King of Gods

Chapter 1557 - The Destiny God Eye

Chapter 1557 – The Destiny God Eye

The arrival of the Heaven’s Legacy Race’s Sage Faction sent shockwaves throughout the Life Sacred Land. Although many great powers knew that that the Heaven’s Legacy Race was divided into the Sage Faction and the Heaven Defying Faction and that the two factions had long ago ceased interactions with each other, they still knew too little about the Heaven’s Legacy Race. This made them extremely fearful of the Sage Faction and unable to relax.

“For what reason have Good Sirs made such a long journey?” the Bright Sun God spoke.

The Heaven Defying Faction has thrown the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods into disarray. As a member of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, this old man feels deep shame and remorse. In response to the call, this old man has come to the Life Sacred Land to discuss countermeasures against the Heaven Lord,” Yu Tianwu stepped forward and calmly said.

Yu Tianwu seemed completely unaffected by the current situation, his every action exuding calm and wisdom that made people want to believe him.

The experts in the Life Sacred Land mentally conversed with each other.

They were naturally aware of the Heaven’s Legacy Race’s capabilities. If they had the help of the Sage Faction, they would definitely have it much easier against the Heaven Defying Faction.

However, they still found it impossible to completely trust the Sage Faction, especially at a time like this. If they made some sort of mistake, they might end being completely crushed by the Heaven Lord.

The Myriad Forms God was calmer than most, and as he stared at the Sage Faction group, his eyes eventually settled on the white-robed woman.

This woman was graceful and elegant, like a lotus in an ink painting. She possessed an air of transcendent and mysterious elegance. Many of the experts in the Life Sacred Land couldn’t help but occasionally glance at this woman.

But the Myriad Forms God did not focus on Liu Qinxin because of her beauty, but because of her unique and familiar aura.

“This person…” The Myriad Forms God closed his eyes and began to think back.

Suddenly, a soft and elegant voice resounded in the Myriad Forms God’s mind, “Myriad Forms, you’ve already forgotten about me?”

Opening his eyes, the Myriad Forms God exchanged stares with Liu Qinxin.

“You’re… Destiny!” The Myriad Forms God was startled.

“The Destiny God Eye?” The Bright Sun God was shocked. The most enigmatic of the Eight Great God Eyes, the Destiny God Eye, had finally appeared.

“Everyone, please enter!” The Bright Sun God opened the Sacred Land’s barrier.

The Heaven Lord’s goal was the Eight Great God Eyes, with the Destiny God Eye being one of his targets. Her presence made them all accept the Sage Faction without condition, as they trusted that the Destiny God Eye would not play around with her own life.

“The Destiny God Eye?” Zhao Feng faintly smiled. Now that his Dream God Eye had evolved, he sensed something when looking at Liu Qinxin just now.

But deep inside, he still couldn’t believe that Liu Qinxin was actually the Destiny God Eye.

“Feng, you’ve returned!” Liu Qinxin looked at Zhao Feng, a hint of joy appearing in her usually emotionless eyes.

“I didn’t think that you would come with the sages.”

Yu Tianwu and Liu Qinxin had both emerged from seclusion, and they brought many sages with them. This indicated just how serious the situation was.

“Destiny, you should have predicted all this. Why didn’t you tell us? Unless…” the Myriad Forms God immediately asked.

The Destiny God Eye knew the destiny of the world. She definitely could have noticed some clues before the Heaven Lord was able to obtain the Heavenly Dao God Eye. At the same time, the Myriad Forms God noticed that Liu Qinxin’s God Eye energy was not that strong.

“In truth, starting from a long time ago, the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods only had seven God Eyes…” Liu Qinxin slowly began to explain.

As the Destiny God, she knew the past and future – knew practically everything. But as one knew more and more, one could come upon new problems.

The Destiny God had begun to doubt the world. She wanted to know the truth of this world.

Thus, she chose to seal her Destiny Origin and cast herself into the endless cycle of samsara so as to comprehend the true principles of the world. This was why she said that the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods was home to only seven God Eyes for a very long time.

“So that was the case.” The Myriad Forms God sighed. The Heaven Lord’s plan was able to proceed so smoothly by exploiting this gap.

Zhao Feng nodded. He now understood that Liu Qinxin and Liu Qinyin were both the Destiny God.

“What countermeasures do you have?” the Myriad Forms God asked.

“None at present. The Heaven Lord’s Heavenly Dao God Eye has already absorbed two God Eye Origins, placing him above all God Eyes. Even the Destiny God Eye finds it very difficult to see his future.” A hard-pressed look appeared on Liu Qinxin’s face.

“There must be a way!” the Myriad Forms God firmly declared.

Although the Destiny God Eye could not divine anything about the Heaven Lord, with her help, they now had a chance of dealing with the Heaven Lord’s schemes. The Sage Faction could also effectively counter some of the Heaven Defying Faction’s tricks.

“Correct.” Liu Qinxin nodded.

The Dao of Destiny was one of mystery upon mystery. There were no absolutes, and a sliver of hope might appear in even the worst of situations.

But at present, they needed to wait until the four God Eyes fully recovered. Spacetime, Divine Punishment, Death, and Life were the main force in the battle against the Heaven Lord, and their presence was a necessity.

With the arrival of the Sage Faction, the Life Sacred Land’s defensive array was further modified. It became sturdier and could now easily switch between attack and defense.

As time slowly passed, the Life Sacred Land’s members were actively preparing for the coming battle.

One day, Zhao Feng went to find Liu Qinxin.

“Qinxin, there’s something I need your help with.” Zhao Feng smiled.

Liu Qinxin was in the middle of awakening her Destiny God Eye, and she had become practically omniscient.

“You want to ask about the last Space Ancestral Artifact fragment, right?” Liu Qinxin had already guessed at Zhao Feng’s query.

“Correct!” Zhao Feng was delighted to see that the Destiny God Eye was just as powerful as he had imagined.

But at the same time, he felt an inexplicable disappointment. His intuition told him that he might not be able to find the last Ancestral Artifact fragment. As the Destiny God Eye, Liu Qinxin probably would have helped Zhao Feng handle this problem long ago if she already knew about it.

“It is with the Heaven Defying Faction,” Liu Qinxin answered.

A Pseudo Ancestral Artifact only needed seventy percent of the fragments to be successfully forged. Thus, the Heaven Defying Faction did not forge all their fragments into the artifact. They kept the extra fragments and passed them out to experts in the faction to increase their strength.

After all, Zhao Feng had “borrowed” his first Space fragment from the Heaven Defying Faction. Thus, Zhao Feng already guessed at this possibility.

Zhao Feng’s heart sank. It seemed like it would be very difficult for Pseudo Ancestral Artifact Heaven Ascendant to ever see completion.

But since this was the case, he would not force it.

“Feng, your God Eye is a necessity in the fight against the Heaven Lord.” Liu Qinxin profoundly smiled at Zhao Feng. “Mm!” Zhao Feng nodded.

Perhaps the Destiny God Eye had already seen that the God Eye alliance was on par with the Heaven Lord, and if his God Eye was able to fully awaken, it might tilt the balance of power.

As the war had not begun yet, Zhao Feng entered seclusion.

The moment the four God Eye Deities or the Heaven Lord completely recovered, the war would probably begin. He would increase his strength as much as he could in the time he had left.

While in seclusion, Zhao Feng divided his mind into many parts, with one part researching the Dream God Eye. When he saw the Heaven Lord absorb the Destruction Origin, he vaguely sensed that there was an even greater power hidden in his Dream God Eye. If he could activate it…

Another part of his mind studied the Primal Chaos Scripture. The power of the Primal Chaos Divine Sword no longer satisfied him. He needed to cultivate even more powerful combat skills.

The other parts of his mind studied the Tribulation Lightning Sacred Scripture that the Divine Punishment God had exhibited for him.

These two Paramount Scriptures contained many contents that Zhao Feng still hadn’t studied. He also understood that he needed to reach the God King level. As the holder of a God Eye, he could become a God the moment he became a God King. Only a God King could fully exert the powers of a God Eye.

Time passed, and the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods experienced a period of momentary peace.

But this was an eerie peace. Everyone knew that a day would come where this peace was shattered.

Five years later, in a secret chamber of the Life Sacred Land, Liu Qinxin opened her eyes.

The Heaven Lord has begun to move!” Liu Qinxin’s face turned grim. The four God Eye Deities had still not emerged from seclusion.

One day later, shocking news arrived at the Sacred Land.

“Your Excellencies! The Heaven Defying Faction has begun to move. The Spirit Spring Sacred Land in the eastern region of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods has already fallen!”

This news threw the silent Life Sacred Land into turmoil. The Heaven Defying Faction had already appeared, and it even fearlessly conquered a Sacred Land!

The great powers of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods gathered in the conference amid a somber mood.

“Why didn’t they attack us?” God King Charflame was rather confused.

The Heaven Lord’s goal was the Eight Great God Eyes, and with two of them already dead, the remaining six had gathered in the Life Sacred Land. But the Heaven Lord didn’t attack the Life Sacred Land, instead attacking other Sacred Lands. Wasn’t he just wearing away at his own forces?

“Your way of thinking is too simple. Given the Heaven Lord’s strength, what will he lose by attacking a Sacred Land without a God?” the Myriad Forms God grimly spoke.

“Then…” God King Charflame was speechless, and he became pensive.

“Given the strength of the Heaven Lord and the Heaven Defying Faction, not only will they not lose anything by taking a Sacred Land, they will actually get stronger!” Yu Tianwu suddenly said.

“Correct. With the power of the Samsara God Eye, the Heaven Lord can use formidable Samsara energy. Those people he’s killed will all become his strength!” The Myriad Forms God showed a tinge of anger on his face.

If the Heaven Lord directly attacked the Life Sacred Land, his victory was not guaranteed. The majority of the power in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods had gathered in the Life Sacred Land. Besides the God Eye Deities, there was also the Bright Sun God and the other two Gods. And the Life Sacred Land was already ready for battle.

Against this power, even the Heaven Defying Faction under the command of the Heaven Lord could not be certain of victory. However, the Heaven Defying Faction saw the situation, so the Heaven Lord did not carelessly attack. Instead, he decided to go on a “recruitment drive” to strengthen his army.

Another few days passed.

“Report! The Gulong Zone’s Heaven Devouring Sacred Land has fallen!”

Zhao Feng went to the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land some time ago, but God King Swallow Devour appeared to think that the war had nothing to with him. He believed that the God Eyes were capable of dealing with the Heaven Lord.

Gradually, the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods began to panic. Those factions and experts who thought the same as God King Swallow Devour began to gather around the Life Sacred Land. Even the Life Sacred Land’s bitter foe, the Fallen Heaven Sacred Land, had to put aside its pride and join the alliance.

This was the safest place in all the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

“Report! The Blood Spirit Sacred Land has fallen!’

The Blood Spirit Sacred Land was a Sacred Land on the northeastern edge and was rather far from the Life Sacred Land, so its forces were destroyed before it could reach the Life Sacred Land.

Later that day, a heaven-shaking God energy soared upward, roiling the skies above the Life Sacred Land. The four God Eye Deities finally emerged from seclusion!

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