King of Gods

Chapter 1552 - Advancing to the Third Heaven

Chapter 1552 – Advancing to the Third Heaven

In the sky of the Dream Divine Kingdom, a dark and massive vortex of Yuan Qi was slowly spinning. Zhao Feng was able to command the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi of the Dream Divine Kingdom to gather around him.

Down below, Zhao Feng was pulsing with powerful Primal Chaos energy and profound Spacetime Law energy that were twisting and distorting the region around him.

Next to Zhao Feng, the silver leaves on the Space Spirit Tree had long ago dried up while the Void Profound Spirit Jade had lost much of its luster, looking like an ordinary piece of jade.

Zhao Feng’s third God Altar finished forming long ago. The Primal Chaos energy was swiftly circulating within it, setting into motion the Primal Chaos energy of the two God Altars below it.

This Primal Chaos energy was mixed with a particularly violent and unrestrained Primal Chaos energy. This was the God King Primal Chaos energy. However, the amount of this Primal Chaos energy was rather small, so it was constantly suppressed by Zhao Feng’s own Primal Chaos energy. As more and more days passed, it was gradually tamed and subsumed.

Zhao Feng was also frenziedly absorbing energy from many resources. A constant stream of energy was flowing into the third God Altar.

Ten days later, the Primal Chaos energy in Zhao Feng’s body stopped revolving. The three God Altars were now fused together, becoming stable and tough.

Zhao Feng had reached the Third Heaven.

With each additional God Altar, the amount of Primal Chaos would multiply. At this moment, Zhao Feng felt like he had an infinite amount of energy at his command.

Besides the evolution of his God Altar and Divine Power, he had also advanced once more in his Space Law.

“Late-stage Space Law!”

As Zhao Feng experienced this level of Law energy and circulated it, he developed an even deeper understanding of his Divine Kingdom. Zhao Feng discovered that an advance in the Space Laws could also allow him to further stabilize his own Divine Kingdom.

But suddenly:

Thumpthump! Thumpthump!

Zhao Feng’s Dream God Eye began to beat, communicating a message mixed with complicated emotions. After contemplating it for a long time, Zhao Feng opened his eyes.

“A God Eye… is dead!?” Zhao Feng was in disbelief.

He had originally decided that if the struggle for the Heavenly Dao God Eye was still going on after he broke into the Third Heaven, he might participate, but he hadn’t expected for such a major event to take place right after his breakthrough: a God Eye had been killed. And Zhao Feng sensed that the Heavenly Dao God Eye had gotten even stronger.

“I can even sense the Heavenly Dao God Eye?” Zhao Feng murmured in surprise.

At the moment of the God Eye’s death, he was suddenly able to sense the Heavenly Dao God Eye and also that it had seemingly gotten even stronger.

“Could it be…?” Zhao Feng opened his eyes and thought of a possibility.

When he thought of this, Zhao Feng became restless.

“Thought Teleportation!” Zhao Feng used his Dream Origin to create a dream where he imagined a place in the Life Sacred Land.


He vanished.

At the same time, in the northern region of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, the Divine Punishment, Spacetime, and Life Gods were struck dumb by what they had just learned.

“A God Eye was killed just now!?” The Life God was shocked.

“How could this be? Who could possess this power?” The Divine Punishment God was solemn.

No God had ever died since the emergence of the Eight Great God Eyes, let alone one of the Eight Great God Eyes.

“Nothing is impossible. The two explosions in our battle with the Heaven Lord damaged our Origins….” The Spacetime God’s eyes were grim.

After one’s Origin energy was injured, one would need several thousand years of seclusion to recover. Thus, they were currently all pursuing the Heaven Lord while heavily injured.

This also meant that the six Gods involved in that battle were much weaker than Gods usually were. If two or three Gods made a plan, they truly did have a chance to kill one of these six God Eyes.

“Forget it! Chasing down the Heaven Lord is more important!” the Divine Punishment God declared.

The other two agreed, and the trio set off. When the three Gods were together, even if heavily injured, they had nothing to fear.

In the northern region of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, near the site of the battle between the Heaven Lord and the Samsara God Eye, the world had been blasted into utter chaos.

The Heaven Lord stood alone in the void. His eyes were closed, but the Heavenly Dao God Eye at the center of his forehead was opened extremely wide as it received that supreme God energy originating from the Fan Universe.

Suddenly, the eye trembled as its power seemed to rise to a new level. This tremble traveled through space, causing all of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods to shiver.

The power of the Samsara God Eye… absolute control over samsara!” The Heaven Lord spread apart his arms as if he was basking in the power.

At this moment, the power of the Samsara God Eye was completely transferred to him, and the power of the Heavenly Dao God Eye only further strengthened that of the Samsara God Eye. Moreover, the Heavenly Dao God Eye itself had received a significant boost.

The current me has already surpassed a God, but this still isn’t enough….” The Heaven Lord smiled in satisfaction, but then he composed himself.

Although he possessed a strength beyond a God, this did not mean that he was invincible. His goal was to form the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye and obtain that supreme and perfect strength.

“What a pack of idiots!” The Heaven Lord jeered.

He was initially confident in his ability to kill the Life God, but nothing was absolute, and there was always a chance that new variables could appear. Expectedly, a new variable appeared in the war, causing the situation to fall out of control. He became incapable of killing any single God Eye and even stood a chance of being killed by the God Eyes instead.

But the Heaven Lord would not so easily give up. If one wanted to obtain victory, one had to sink the boats and fight with one’s back to the water. In the process, he lost a complete offensive Ancestral Artifact, countless years of resources accumulated by the Heaven Defying Faction, and one of his clones. The Heaven Lord was able to fool the God Eyes into thinking he was weak because of this clone, or perhaps one could say his substitute.

During the detonation of Ancestral Artifact Xingtian, the Heaven Lord had switched out with his clone. The power and disruption of the Ancestral Artifact’s detonation succeeded in affecting the judgment of the God Eyes.

In the second explosion, this substitute had taken the damage in the Heaven Lord’s place. The weak energy that the God Eyes had sensed was merely that of his clone. In reality, the Heaven Lord was only affected by the first explosion, so his injuries were much lighter than any of the six God Eyes.

The substitute was able to deceive the six God Eyes because it was made from a Heaven’s Legacy Cat that had fused with the Ancient Race bloodline. Of course, the Heaven Lord had made other preparations too just in case. The clone was identical to him in all aspects, even containing his Origin energy. One would have to look very, very closely to tell the difference, but again, the power of the explosion had affected the judgment of the six God Eyes.

This is what allowed the first step of his plan to succeed.

Besides that, the Heaven Lord had intentionally spread the news that the Heavenly Dao God Eye could be seized, successfully breaking up the alliance between the God Eyes.

Feigned weakness, the two explosions, the confusion with his substitute, and the spreading of information had succeeded in baiting the God Eyes into attacking alone. This plan allowed the Heaven Lord to kill a God Eye and take his first step in completing the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye.

“What comes next is direct confrontation!” The Heaven Lord naturally knew that the war was far from over.

From the war between the Heaven Defying Faction and the Life Sacred Land to the battle between Gods to the struggle for the Heavenly Dao God Eye, there had been no break whatsoever. And now that the struggle for the Heavenly Dao God Eye was over, an even greater war was imminent.

The Heaven Lord’s battle with the Samsara God had shaken the world. Anyone who was nearby would be drawn over. Besides that, the appearance of the Heaven Lord earlier had already gathered many experts in the area.

Swish! Swish!

Several dozen experts arrived, all of them drawn over by that momentous battle.

“How could this be? This demeanor, this strength…!” A Second Heaven God Lord felt his heart tremble as he stared at the chaotic world in the distance. Didn’t the intelligence reports say that the Heaven Lord’s strength had fallen to the God King level?

“Since you’re here, why don’t you become my loyal soldiers?” The Heaven Lord’s voice resounded in all their hearts. “Run!” This was the only thought left in their minds.

But in front of a God, there was nowhere to go!

Boom! Whoosh!

A terrifying ancient energy caused the world to shake and groan. This was the Ancient Race bloodline that had dominated all Ten Thousand Ancient Races. Every being in the range of ten million li had to drop to their knees and bow.

Before the appearance of the Eight Great God Eyes, the Ancient Race had dominated the universe. If the two had existed in the same era, the founder of the Ancient Race might have been able to suppress the God Eyes.

“Extinguish!” The Heaven Lord activated the Heavenly Dao God Eye, causing various kinds of Law energy to emerge.

Fire, wind, and lightning brashly swept through the area, slaughtering all.

Before a supreme God, those beneath the God King level had no chance of resisting!

The world fell quiet once more. Everything before the Heavenly Dao God Eye had vanished.

“Come out!” The Heaven Lord again activated the Heavenly Dao God Eye.

Before killing these people, the Heaven Lord had planted Samsara marks on their bodies. Thus, he already had complete control of their souls.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The dark underworld mist drifted out of the Heaven Lord’s eye, figures gradually emerging from it.

“There will be another war soon. Now is the time to recruit soldiers!” The Heaven Lord chuckled as he began to work. The news that he killed the Samsara God had not spread yet, so there were still countless experts searching for him.

In a place nearby:


A dazzling golden light swept through the world, destroying everything in its path. This person was none other than the Destruction God.

“A God Eye has died!? What’s going on?” The Destruction God was uneasy, but he still decided to make his way toward the location indicated by the information that had been gathered.

Soon, he sensed a familiar and powerful energy.

“This aura… the Heaven Lord!?” The Destruction God was shocked.

Why was the Heaven Lord’s aura so powerful?

He sensed the aura of the fleeing Heaven Lord back then and knew that it was rather weak, indicating that his injuries were worse than theirs. After all, the Heaven Lord had endured two explosions and burned his own Origin energy. Otherwise, the six God Eyes would not have ended up in such a miserable state.

But at this moment, the Heaven Lord did not seem very injured.

“He doesn’t seem heavily injured, and what if this is real…? In a one-on-one, I’m no match for him!” As the Destruction God pondered, he maintained a distance from the Heaven Lord and prepared to retreat at any time.

“I didn’t think that two God Eye Deities would come so quickly! Let us continue our battle then!” The Heaven Lord instantly smiled, and his body began to seethe with fighting intent.

“Two?” The Destruction God’s eyes twinkled.

On the other side of the Heaven Lord, a pitch-black figure slowly emerged. It was the Death God.

“Destruction, I didn’t think that you would get here so fast.” The Death God sinisterly smiled.

They had temporarily split up due to the struggle for the Heavenly Dao God Eye, but now, they both sensed that the Heaven Lord was not as heavily injured as he had seemed. In secret, the two God Eye Deities had already begun to discuss working together.

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