King of Gods

Chapter 1551 - The Death of a God Eye

Chapter 1551 – The Death of a God Eye

In the Ziling Zone, within the Dream Divine Kingdom, Zhao Feng was focused entirely on cultivating, completely unaware of what was going on in the outside world.

At this time, he was attempting to break into the Third Heaven.

Next to him, the Heaven Void Silver Leaves of the Space Spirit Tree were emitting powerful ripples of Space Law energy that caused the surrounding space to fold atop itself and render the entire area blurry.

Beneath the three, the Spacetime essence of the Void Profound Spirit Jade was being absorbed and comprehended by Zhao Feng.

And within Zhao Feng, the Primal Chaos Scripture was turning, powerful Primal Chaos energy constantly seething as it slowly gathered in his God Altar.


Atop the round two-tier God Altar, a third tier slowly began to take form. While forming his God Altar, the two God Altars down below sent up an endless surge of Primal Chaos Divine Power. At the same time, Zhao Feng was comprehending his Space Law to reach the threshold of late-stage understanding.

The Space Spirit Tree and the Void Profound Spirit Jade made breaking

through in his Space Law no problem, so Zhao Feng focused more on the formation and stabilization of his God Altar.

Of course, Zhao Feng didn’t forget about the sealed God King level Primal Chaos energy he had obtained along with the Primal Chaos Scripture.

“If I can fuse a part of this God King Primal Chaos energy with the third tier of the God Altar, my foundation will be even more stable,” Zhao Feng pondered.

To do this with true God King Primal Chaos energy was undoubtedly extremely dangerous, but this Primal Chaos energy had existed for far too long and its quality had fallen, so it was worth trying.

At the same time, in the northern region of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, the news of the Heaven Lord’s appearance reached the Bright Sun God’s alliance first, but such important news naturally could not be kept a secret.

The next day, this news spread out across the realm like a furious storm. Many experts began to gather in the north.

There was only one Heavenly Dao God Eye and far too many people that wanted it, as well as people that wanted to destroy it. All of them needed to fight for

every second, so they began to search every inch of the north.

In a gloomy mountain forest, a white-robed elder suddenly emerged from the


“I hope that my luck is good….” The Heaven Lord sighed as he began to fly. At the same time:


A black silhouette was flying in the air. “Heaven Lord!” the figure paused and called out in alarm.

“Die!” the Heaven Lord roared, throwing a punch that sent a fist of domineering energy howling into the sky.

This person was a mere Third Heaven. Even a heavily-injured Heaven Lord could easily take care of such a person. Whoosh!

The energy fist engulfed the God Lord.

“A Samsara Immortal Body? Not good!” The Heaven Lord immediately sensed that something was wrong. He didn’t sense any intense Death energy after killing this God Lord, meaning there was a high chance that they were a Samsara Immortal Body

Although Samsara Immortal Bodies were unkillable, if they were instantly obliterated, it was very difficult for them to recover unless their owner decided to revive them again.


The Heaven Lord swiftly left the area, but the owner of the dead Samsara Immortal Body seemed to be extremely powerful; several seconds later, another three Samsara Immortal Bodies appeared in the Heaven Lord’s vision.


The Heaven Lord thrust out his fists and instantly killed them, but soon after, several hundred Samsara Immortal Bodies arrived.

“So many Samsara Immortal Bodies, and of rather high cultivation! Could it be…?” The Heaven Lord began to wonder. “Correct! It’s me! The day of your death has come!” An eerie giggle drifted through the air.

The many Samsara Immortal Bodies began to stand aside, allowing a woman wearing a dark purple gown to softly and slowly step forward.

This was none other than the Samsara God!

The Samsara God had enslaved innumerable people within her Samsara, and she could see through all their eyes. She had spies in all of the various large alliances in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, and even the other five God Eyes’ factions had been infiltrated by her Samsara Immortal Bodies. The Samsara God herself was also one of the people who was hunting down the Heaven Lord.

“I didn’t think that the Samsara God herself would come for me.” The Heaven Lord couldn’t help but smile.

In normal circumstances, the Samsara God, who did not specialize in combat, would hide behind the curtain and let her Samsara Immortal Bodies do the job. However, the Samsara God had to personally appear this time because she was forced to.

The Heaven Lord’s two explosions had destroyed almost all of the Samsara God’s powerful Samsara Immortal Bodies, and the heavily injured Samsara God had never stopped in her search, so she had also not recovered yet. The Samsara God had no powerful Samsara Immortal Bodies that could be used against the Heaven Lord currently, thus, the Samsara God had to personally intervene.

Even if she was not skilled in combat, she was still a God, her strength far above a God King. In addition, based on the intelligence reports she had received, the Heaven Lord’s injuries were severe, and it was difficult for him to fully open his Heavenly Dao God Eye. He was even forced to flee from two God Kings.

“Just obediently become my Samsara Immortal Body! I’ll treat you well.” The Samsara God charmingly smiled, her eyes gleaming with greed and evil as she stared at the Heaven Lord’s Heavenly Dao God Eye.

“Heh, it seems like this old man’s luck isn’t that bad!” The Heaven Lord suddenly began to laugh, his smile infused with desire, confidence, and tyranny.

“Mm?” The Samsara God’s brow creased. In such desperate straits, the Heaven Lord could actually smile?

But a moment later, her face twisted in shock.


An ancient energy erupted from the Heaven Lord’s body. His body transformed into a God-Devil Body one thousand feet tall, covered in golden-silver lights and exuding a domineering energy that suppressed all things. The Heavenly Dao God Eye on the Heaven Lord’s forehead suddenly opened, and the eight eyes focused on the Samsara God.

“No… impossible! Weren’t you heavily injured?” The Samsara God was


The Heaven Lord was like a terminally ill patient suddenly healed.

She sensed that, though the Heaven Lord was still injured, his condition was much better than the Samsara God expected.

The Samsara God did not dare to fight with the Heaven Lord. After all, even the Spacetime God, who was far more skilled in combat and possessed peerless speed, was no match for the Heaven Lord.

“Die!” The Heaven Lord’s face chilled as the Heavenly Dao God Eye began to turn. Lighting and fire exploded out of the void, space itself began to rupture, and terrifying storms began to devastate the world.

“Protect me!” the Samsara God called out as she fled.

Although her injuries were not too much worse than the Heaven Lord’s, she would have never dared to directly contend against the Heaven Lord even at her peak, and certainly not without all the powerful Samsara Immortal Bodies that had already been sacrificed.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

God energy crisscrossed the region. All the creatures living in this region were instantly killed. Those countless Samsara Immortal Bodies vanished in the blink of an eye.

“Samsara Bind!” The Samsara God activated her Samsara God Eyes, a dark and lingering fog gathering within them.

The Samsara God knew that her Samsara Immortal Body was no match for the Heaven Lord. Thus, when the Heaven Lord began to strike, she prepared this



The dark fog engulfed the Heaven Lord and sealed him within. At the same time, the Samsara God fled.

“You want to bind me with just this?” The Heaven Lord loudly laughed as destructive energy shot out of his Heavenly Dao God Eye.

Boom! Bang! The Samsara God power binding him was instantly vaporized.

The Heaven Lord had researched the Eight Great God Eyes more than anyone else. The Samsara God’s move could not be undone with normal techniques, so he used the power of the Heavenly Dao God Eye without hesitation. He needed to kill the Samsara God as quickly as possible.

Boom! Bang!

With a punch, a golden-silver light hurtled forward, obliterating everything in its path.

“No…!” the Samsara God screamed in panic. Other than the Destiny God Eye, the Samsara God was the weakest of the Eight Great God Eyes.

The Heaven Lord’s fist was an attack that was very difficult for her body to endure. The majority of the Samsara God’s body was turned to dust.

However, the Samsara God’s body was the strongest Samsara Immortal Body of all.

Bzzzz! Hwoosh!

The Samsara God’s body gradually began to recover.

“Ancient Shakes the Heavens!” The Heaven Lord brought his hands together and roared, his immense Ancient Race bloodline energy causing space itself to tremble.


A massive golden-silver divine stamp took form in the sky, wrapped with a terrifying suppressive power as it descended.

The Samsara God was unable to dodge and was suppressed within it.

“How could this be? What happened to your injuries?” The Samsara God stared in terror at the Heaven Lord, unable to explain what was going on.

The Heaven Lord that had escaped from the six God Eyes was clearly extremely weak, not even able to fight against two God Kings. Why was he suddenly so strong? Was it all faked? But not even the Illusion God Race, skilled in disguise, could fool so many God Eyes.

“Die!” The Heaven Lord found it hard to suppress his laughter, but at this time, his only thought was killing the Samsara God, not answering her questions.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The Heavenly Dao God Eye turned, and the strength of the ancient stamp strengthened. The Samsara God sealed within was dealt a destructive blow.

The Samsara God’s body was constantly destroyed and restored, but everything had its limit. Once her Samsara Origin ran out, she would not be able to revive.

“Heaven Lord, your plan won’t succeed!” The Samsara God clenched her teeth and activated her Samsara of Life God Eye.

She could not escape the Heaven Lord, and if this stalemate continued, she was doomed. Thus, she chose to use the Samsara of Life God Eye to reincarnate.

Upon reincarnation, she would still have the Samsara God Eye, and she would once more become the Samsara God. And the Heaven Lord, by displaying such immense power here, had certainly alarmed others, which meant that the Heaven Lord’s act would be exposed and he could no longer use the same plan to kill a second God Eye.


The Samsara God’s body and soul turned into a streak of light and flowed into the Samsara of Life God Eye.

“With the Heavenly Dao God Eye, all laws and rules are mine to decide!”

The Heavenly Dao God Eye flashed, and a supreme energy that destroyed all laws and principles exploded outward. At this moment, everything around the Heaven Lord collapsed and crumbled, including the Heaven Lord’s own goldensilver divine stamp, but the Samsara God’s reincarnation was also interrupted.

“No…!” The Samsara God’s face turned ghastly pale, and her Samsara God Eye became extremely weak. She had gambled everything on reincarnation, and the art’s interruption not only consumed most of her energy but also caused a backlash.

“Now, you can die!” The Heaven Lord’s eyes gleamed with a savage light. Boom!

Circulating his Ancient Race bloodline, he punched forward with golden-silver light. With the power of the Heavenly Dao God Eye, this fist of energy began to flash with lightning, and its strength soared to transcendent levels!


The energy fist blasted apart the world and turned the Samsara God’s body to dust together with her pair of Samsara God Eyes.

With this, one of the Eight Great God Eyes had died.

The Heaven Lord simply stood and waited as the supreme energy of a God descended from the Fan Universe and surged into his Heavenly Dao God Eye.

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