King of Gods

Chapter 1558 - The Final War

Chapter 1558 – The Final War

The emergence of the four God Eye Deities instantly pacified the uneasy Life Sacred Land. The four God Eye Deities were immediately informed by the upper echelons about what happened while they were in seclusion.

“The Heaven Lord recovered before we did?” The Life God was rather surprised. She was confident that the Heaven Lord would not have made such big moves unless he was fully recovered.

“Does the Heaven Defying Faction intend to turn the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods upside down with this?” The Divine Punishment God’s face was stern.

“In the Heaven Lord’s hands, the Samsara Origin has become even more powerful!” The Death God couldn’t help but sigh. Not even the Samsara God would have been able to construct so many high-level Samsara Immortal Bodies in such a short amount of time.

The four God Eye Deities expressed different views on these recent developments, but they all shared the same fear of the Heaven Lord and resolve to eliminate him.

“What should we do now?” A white-bearded elder stepped forward.

He had a straight posture and radiated a terrifyingly sharp Sword Intent. He was like an ancient sword covered in dust, simple on the surface but containing limitless power. This was the illustrious Celestial Sword God of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

The call of the God Eye Deities caused the experts of various factions of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods to gather, including the Gods. The Celestial Sword God was the God of the Sword Dao Sacred Land, and his supreme sword techniques could make ghosts and spirits weep.

“If we just sit here and wait for death, the Heaven Lord will just strengthen his faction until he’s stronger than us and then attack the Life Sacred Land,” Yu Tianwu slowly said.

He had some understanding of Yu Tianshu. While the Heaven Lord seemed rather insane at times, if there was an easier way of achieving victory’ he would take it without hesitation.

This means that we have to go on the offensive!” a black-haired, black-clothed youth said. His entire body exuded the demeanor of a king.

Besides the God Eye Deities, the Life Sacred Land currently housed three other Gods. These were the Golden Crow Sacred Land’s Bright Sun God, the Sword Dao Sacred Land’s Celestial Sword God, and this black-clothed youth, the young and most talented God of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, Sikong Dao.

“Let’s move out!” the Divine Punishment God called out.

They would have more of an advantage and a greater chance of victory if they stayed in the Life Sacred Land and used its defensive terrain, but the current circumstances compelled them to go out and fight the Heaven Lord.

Bong! Bong! Bong!

War drums began to thunder within the Life Sacred Land.

Within the Dream Divine Kingdom, Zhao Feng was immersed in the Primal Chaos Scripture and Tribulation Lightning Sacred Scripture as he cultivated.

He had made immense progress in this time, perhaps because of the massive pressure he was under. Firstly, his Time and Lightning Laws had reached early-stage understanding, greatly boosting his overall strength. Secondly, he had learned the higher-level combat skill, Heaven-Closing Primal Chaos Hand. He had also reached a new level of proficiency with regards to Tribulation Lightning energy.

In summary, without using the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact or the Dream God Eye, Zhao Feng still had strength comparable to a top-class God King.

At this moment, a sound wave penetrated into the Dream Divine Kingdom.

“Are we about to move out?” Zhao Feng slowly opened his eyes and retracted his vast aura back into his body.

Not long after:


Two white warships tens of thousands of feet in length howled out of the Life Sacred Land and soared into the clouds. This was a new model of warship designed by the Sage Faction and built with immense manpower and resources. It was particularly outstanding when it came to defense.

As the warships flew, Heaven’s Legacy arrays began to work, causing the ships to pulse with energy.

Bzzz! Hwoom!

The two warships flew faster and faster, finally vanishing into the void.

The Heaven Defying Faction was also skilled in divination. If they did not want to fight with the God Eye alliance, they were completely capable of avoiding such a battle. However, things were different now that the God Eye alliance had the Sage Faction and the Destiny God Eye. Their divinations meant that the brash and arrogant Heaven Defying Faction could no longer avoid a conflict.

Getting as close to the Heaven Defying Faction as possible was the best way to limit their strength.

Fortunately, the warships designed by the Sage Faction had the Spatial Shift ability. This was truly a rare ability, but each use required the consumption of a complete supreme-quality God Crystal.

As the ships traveled, the Gods and God Kings gathered in a secret room within one of the warships.

“The Heaven Lord has his Ancient God-Devil Body, and he now has the power of the Samsara God Eye and the sheer power of the Destruction God Eye. He’s not just a little stronger than a God now!” Yu Tianwu spoke first, and his words caused the air in the secret room to turn gloomy.

“How can we defeat the Heaven Lord?”

“The Heaven Lord has the Heavenly Dao God Eye and the Ancient God-Devil Body. This is so hard to deal with….”

The many experts stated their own opinions and plans.

“In facing the Heaven Lord, our only advantage is in our numbers. Thus, we must all stick together. The best way is to work together to slowly exhaust the Heaven Lord,” Yu Tianwu slowly said.

Even the Heaven Lord did not possess an infinite amount of power.

“In order to deal with the Heaven Lord, our core force will still be the God Eyes,” Destiny God Eye Liu Qinxin spoke. At present, not only was she elegant, graceful, and unapproachably mysterious, she also exuded a trustworthy demeanor.

Though outsiders might not know, those with God Eye Dimensions understood that the power of God Eyes could very easily be fused together.

For example, the attacks of the Death God Eye and Destruction God Eye could assist each other to produce even greater force. But the Death God Eye would find it very hard to develop this sort of tacit understanding with any other God Kings who cultivated the Destruction Law, and their energies would be very difficult to fuse.

This might have been because of the relationship between the God Eyes.

Other than the Destiny God Eye that was no good in battle and the Ninth God Eye whose power could not be fully displayed yet, there were five God Eyes capable of fighting.

As everyone was discussing the plan.

“He’s here!” Liu Qinxin suddenly said.

Bzzz! Boom!

Countless booms resounded around the two white warships. Far in the distance, the world was shrouded in darkness that exuded a hair-raising danger. It seemed to lead to an underworld of death.


Two black-golden warships slowly emerged from that mysterious space of roiling darkness.

The two sides entered a standoff. The pressure exuded by both sides was so great that the space between them began to distort and crack.


Several figures appeared above the white warships. A divine might penetrated through the world, restoring some light to that dark world. This allowed the God Eye alliance to see the enemy army.

The black-gold warships were surrounded by innumerable pitch-black figures, all of them exuding dark and sinister Samsara energy. These were all Samsara Immortal Bodies!

“God King Swallow Devour….” Zhao Feng instantly spotted God King Swallow Devour in the crowd.

God King Swallow Devour was now bound to the shell of a Samsara Immortal Body. Unable to break free, he now had a dreadful and savage expression.

“What a frightening person!” Xin Wuheng’s face darkened.

He already knew that the Heaven Lord had massacred three Sacred Lands, taking countless souls hostage and turning them into Samsara Immortal Bodies. Of course, long before this, the Heaven Lord also conquered the Illusion God Sacred Land as well.

Floating above the countless Samsara Immortal Bodies was a figure in white who radiated an energy that demanded obedience from all beings.

“Haha, the six God Eyes are all here! This old man feels very honored!” The Heaven Lord suddenly laughed.

At this moment, all the experts of the God Eye alliance observed this existence who transcended Gods, the Heaven Lord. They all had grave expressions, none of them daring to be careless.

“Move out!” the Divine Punishment God roared.

At this stage, there was no point in continuing to talk with the Heaven Lord.

The other Gods nodded.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The world cracked apart as a supremely powerful energy battered the fabric of space. The five God Eye Deities, the Bright Sun God, the Celestial Sword God, and Sikong Dao instantly charged at the Heaven Lord.

“What a frightening energy!” Zhao Feng’s heart shivered.

Any ordinary God King would have probably fled in fear upon seeing this powerful force.

However, the Heaven Lord bizarrely smiled. “Haha, your six God Eye Origins are all mine!’

Boom! Bang!

The Heaven Lord’s body madly surged with the bloodline energy of the Ancient Race, the mighty pressure that had dominated the Ten Thousand Ancient Races causing the heavens to quake.

At the same time, the Heavenly Dao God Eye began to slowly open. All the God Eyes of the God Eye Deities trembled, as did Zhao Feng’s Dream God Eye.

The Heaven Lord’s body flashed as he charged forward.


These two dreadful energies caused the clouds to explode, terrifying storms howling through the region.

The white and black-gold warships lowered their altitudes to avoid the storm that came with the battle of Gods. Countless experts began to pour out of the warships.

“Kill!” With a deafening roar, the two armies collided.

All kinds of energy began to messily clash, and the thick stench of blood began to drift through the air.

“Haa, I didn’t think this old man would turn out like this!”

“Since that’s how it is, we can only enjoy the slaughter!”

Three abnormally powerful Samsara Immortal Bodies of the Heaven Defying Faction began to converse with each other. These three were the God Kings of the Spirit Spring Sacred Land, Blood Spirit Sacred Land, and Heaven Devouring Sacred Land.

In the rear, the Left Protector began to chant curses, black rays of energy emerging from his back. Behind him, a cloaked figure with a void for a face reached out with two shriveled claws.

The experts of the Life Sacred Land felt their hearts freeze at this sight. They still recalled the dreadful Shaman arts and curses that came from the Left Protector during the Sacred Land war.

This time, this old man will end you!” God King Radiant Peak charged out from the Life Sacred Land side.

“Join the battle!” Zhao Feng waved his hand, letting out the Black Destruction Dragon, his clones, and the ancient beasts.

The fate of the universe was on the line in this battle, and Zhao Feng was determined to do all in his power.

At this time, Zhao Feng sensed several powerful killing intents.

“Mm?” Zhao Feng activated his God Eye, scanned the battlefield, and grimaced.

The source of this killing intent was coming from the Divine Emissaries Zhao Feng killed before. They had all been revived.

“Zhao Feng, your death comes today!” Divine Emissary Wu roared. He shot forward, black-violet energy rising up around him as he took the form of a black God-Devil.

At the same time, Divine Emissary Chang, Divine Emissary Li, Beiming Hui, and all of the other Divine Emissaries charged at Zhao Feng!

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