Chapter 3524: Fantasy Butterfly Race

Chapter 3524: Fantasy Butterfly Race

Wang Meiqi giggled when she heard what Huang Xiaolong said. A mesmerizing smile that could enchant the strongest of men appeared on her face. She looked at Huang Xiaolong with an affectionate gaze and continued, “As long as Your Highness isn’t afraid I’ll get lost in the First Universe!”

Huang Xiaolong laughed and looked at the other two. “Why would the three of us ever fear getting lost?”

Ao Guang and Ao Shenghai roared with laughter.

Giving Huang Xiaolong the death gaze, Wang Meiqi pouted, “You’re always making fun of me!”

Soon after, the four of them traveled towards the Trickling Scarlet World where the Fantasy Butterfly Race was located.

Along the way, she introduced many things to Huang Xiaolong and the others.

The Trickling Scarlet World was one of the stronger worlds in the First Universe, and the person who created it was at the grand completion stage of the God of Creation Realm. When Wang Meiqi fled in the past, he had just broken through. She didn’t know how strong he was now.

“Is Chi Qin part of the Creation Palace?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Wang Meiqi was stunned for a second, but she explained, “He wasn’t when I left, but who knows.”

After all, no one could be sure if he chose to enter the Creation Palace after breaking through.

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Soon after, Wang Meiqi spoke of the situation in the Tricking Scarlet World.

“Are there any Gods of Creation in the First Universe with the Huang Long Bloodline?” Huang Xiaolong asked the true question in his mind. That was the only thing he was bothered about now that he had arrived.

He knew the First Universe was full of resources, but the best supplement for him was someone with the Huang Long Bloodline!

Wang Meiqi shook her head and sighed, “When I left, I hadn’t entered the God of Creation Realm. I didn’t learn too much about the Gods of Creation in the First Universe. The only God of Creation I’m familiar with is Chi Qin.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly.

Several months later, they arrived in the Trickling Scarlet World.

“I wonder if the Fantasy Butterfly Race is still intact…” Wang Meiqi’s complexion darkened when she felt the familiar air in the Trickling Scarlet World.

Huang Xiaolong reassured her, “Don’t worry. There will come a day when I kill Mei Jie for you!”

In fact, Huang Xiaolong knew that even without the grudge, he would soon clash with the man himself.

After all, breaking through to the Universe God Realm was something everyone was striving for. It was a matter of time before they had to fight.

“Many thanks, Your Highness!”

“As I said, there’s no need to thank me.” Huang Xiaolong shook his arms and sighed. “I promised you this when you followed me, and I’ll have to deal with him even without the grudge you two have.”

Wang Meiqi brought the three of them towards the Six Dao Holy World while they were chatting. The Fantasy Butterfly Race was located in the Fantasy Butterfly Mountain Range somewhere within.

The Six Dao Holy World couldn’t be considered a large holy world in the Trickling Scarlet World, and it might be easily overlooked.

The Fantasy Butterfly Mountain Range was located close to the world master manor of the Six Dao Holy World, and Huang Xiaolong noticed the change in Wang Meiqi’s mentality when they approached.

Of course, he understood that she was finally returning to her race after many long years!

In the past, he was the same when he returned to Earth!

As Wang Meiqi’s heart pounded in her chest, they arrived at the Fantasy Butterfly Mountain Range.

Everyone turned to look at her the moment they arrived. Her expression was ugly to the extreme.

Not a trace of life could be felt when they arrived, and the entire area reeked of death qi. It went without saying that the Fantasy Butterfly Race was massacred by someone in the past as the amount of death qi in the air spoke volumes about the number of people who died.

Wang Meiqi didn’t say a word as rage consumed her heart. She continued to fly as her body trembled uncontrollably. She clenched her fists so tightly that her knuckles went white.

Huang Xiaolong followed beside her, and the other two distanced themselves slightly.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at a vast plain full of rubble. One could see the once magnificent palaces that stood tall among the land.

Even after so many years, grand dao energy filled the air. They came from the runes carved into the pieces of rubble, and one could only imagine how strong they had to be to withstand the test of time.

When they finally arrived at what used to be the grand entrance of the Fantasy Butterfly Race, Wang Meiqi fell to the ground and touched the leftover runes. Tears streamed down her face as she knew that her father was the one who personally carved the runes into the entrance. Now, the entrance was destroyed, and there was no one left.

“Father!” Wang Meiqi muttered to herself.

None of the three men spoke a word as they looked at the sea of destruction in silence.

Wang Meiqi got to her feet after some time, and she forced a smile, “You Highness, sorry for making you see that.”

“It’s alright. You should let it all out…” Huang Xiaolong sighed.

All of a sudden, Ao Shenghai raised an eyebrow and turned to the void. “Someone is here.”

Huang Xiaolong and the others were put on high alert instantly. Could someone be passing by?

However, the person started making his way towards them, and any thoughts that it was a coincidence shattered.

“Could he be someone sent by Mei Jie?!” Ao Guang asked.

Wang Meiqi shook her head and sighed, “It shouldn’t be the case. My race should have met its end a long time ago. Mei Jie wouldn’t bother with such small matters with his status. After all, he might have forgotten he gave the order to exterminate a tiny race like mine.”

When the four of them were pondering over the identity of the newcomer, he arrived.

He was visibly shocked to see Huang Xiaolong and three others.

“Who are you?!” The person who just arrived had a head full of white hair, and he looked at the four of them suspiciously. He released the grand dao energy in his body and locked onto them instantly.

The old man was a Dao Venerable, and he was close to the Fourth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm. As such, he was able to display quite a bit of strength.

Naturally, the grand dao energy released by the old man was nothing more than a breeze to the four of them.

However, Wang Meiqi’s face turned serious, and she gasped in shock, “Are you a descendant of the Fantasy Butterfly Race?”

With his expression changing instantly, the old man retreated and yelled, “Are you from the Dark Shadow Race?!”

He didn’t hesitate as he sent his attack flying towards Huang Xiaolong in an attempt to catch them off guard.

Naturally, none of them moved. They watched as the energy waves flew towards them, and they blew past them like a cooling breeze.

The old man wanted to escape in fright, but he realized that he couldn’t move the moment he tried. He looked at Huang Xiaolong and the others and was dragged backwards.

When despair filled his heart, Wang Meiqi sighed, “There’s no need for you to worry. I’m from the Fantasy Butterfly Race.”

Staring at her in shock, a look of disbelief soon formed on his face. “You?!” When did an expert at her level appear in the race?! He was the patriarch of the race, and he had no idea!

She retrieved an identity plaque, and there was an image of a fantasy butterfly fluttering about on it. It emitted nine rays of light, shocking the old man.


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