Chapter 3069: Are You Sure You’re Right In the Head?

Chapter 3069: Are You Sure You’re Right In the Head?

“Father, Godfather, you’re finally back!” Jin Xiaoxiao was the first to rush up to them, crying as if she had been bullied. “If you were one step late, you would’ve never been able to see me anymore.”

“Master!” Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s second disciple Chen Yi, and third disciple Hong Yi, also hastened to Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s side. They plopped to their knees and choked, “Eldest Senior Brother, he, he was…!”

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s heart sank with a premonition, “What happened?”

“Godfather, not long after you and father left, we ran into them,” Jin Xiaoxiao took the initiative to answer and pointed towards Huang Xiaolong’s group. “They blocked our path, and then that subordinate of his knocked Senior Brother Xu Zheng out of the ship, and we still don’t know what happened to Senior Brother Xu Zheng.”

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable turned and looked sharply at Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu, and the rest of the group, and his eyes filled with roiling, murderous aura.

There was a flicker of astonishment in Jin Hongyuan’s eyes when he looked at Huang Xiaolong’s group.

“Father, he’s that young man that deliberately provoked our Golden Fox Manor at Xuan City. They are the ones who annihilated Senior Commander Liu’s battalion!” Jin Xiaoxiao pointed out Huang Xiaolong’s identity and crime in a few words.

“It’s them!” Jin Hongyuan’s face darkened immediately, and he did not bother to hide his hostility. His gaze swept over Huang Xiaolong’s group, and he strode towards them, “Might as well… We don’t need to wait until we return to the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave. I’ll finish you all here today!”

Jin Hongyuan barely took one step towards Huang Xiaolong’s group, when Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s eyes widened slightly in shock when he saw Lei Yu. He had seen and fought Lei Yu twice in the past. He somehow felt the three-headed beast in front of him looked a lot like that ferocious three-headed beast from the past.

Is this three-headed beast that one’s descendent? Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s gaze shifted to Chen Ming, who was standing behind Lei Yu. He recognized Chen Ming as Chen Ming was that three-headed beast’s eldest disciple. When he had fought the three-headed beast, Chen Ming had watched them from the side.

“Wait!” Wind Cloud Dao Venerable suddenly stopped Jin Hongyuan.

Jin Hongyuan stopped and looked at Wind Cloud Dao Venerable. Jin Xiaoxiao and the others too were baffled by Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s intention for stopping Jin Hongyuan all of a sudden.

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable stepped forward, he arrived beside Jin Hongyuan with a solemn expression facing Lei Yu. “Who are you to Lei Yu? His nephew?”

Jin Hongyuan was genuinely shocked. Lei Yu’s nephew? Although Lei Yu had shown grace to him and guided his cultivation for a period of time, Jin Hongyuan didn’t have much feelings toward Lei Yu because the time they had spent together was too short, and it was merely two days. Even when Wind Cloud Dao Venerable could not remember Lei Yu, then it was much less probable for Jin Hongyuan to do so.

Jin Xiaoxiao, Chen Yi, Hong Yi, and others exchanged baffled glances.

The confusion spread to the gathered experts and the expressions on Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s and Jin Hongyuan’s face baffled them even more.

“Who is Lei Yu?”

“Never heard of him!”

The majority of experts in the crowd shook their heads in confusion.

Lei Yu had left the Origin Holy World for a very long time ago, and in a holy world like the Origin Holy World that had waves of experts in every generation, many had long forgotten about Lei Yu.

Lei Yu was stupefied for second when Wind Cloud Dao Venerable pointed him out as ‘Lei Yu’s nephew’, and then his face split into a big grin, revealing his sharp teeth. “Old Man Wind Cloud, are you sure you’re right in the head, or is it that you’re so old now that you can’t see clearly?”

Everyone’s eyes protruded in shock, as they looked at Lei Yu.

“What did this three-headed beast call Wind Cloud Dao Venerable?” an expert asked dazedly.

Wind Cloud Old Man?! Is he right in the head?! Or is he too old to see clearly?!

Jin Xiaoxiao, Chen Yi, Hong Yi, and the others were agape with disbelief.

Who was the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable? He was an expert ranked twentieth on the Extermination List!

Yet someone had the guts to taunt Wind Cloud Dao Venerable to his face, claiming that he was too old to see clearly…!

But Wind Cloud Dao Venerable trembled, sharp gleams glistened in his eyes, his agitation and disbelief were visible to all as he blurted out, “You, you are Lei Yu!”

The moment Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s voice rang, a powerful aura surged from three-meters tall Lei Yu as his body expanded to the size of a city. Such a horrifying extermination aura from him enveloped heaven and earth that the Golden Fox Manor, Wind Clouds Chamber of Commerce’s experts, and the crowd had to back away. The weaker cultivators almost couldn’t move as if their strengths were robbed out of their bodies.

Everyone was flabbergasted by Lei Yu’s true body that seemed to cast a shadow over the sky, and the three enormous heads representing lightning, light, and fire!

Even Jin Hongyuan, the lord of Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, couldn’t withstand the overwhelming pressure coming from Lei Yu, and he retreated again and again. He was just as astounded, and an unknown fear crept into his eyes. “Lord, Lord Lei Yu!”

Never in his wildest imagination had they ever thought that the three-headed beast that was Huang Xiaolong’s mount was that same Lord Lei Yu! He was his half-master Lord Lei Yu who had given him guidance in the past.

Lord Lei Yu has actually became someone else’s mount!

Moreover, didn’t they say Lord Lei Yu had left Huang Long World?!

How come?!

Many thoughts raced through Jin Hongyuan’s mind in a split second.

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable was taken aback when Lei Yu reverted to his true body, and he stepped back subconsciously and there was a flitting panic across his face, “You!”

It’s really that fierce beast!

In the past, he had always been wary of that ferocious beast.

The crowd that was baffled and shocked from the beginning found this even more unbelievable after seeing Jin Hongyuan, and Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s reactions.

At this time, Jin Hongyuan abruptly stepped forward and saluted Lei Yu respectfully. “Hongyuan pays his respects to Lord Lei Yu, Hongyuan wasn’t aware Lord Lei Yu is here in person. Therefore, he offended the Lord. Please punish me as you see fit.”

The crowd was completely dumbstruck.

Jin Xiaoxiao was agitated, watching her father suddenly salute Lei Yu with respect. “Father, you—!”

“Presumptuous!” Jin Hongyuan turned around and reprimanded Jin Xiaoxiao, “Get on your knees, kowtow and apologize to Lord Lei Yu!”

“Me, I, on my knees?” Jin Xiaoxiao repeated in disbelief, “Kowtow?”

“Get on your knees!” Jin Hongyuan barked, his voice rumbled like thunder, frightening Jin Xiaoxiao till her face was drained of blood. She eventually knelt down, but her eyes were filled with grievous tears.

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s lips moved, but in the end, he said nothing to stop Jin Xiaoxiao from kneeling. His eyes fell on Huang Xiaolong with astonishment. Who is this young man?!

He was familiar with Lei Yu’s strength in the past, and he really could not figure out what could be the reason that made a ferocious beast like Lei Yu willingly become this young man’s mount.

This point not only baffled Wind Cloud Dao Venerable but also Jin Hongyuan.

“Jin Hongyuan, we have a battle appointment. We might as well do it today rather than wait any longer,” Lei Yu spoke, and his voice thundered, drumming in everyone’s eardrums, “You can make the first move.”

Jin Hongyuan felt uncomfortable all over, and he stammered as he made an excuse, “Lord Lei Yu, you must be joking. How would I dare to fight Lord Lei Yu. Before, I didn’t know it was the Lord and I acted presumptuously. Lord Lei Yu, please do not mind us as we will retreat immediately.”

He bowed at Lei Yu again, and was more than ready to leave the place with Jin Xiaoxiao and all the Golden Fox Manor’s experts.

Wind Cloud Dao Venerable hesitated, but kept his silence till the end and also prepared to take his disciples as well as experts of Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce away.

“Leave?” Lei Yu snorted, “When did His Highness give his permission for you to leave?”

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