Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Inch Travel Steps

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In the era of Miracle Physician Mo, the Inch Travel Step was a very advanced skill. It did not belong to the martial arts that Mo Wen had practice, but he managed to pick it up coincidentally. The Inch Travel Steps were also known as One Inch Foot, Three Feet Travel.

A slight movement beneath one’s feet would allow the body to shift a few meters in distance. It was mysterious and unusual. This skill was extremely difficult to learn, and Mo Wen took many trials and tribulations in his training of the Inch Travel Steps.

It was said that if the Inch Travel Steps could be trained to perfection, it could become One Inch Foot, Thousand Feet Travel. It was the legendary and great magical power of shrinking distances on the ground to an inch.

However, the old Mo Wen in that lifetime had only trained up to the level of One Inch Foot, Fifty Feet Travel as a result of his cultivation of the Embryonic Breathing realm. As for one thousand feet, only the heavens knew if such a feat was possible.

“You’re also an ancient martial arts practitioner?” Wang Xiaofei’s grasp missed and surprise flashed through her eyes. She had just given all her strength so it should have been impossible for Mo Wen to evade the move.

Even more so, the skill that Mo Wen used was so enigmatic that she had no inkling of what it was. To be able to display such an enigmatic skill meant that he to be an ancient martial arts practitioner.

Mo Wen smiled slightly but did not reply. Strictly speaking, he did belong to the category of ancient martial arts practitioners. However, he had just started training.

At his current stage, he was roughly near the final stage of the Body Consolidation realm. He had yet to train up on the Regulated Breathing realm and thus could not be considered as a true ancient martial arts practitioner.

As for Wang Xiaofei, Mo Wen could tell from their previous short exchange that her abilities were roughly around the middle stages of the Regulated Breathing realm.

A look of understanding flashed through Wang Xiaofei’s eyes. No wonder Mo Wen’s performance had been so outstanding during the shooting competition; he was an ancient martial arts practitioner. However, even if he was an ancient martial arts practitioner, he could not have been able to achieve a perfect score in shooting the clay pigeons without professional training.

After knowing that Mo Wen was an ancient martial arts practitioner, a cautious look flashed through Wang Xiaofei’s eyes. Her body straightened up and she sent out a series of kicks. A strong gust of wind whistled by and four silhouettes of a slim leg appeared before Mo Wen’s eyes.

Mo Wen took a step back and demonstrated the Inch Travel Steps, successfully avoiding Wang Xiaofei’s swift and fierce wave of attack. With his current standard, directly going at Wang Xiaofei with brute force would put him at a disadvantage.

Even though he was a guy, Wang Xiaofei who had trained up on her Regulated Breathing realm and could smash a rock with her palm within an instant.

Wang Xiaofei had seemingly noticed that Mo Wen’s skills were still not on par with hers. Since one punch did not strike him, she sent down a torrent of punches with both fists. She used the most basic direct punch and aimed it at Mo Wen in a fierce manner in an effort to finish him off in one move.

Yet, Mo Wen did not panic. He encircled both his hands and they came up from his sides to approach both of Wang Xiaofei’s fists. He managed to grab onto Wang Xiaofei’s two small fists.

Wang Xiaofei raised her eyebrows. Mo Wen was clearly not as skilled as her and yet he dared to take initiative in coming forward. In that moment, she did not hold back in releasing her Inner Qi and sent both her arms forward in a powerful motion.

Surprisingly, Mo Wen did not fly off like she expected. It was like he had only been hit with cotton. Mo Wen simply swayed twice before managing to rid himself of all her power.

In the next moment, Mo Wen took a step forward and grabbed hold of Wang Xiaofei’s hands as he pulled back. Wang Xiaofei’s body was pulled forward and fell into Mo Wen’s embrace.

Then, Mo Wen quickly spun from being in front of Wang Xiaofei to behind her. He moved like the speed of lightning. At the same time, he grabbed hold of Wang Xiaofei’s arm and twisted it, while his other hand pressed on Wang Xiaofei’s shoulder and pushed her upper body into the ground.

It was like a cop catching a thief. He had Wang Xiaofei under control in an instant.

“You…” Wang Xiaofei had not expected her attack to fail or Mo Wen to counter attack.

She did not think twice as her head went downwards and immediately flipped over to send one of her small legs aimed directly at Mo Wen’s cheek. She did not believe that Mo Wen wouldn’t dare to let her go in the face of her powerful kick.

Indeed, Mo Wen let go of Wang Xiaofei’s arm. However, he grabbed onto her leg and took two steps backwards to viciously drag her back.

From the momentum, Wang Xiaofei’s entire being levitated in midair. Her ankle was still held in Mo Wen’s hand.

From afar, Wang Xiaofei looked like a scarecrow that was easily controlled in Mo Wen’s hand.

Wang Xiaofei started to panic. She did not expect Mo Wen to be such a tough opponent. He was obviously less skilled than her, but he somehow kept her under control. She had no other moves to use against him.

Mo Wen smiled and with a flick of his arm, he sent Wang Xiaofei flying away.

Even though he did not use much strength, Wang Xiaofei was a girl and did not weigh much so she was sent flying away.

Wang Xiaofei let out a light hum of dissatisfaction with her loss. Even though she was in midair and lost her balance, she did not panic. With a slight twist of her waist, she flipped over and landed cleanly and balanced on the ground.

“How did you manage to handle my power just now?” Wang Xiaofei could not accept her loss as she glared at Mo Wen. In her previous few attacks, she had clearly used much more strength than Mo Wen, yet she had repeatedly lost. Her power had felt as if she was unable to harness it fully.

“That is called Tender Force,” Mo Wen said good naturedly. Indeed, his strength was incomparable to Wang Xiaofei’s, but that did not mean that he did not stand a chance against her. With his abilities, he had more than one or two methods to deal with Wang Xiaofei.

“Tender Force? You also learned martial arts teachings?” Wang Xiaofei raised her brows. Martial arts teachings could only be learnt by ancient martial arts practitioners in the Regulated Breathing realm. Even she had just begun learning an aspect of martial arts teachings. Perhaps she had wrongly assessed Mo Wen’s skills before, and he was actually a Regulated Breathing realm ancient martial arts practitioner.

“Still want to fight?” Mo Wen smiled and said in a non-committal manner.

“Of course…” Wang Xiaofei let out a light humph and lifted her head, “Of course I don’t. What’s the big deal in defeating a girl, humph.”

As she said that, Wang Xiaofei decided to no longer bother herself with Mo Wen, and walked back to the 1st Battalion team.

Although it had been a brief exchange, Wang Xiaofei was not stupid and knew she could not win against Mo Wen.

Regardless of it being the previous techniques or the Tender Force and whatnot, the moves Mo Wen used were all very advanced. Wang Xiaofei found it rather odd. Clearly, she was a Regulated Breathing realm warrior and she had yet to learn even one aspect of those skills so how could Mo Wen have learned two aspects of martial arts teachings?

“Mo Wen, I knew that you could do it. Even the tigress Wang Xiaofei had been tamed by you. I admire you, I really admire you,” Wang Yuan patted Mo Wen’s shoulder and said excitedly.

The fact that the 4th Battalion did not lose to the 1st Battalion had saved at least some of their dignity.

“You think we’re all like you? You couldn’t even defeat a girl,” Mo Wen said while rolling his eyes. He couldn’t care less about Wang Yuan. Beforehand, Wang Yuan did not say such compliments. It seemed his face changed even faster than the flipping of pages in a book. Mo Wen’s cold words immediately shut Wang Yuan up.

“Aiya, that Mo Wen is so outstanding. Even Wang Xiaofei is not his match,” a round-faced girl beside Qin Xiaoyou said. She could not believe her eyes. As a part of the female battalion, she naturally knew of Wang Xiaofei’s capabilities. However, she still ultimately lost to Mo Wen.

“How? Previously, you had still asked me to plead for Wang Xiaofei to go easy. From what I see, I should be helping Wang Xiaofei instead,” Qin Xiaoyou let out a light humph and proudly extended her fair and slender neck.

At this moment, Wang Xiaofei had coincidentally passed by and heard whatever Qin Xiaoyou said. Immediately, she ridiculed Qin Xiaoyou by saying, “Aiyo, you mean if Mo Wen is not a worthy match, you would help him plead for an easier time? There is indeed something going on between the two of you.”

“Pui pui pui, that filthy mouth of yours really has nothing good to say. We should have gotten Mo Wen to give you a good bashing just now,” Qin Xiaoyou’s face reddened as she glared at Wang Xiaofei fiercely.

“Xiaoyou, you’re so ambiguous. A good bashing? You mean in the combat ring or… on the bed?” countered Wang Xiaofei.

The round-faced girl looked between Qin Xiaoyou and Wang Xiaofei. She could not stop giggling.

“Zhang Xin, do you want to die!?” Wang Xiaofei pounced like a tigress on top of Zhang Xin.

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