Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 2860 Kong Qamon released all his strength

Chapter 2860 Kong Qamon released all his strength

"Sometimes rich people are much more troublesome than strong people" Chu Yuechan said.

"That's probably very true" Ye Chen agreed with what Chu Yuechan said.

"master, he is coming towards you" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that Kong Qamon was coming.

Ye Chen understood, he immediately stepped back and blocked Kong Qamon's attack.

"Bammm. . ." Kong Qamon's attack hit Ye Chen, the attack made Ye Chen retreat quite far.

"Hahahaha, what an idiot, are you confident in withstanding the attack that was launched, even though there is no chance for you to withstand it, it is the energy of destruction, even if you survive, you will still be injured.

Kong Qamon explained to Ye Chen, he explained to Ye Chen that his attack could not be blocked.

Even if Ye Chen tried to block the attack, he would still feel pain and injury.

"what did he say" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

"master, are you injured ?" Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know whether Ye Chen was injured or not.

"I'm fine, I'm not hurt at all" Ye Chen said that he wasn't hurt.

"How come?" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

"why, do you want me to get hurt, you are not good" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

"No, that's not the case" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

"So what?" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

"That power should have hurt you, but why are you fine" Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen.

"You mean the attack just now?" Ye Chen asked.

"Yes, that's absolutely right, that attack, that was a destruction energy attack, it will make every creature that is hit injured or destroyed," said Chu Yuechan.

"I'm fine" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan, he didn't have any injuries.

"Quite strange, I knew you were strange" Chu Yuechan said.

"I have a dark heritage, so don't worry, he won't be able to hurt me" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

"You might be right, this must be because of the strength you have" Chu Yuechan was also sure that this was Ye Chen's strength.

"That means he won't be able to hurt you" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

"That's absolutely true, he won't be able to hurt me" Ye Chen agreed, that means the enemy wouldn't be able to hurt Ye Chen.

"What's wrong?, Are you speechless after seeing the power I have? I already thought so," said Kong Qamon.

Kong Qamon felt quite proud, he felt that he had become a winner.

"then get ready, I will launch more attacks on you" Kong Qamon said that he will launch more and more attacks on Ye Chen.

He advanced towards Ye Chen, he again launched many attacks towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen continued to fend off all attacks directed towards him.

"You're still trying to block the attack that was launched? You're really stupid, how do you endure the pain, doesn't it hurt?" Kong Qamon said to Ye Chen who was currently in a defensive position.

Ye Chen caught the attack launched by Kong Qamon, he used his bare hands to parry the attack launched by Kong Qamon.

"hahahaha, really stupid, even if you can hold it with your hands, you will still feel the impact of the damage" said Kong Qamon.

"Shut up, you fool. . ." Ye Chen hit Kong Qamon, he hit Kong Qamon quite hard, Ye Chen's punch was quite hard and made Kong Qamon's body fly.

Even the armor of the disaster dragon worn by Kong Qamon shattered into several pieces after receiving the attack from Ye Chen.

"What?" Kong Qamon was stunned when he saw Ye Chen destroy his armor with just a punch.

The strong armor he had immediately shattered when he was hit by Ye Chen.

"You talk too much, to be honest the attack you launched had no effect on me at all, you are too naive" said Ye Chen.

Ye Chen explained that the attack just now had absolutely no effect on Ye Chen, Ye Chen didn't feel anything from the attack just now.

"Impossible, that can't be happening, how could you not be affected by that attack, you should be injured and feel pain" said Kong Qamon.

"I told you from the start that the attack you launched would have no effect on me, it would not cause any damage to me" Ye Chen said to Kong Qamon.

"I'm a little special, you should know about that matter" said Ye Chen.

Ye Chen said that he was quite special, that's why Kong Qamon wouldn't be able to hurt Ye Chen.

"Damn it, I hate you more and more" Kong Qamon said that he hated Ye Chen more and more.

"You are free to hate me, hahahaha" Ye Chen laughed at Kong Qamon.

"Crack . . ." Kong Qamon removed the remaining armor on his body, he knew that he would not be able to win against Ye Chen just by using this weak armor.

"If this weapon doesn't work, I still have something that can defeat you," Kong Qamon

Kong Qamon still had quite a lot of things he could use to defeat Ye Chen.

"Take out everything you have, I will defeat everything you put out," said Kong Qamon.

This time Kong Qamon took out a thin thread that looked sharp and terrifying.

"Weird weapon again" Ye Chen saw that the weapon this time was strange.

"Get ready," said Kong Qamon, the threads spread very quickly and immediately trapped Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked around, there was no escape from this prison, he would not be able to escape anymore and could only stay here.

This thread is very hard and very strong, it can see through all the things it catches and destroy them.

"Now it's just a matter of time because the thread will shrink and crush you" Kong Qamon said to Ye Chen.

"child's toys again?" Ye Chen said to Kong Qamon.

"this is not a toy, this is a terrible weapon" Kong Qamon said to Ye Chen.

"For me, this is a child's toy that you are using" Ye Chen said that this was just a child's toy.

"prepare to die" Kong Qamon said to Ye Chen, he accelerated the thread and let Ye Chen quickly disintegrate.

"boom . . ." Ye Chen released an aura so immense and overflowing that it covered millions of miles away, this was the power of True God power, a power so great and so extraordinary.

Using the power of True God power, Ye Chen destroyed all the threads around him, he made them disintegrate without any remains.

"What the hell, this kind of power, impossible, what are you doing" Kong Qamon asked Ye Chen, he had never seen such great power in his life.

This was like a power that existed in legends.

"You may be right, this may be a power in legends, or not. . . . , hahahaha, let's end our battle" said Ye Chen.

"damn, I'm not finished yet" Seeing Ye Chen was about to use a super powerful attack, Kong Qamon also had to use all his strength.

"burn the blood of the dragon of disaster" Kong Qamon used a drop of the blood of the dragon of disaster. An extremely powerful force of destruction erupted from Kong Qamon's body.

"This is the time, Kong Qamon brought out his full power, he used full power of the blood in his body and also activated the power of the Katana in his hand.

this was peak strength, this strength equaled the strength of a cultivator at the Immortal True God Realm, so powerful

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