Chapter 3525: Dark Shadow Race

Chapter 3525: Dark Shadow Race

The old man couldn’t believe what he was seeing as the plaque was only possessed by the patriarch who created the race!

Even though he was the current patriarch of the race, the plaque in his hands was only a seven-colored fantasy butterfly. Moreover, he only managed to obtain it from the previous patriarch.

“This is the token of our old ancestor!” the old man gasped in fright. “Why do you have it?!”

He knew that the old ancestor of the race wasn’t a female…

“Wang You is my father…” Wang Meiqi muttered softly.

“Father?!” The old man stared at her in shock. That would mean that the lady standing before him was the daughter of the old ancestor!

Hold up… It was recorded in ancient records that the daughter of the old ancestor was someone whose talent surpassed her father’s! She was a super genius who would bring the race up to new heights!

“You… You’re the lady with the Ten-Colored Winged Bloodline!”

“That’s right.” Wang Meiqi released her wings one by one, and all ten of them sparkled in the light. They released a multitude of colors, and the old man felt faintly suppressed by her bloodline.

Without hesitation, he fell to his knees and roared, “The fifth patriarch of the Fantasy Butterfly Race, Wang Yi, greets Lord Ancestor!”

“Oh? Fifth patriarch?!” Wang Meiqi was slightly taken aback.

Huang Xiaolong and the others were equally confused. They didn’t think that there would be so many generations.

“Yes, Lord Ancestor! It’s great that you’re still alive!” the old man cried respectfully.

The records stated that the race suffered a threat of extermination. They sent the strongest genius away, but it was said that she was hunted down eventually. No one knew where she went, and it had been countless years since there was any news of her. According to them, she was dead!

“That’s right, but I’m still alive.” Wang Meiqi sighed.

She was, but her parents, siblings, and everyone she cared about had died at the hands of Mei Jie.

“Get up,” Wang Meiqi muttered.

Getting to his feet respectfully, the old man bowed when he got up.

“Lord Ancestor they…” Wang Yi asked.

Wang Meiqi quickly introduced them.

“This is His Highness.” Wang Meiqi introduced Huang Xiaolong first, and she explained, “When you see His Highness in the future, you need to show him the utmost respect.”

His Highness!

Wang Yi was shocked.

The lady in front of him should be even stronger than the patriarch who established the race! However, a young man like the one standing before him was her lord!

Wang Meiqi frowned when she saw Wang Yi’s reaction. “Why aren’t you greeting His Highness?”

Snapping back to reality, he kneeled on the ground and greeted Huang Xiaolong.

“The other two are seniors of the Dragon Race. The two of them are stronger than me, and all three of us serve His Highness,” Wang Meiqi introduced Ao Guang and Ao Shenghai.

Wang Yi’s heart pounded in his chest when he heard what she said. The other two were stronger than his ancestor, and all three of them worked for the man they addressed as ‘His Highness’!

He greeted the other two without any hesitation.

“Why have you come to the Fantasy Butterfly Mountain Range?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Since Wang Meiqi had warned him, Wang Yi didn’t dare to hide anything, and he replied respectfully, “I return every once in a while to pay my respects to my grandfather, Ying Ling.”

Wang Yi choked a little when he spoke of his grandfather.

A look of pain appeared on Wang Meiqi’s face too.

“I retrieved many corpses in the past, and I made a simple altar among the rubble here. I’ll pay my respects when I get the time.”

Wang Meiqi sucked in a long breath and sighed, “On behalf of the race, I thank you.”

Soon after, Wang Meiqi followed Wang Yi to the altar.

As it was located deep within the debris, Wang Yi had managed to lay down countless hidden restrictions to hide it well. If one wasn’t careful, one wouldn’t be able to locate the altar.

When they arrived, the God of Creation who had reached the grand completion stage, Wang Meiqi, got to her knees and kowtowed, “Father, Mother, everyone! Please rest assured that I, Wang Meiqi, will take revenge for all of you! Even if I fail to kill Mei Jie, I will kill everyone related to him! I will avenge our race!”

Killing intent surged in her heart.

Looking at her silently, Huang Xiaolong didn’t say a word.

After praying, they left the mountain range.

Along the way, she asked Wang Yi about the current situation among the disciples. When she heard about what had happened, a frown formed on her face. In the past, the Fantasy Butterfly Race was one of the strongest ancient races in the Six Dao Holy World, and they had no less than ten Dao Venerables who had comprehended more than ten elements. However, they had turned into one of the most ordinary creeds in the area.

At best, they were a second-rate power in the Six Dao Holy World. They didn’t possess a single expert who had comprehended the elements, and as the patriarch of the race, Wang Yi was a peak late-Third Esteem Dao Venerable! He was the third-strongest individual in the race!

They couldn’t even find a single expert at the high-level Dao Venerable Realm to hold the fort! The strongest among them was a Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable.

Wang Meiqi sighed. Back when they were hunted down, only a scarce few managed to escape. It was lucky that they weren’t killed down to the last man, and Wang Meiqi knew that she couldn’t ask for more.

“What is with the Dark Shadow Race you mentioned when you first saw us?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Wang Yi attacked them previously when he thought that they were from the Dark Shadow Race, and from the looks of it, the two races should be enemies.

An awkward expression appeared on Wang Yi’s face when he heard the question. “Our lives have been tough, and we try to be careful when we’re going out. However, we can’t avoid offending other factions, and one of them is the Dark Shadow Race. They can’t wait to kill us all!”

A cold light flashed in Wang Meiqi’s eyes. “How many experts do they have?”

She might not be able to kill Mei Jie, but she refused to believe that she couldn’t deal with a mere Dark Shadow Race.

“Their patriarch is at the Seventh Esteem Dao Venerable Realm! However, they possess six experts at the high-level Dao Venerable Realm!” Wang Yi explained.

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