Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 2861 the final way to defeat Ye Chen

Chapter 2861 the final way to defeat Ye Chen

The battle is still continuing between Ling Shu and Kong Qamon's direct subordinates.

"Willing to give up, I admit you have quite a lot of strange and unreasonable things at your disposal, but they won't work against me" Ling Shu said to the man in front of her.

"You are a strong opponent, even the attacks launched have no effect on you" he said to Ling Shu, all the attacks launched by him did not work against Ling Shu.

"But I won't give up, as long as you are here, that person will be destroyed" he said that he would still hold Ling Shu.

"You are quite a stubborn person, why did you do things like that ?" Ling Shu asked the person in front of her.

"It's clear, since I owe him quite a lot, I will pay it all" he said to Ling Shu.

"So that's how it is" Ling Shu understood, it seemed like she wouldn't succeed in persuading this person.

"Boom. ." When they were about to continue fighting, they felt a very strong pressure.

"What kind of pressure is this" he was surprised to see this power, such a great and overflowing power.

"This power, is it him, such great power" Ling Shu felt it, Ye Chen's power was so great, this power was also so strong.

"It seems that it will be finished there soon, then let's solve the problem here too," said Ling Shu.

Ling Shu said to the person in front of her, it seemed like it was time to finish the battle they had here.

"Seems like that's right, it's time we finish our battle too"he agreed.

They both brought out their peak strength, Ling Shu used her own strength, while the person in front of her also used her own strength.

In terms of strength, it was clear that Ling Shu had the upper hand by a lot, the person in front of him was not Ling Shu's opponent at all.

Even so, he still had some strange tools that could help him to defeat Ling Shu, as long as he could win then he would be able to defeat Ling Shu.

"purple flame arrows" Ling Shu's shot countless attacks towards the opponent.

"Demones splitting Slash" he intended to face Ling Shu using the sword.

Their battle finally started again.

Demones splitting Slash, a long-range attacking technique, he was trying to reach Ling Shu from a long distance.

Meanwhile, Ling Shu just had to shoot all her arrows and the battle would soon be over.

"accept this" Kong Qamon's right hand was the first to attack.

"good luck" Ling Shu released millions of fire arrows towards the opponent, obviously there would be no chance to dodge the millions of arrows.

"Slash" He made a slash towards Ling Shu, this was a slash enhanced with items, it would definitely reach Ling Shu.

The slashes started to meet the fire arrows shot by Ling Shu.

As the slash attempted to penetrate through the arrow, it was instantly dissipated and burned by purple flames.

"What?" he couldn't believe what had just happened, the purple flame destroyed the powerful slash and burned it, it was unthinkable.

"ending" with that fire arrows rained down on the enemy's body.

"Boom. . ., Boom . . ., Boom . . ., Boom . . ., Boom . . .," explosions in such large numbers occurred, these explosions were truly like millions of large nukes being fired into the same place.

The damage was terrifying and of course no one would be able to survive an explosion like that.

Ling Shu confirmed that the opponent was completely destroyed, after confirming that the opponent was destroyed, she intended to see Ye Chen's condition.

"Miss, everything is finished" Feng Rue said to Ling Shu, she told her that everything was finished, they had dealt with everyone here.

"what about him?" Ling Shu asked Feng Rue.

"He was fighting against Kong Qamon, their battle was so strong that we couldn't get close to them" Feng Rue said that Ye Chen was fighting fiercely and they couldn't get close.

"it's okay, I'll take a look, make sure no outsiders come in, you all have to guard well" Ling Shu said to Feng Rue and everyone.

"I understand" Feng Rue understood, she would make sure no one would interfere in this battle.

Ling Shu went to see Ye Chen, she wanted to see what Ye Chen was doing.



"You use full strength, then I will use full strength too" Ye Chen will use full strength too to fight Kong Qamon.

"Dimension Breaker" Ye Chen's uses the power of Dimension Breaker and also uses True God power at the same time, the destructive power will be so terrifying.

"immortal devourer slash" he uses immortal devourer slash, a slash that consumes everything in front of him.

When Kong Qamon used his slash, a black mass appeared from a gap, it flew out and tried to eat Ye Chen.

"break" Ye Chen used Dimension Breaker towards Kong Qamon.

"die" Kong Qamon said to Ye Chen, he told the blob to eat Ye Chen.

The lump wasn't a monster or anything, it was actually Kong Qamon's profound energy that could destroy anything that touched it, it was like a substance that could consume anything that was near it.

"Crack . . . ." when Ye Chen used Dimension Breaker a crack appeared and it hit Kong Qamon's body.

"clank" a terrifying effect was immediately felt by Kong Qamon, he immediately shattered into several pieces, meanwhile the strange lump in front of Ye Chen shattered.

The power of the Dimension Breaker is now very destructive, several stars in the surroundings are also affected and become pieces by the impact of the Dimension Breaker.

"Such great strength, as long as you have succeeded" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, he told Ye Chen that he had succeeded in defeating Kong Qamon.

"The current Dimension Breaker's power is so destructive, I think I'm getting more confident" said Ye Chen.

Ye Chen felt that he was becoming more confident in his abilities.

"Fufufu, so you are confident in your abilities, that is so good" Chu Yuechan said.

"Darling, did you win?" Ling Shu came, she hugged Ye Chen and asked Ye Chen how he was.

"I'm fine" he told Ling Shu that he was fine.

"So happy to see you win" Ling Shu was so happy when she saw Ye Chen win.

she was so close to Ye Chen.

"cough, I haven't lost yet" Kong Qamon said that he hadn't lost yet.

His body was indeed destroyed, but he was still not completely defeated.

"Your condition is that bad, why don't you just give up?" Ling Shu said to the present Kong Qamon.

Ling Shu told Kong Qamon to just give up, his condition was really that bad.

"Then I have a gift for you before I leave" he said to Ye Chen and Ling Shu.

"rumbling, shaking" a huge shaking occurred, a very terrible shaking occurred in this place.

"Still not finished?" Ling Shu saw that there was still someone to come.

It looks like something bad is coming" Ye Chen said to Ling Shu.

Ye Chen told them that bad things would come their way.

This star began to become two parts, lava and hot fire erupted from the star's core.

"maybe we should go" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen.

"We really have to leave, here is not a safe place for us" Ye Chen took Ling Shu away.

"um, I agree with what you said" Ling Shu really agreed with what Ye Chen said.

This wasn't a safe place, so they had to leave this place immediately.

The star was destroyed and something started to come out, something started to come out and swallow the star.

"He still has a weapon to fight us," said Ye Chen.

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