Chapter 3068: Returned

Chapter 3068: Returned

Successfully blocking Huang Xiaolong’s group, Jin Xiaoxiao condescendingly stared at Huang Xiaolong. “You didn’t think you would run into me here, did you?”

Huang Xiaolong smiled nonchalantly. “Indeed, it didn’t cross my mind.” He scrutinized Jin Xiaoxiao with amusement in his eyes. “So, you’re planning to battle on your father’s behalf?”

Huang Xiaolong was clearly referring to Jin Hongyuan’s battle challenge.

Jin Xiaoxiao’s heart burned with anger, seeing the sarcastic smirk on Huang Xiaolong’s face, and snorted, “My father does not need to take action personally to kill you, as Eldest Senior Brother Xu Zheng and other senior brothers are more than enough to kill the lot of you!”

“Oh, Eldest Senior Brother Xu Zheng?” Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu both became curious about the unfamiliar name.

Xu Zheng stepped forward and introduced himself, “I am Xu Zheng. Wind Cloud Dao Venerable is my master, and I am his eldest disciple.”

Lei Yu glanced at Xu Zheng and let out a harsh snicker. “Not bad, but with your meager strength, it’s better you don’t show up and make a fool of yourself. At least, your master’s strength is still passable!”

Xu Zheng was too stunned to react.

Noticing Huang Xiaolong’s group was blocked by the Golden Fox Flying Ship, many experts that were passing by the Golden Flame Sandy Land stopped to look, and Lei Yu’s words caused a commotion through the expanding crowd.

“Who’s that three-headed beast? He can really brag! An existence on the Extermination List?” someone from the Absolute Dao Heavenly Cave asked in shock.

“I have never heard of an existence on the Extermination List whose true body is a three-headed beast. He can’t be an expert on the Extermination List.” a Luosheng Creed expert said, shaking his head.

“Isn’t he insulting the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable by calling him so-so?”

While the surrounding experts were talking in anticipation, the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s second disciple, Chen Yi, pointed at Lei Yu in anger. “Brazen slave, how dare you disrespect my master?!”

Tiny ribbons of lightning sizzled in Lei Yu’s pupils, and in the next second, Chen Yi stiffened as if he was struck by lightning and got knocked off the Golden Fox Flying Ship, plummeting into the sandy land below. A scent resembling that of grilled meat permeated the air and Chen Yi’s skin was burnt crisp into charcoal.

People aboard and all around were stupefied.

“So what if I disrespect your master?” Lei Yu exuded an icy coldness all over.

The Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s third disciple Hong Yi was outraged, and with one signal from him, other experts from the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce were prepared to retaliate, but Xu Zheng stopped Hong Yi. He stared at Lei Yu coldly and stated, “Today, you’re going to die!”

With that said, he stepped into the air, and exited the Golden Fox Flying Ship. His momentum soared to the sky, and azure balls of wind spun around him. As these balls of wind spun, the surrounding space seemed to be shredded like a piece of cloth.

The experts gathered around were astounded when they saw the azure balls of wind spinning around Xu Zheng, and gasps could be heard from all around.

“Ab-soblute wind power! It’s actually absolute wind power!”

“He seems to be Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s eldest disciple, called Xu Zheng, is he? He has been keeping a low profile all this time, but who would’ve thought he has already comprehended absolute wind power. With this kind of talent and strength, he is definitely strong enough to enter the Mystical List’s top ten!”

“Wind Cloud Dao Venerable accepted an excellent disciple. With Xu Zheng’s level of talent, he’s sure to enter the Extermination List in the future. It seems Xu Zheng has learned the essence of Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s skills! Who knows, he might also comprehend the power of absolute earth in the future!”

“That three-headed beast, and that young man, both of them are going to die miserably in a while under the power of the absolute wind. Take my word for it!”

The gathered experts were in awe of Xu Zheng’s power of the absolute wind.

Every new addition of experts with absolute elemental power was a big event for the entire Origin World.

No matter how high a person’s talent was, or if they had already reached the peak of Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm, or even if they possessed a supreme bloodline, they wouldn’t be considered a genuine top expert if they had not comprehended one kind of any absolute power. Once one were to comprehend one kind of absolute power, his or her identity and status would experience a meteoric rise.

“I see, so he has comprehended the power of the absolute wind.” Huang Xiaolong smiled when he saw the azure light of wind energy spinning around Xu Zheng. Old Monster Flame and the twelve others by his side had one kind of absolute power that was at least at a minor completion level.

The azure balls of winds around Xu Zheng grew stronger, and faster, forming an azure pillar of wind that swirled one opening after another through space as it moved about.

Standing in high air, Xu Zheng’s icy gaze was locked into Lei Yu. “Before you die, you better use your strongest attack, or you might die in regret.”

Xu Zheng’s sharp words and voice echoed over the Golden Flame Sandy Land.

Apprehensive and awestruck gazes from the crowd followed Xu Zheng’s very movement.

Lei Yu looked at Xu Zheng, standing high in the air and peering down at them like a superior being, and then broke out in uncontrollable laughter, “You want me to use my most powerful attack? Forget it. It’s better if I don’t attack because I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold back and completely destroy you.”

Lei Yu’s words rendered everyone dumbfounded.

Jin Xiaoxiao, Hong Yi, Li Xu, and others on the Golden Fox Flying Ship were glaring poisonous daggers at Lei Yu.

“Your Highness, Lord Lei Yu, better allow this subordinate to deal with this.” Old Monster Flame took a step forward and volunteered.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “Alright.”

No one had expected this.

“Clearly he’s afraid of Senior Brother and does not dare to take up the fight, yet he has the cheek to say he might not be able to control his power once he makes a move. What a joke? He is really funny!” The Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s third disciple, Hong Yi responded with a snarky remark of his own.

All of Jin Xiaoxiao’s resentment was directed at Huang Xiaolong as she spoke, “It won’t make any difference since not one of them would be able to leave this place.”

Exactly at this time, Old Monster Flame leaped into the air akin to a blazing pillar of flames soaring to the sky, dispersing the azure winds spinning around Xu Zheng in a split second.

Xu Zheng was shocked, but did not have time to think at all. His palms waved and absolute wind power condensed into two enormous wind hurricanes that descended from the sky, onto Old Monster Flame. If these enormous hurricanes were to slam into the Golden Flame Sandy Land, it would probably pierce two holes through it!

But it was useless. Old Monster Flame’s blazing flames pilar disintegrated the two winds hurricanes, and slammed into Xu Zheng!

After hitting Xu Zheng, Old Monster Flame’s blazing pillar did not disappear, nor did it stop. It continued to hammer Xu Zheng until Xu Zheng disappeared in the horizon. In the blink of an eye, Xu Zheng was slammed out of the Golden Flame Sandy Land, and he was nowhere to be seen.

When everyone’s dao soul spread out, none of them could find a trace of Xu Zheng.

Everyone was at a loss for words.

In the deathly silence, Old Monster Flame floated back to the ground and retreated behind Huang Xiaolong.

Jin Xiaoxiao’s eyes were filled with fear, the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave and Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce’s experts all felt a chill snaking down their limbs.

“Is, is he on the Extermination List?!” someone asked unintelligibly, but everyone knew he was referring to Old Monster Flame!

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong raised his head and looked in a certain direction, and moments later, Lei Yu also sensed it, and grumbled, “Oh, they came back quite fast.”

Soon, two figures appeared on the horizon that were coming their way at startling speed, drawing two dazzling streaks of light across the sky.

Others finally noticed these two streaks of light.

“The Lord has returned!”

“The President is back!”

The Golden Fox Heavenly Cave and Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce’s experts were overjoyed.

Jin Xiaoxiao could finally smile.

In the blink of an eye, the two streaks of light reached the scene. As the dazzling lights diminished, revealing two people, and they were none other than Jin Hongyuan and the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable.

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