

“Senior, my deepest gratitude for your assistance!” the Grand Elder looked around and loudly proclaimed.

He guessed that an expert was helping them from the shadows. This senior might have also played a role in Zhao Balong’s death.

“Spare you?” The cold and disdainful voice rang out in Blood Spirit’s mind.

This voice caused Blood Spirit’s hairs to stand on end and the frigid sensation of death to creep throughout his body. He felt like he could already see the gates of the underworld.

Blood Spirit shivered, his mind completely terrorized.

“Forget it! I’ll spare your life. Wait for me thirty thousand li east of Southcloud City.” Zhao Feng coldly snorted.

“Many thanks, Senior, for sparing me!” Blood Spirit instantly felt the sense of pressure and danger disappear.

Without another word, Blood Spirit fled, fear still coldly gripping his heart.

Cling! Crack!

The Blood Vein Array around the city lord’s estate shattered.

“Execute the traitors and the members of the Bloodfiend Sect!” the Grand Elder loudly ordered.

He joined the elders and the other members of the Zhao Clan in beginning the counterattack. It wasn’t long before the traitors and the members of the Bloodfiend Sect had all been killed.

Just like that, the grave crisis facing the clan was resolved.

A short while later, Zhao Tianlong rushed back with the other clan members, but when he saw the result, he was dumbstruck.

In a secret chamber:

“Feng’er, where did you get these automatons?” Zhao Tianlong sternly asked.

The upper echelon members of the clan and the Grand Elder all stared at Zhao Feng.

“Half a year ago, I ran into a mysterious elder who took me as his disciple. He would occasionally come to teach me a few things, and he predicted that my clan would encounter some dangers and gave me these automatons to protect me.” Zhao Feng immediately made up a lie, placing the responsibility on a person who didn’t even exist.

“It seems like it was that mysterious master of yours who helped us!” Zhao Tianlong nodded. Internally, he rejoiced at his son’s good fortune.

“The heavens are looking out for my Zhao Clan, hahaha!” The Grand Elder heartily laughed as he looked approvingly at Zhao Feng.

No one doubted a fifteen-year-old youth who was only at the peak of the Violet Qi Realm.

One month later, Zhao Feng bid farewell to his parents, saying that his mysterious master had asked him to carry out a task. The clan immediately agreed.

Thus, Zhao Feng and Huo Qingfeng left Southcloud City. Their destination: Sunharbor City.

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