Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Girl, Please be Gentler Later

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Wang Yuan gritted his teeth and walked up into the arena.

“Erm, little sister Xiaofei, please be gentler later.”

Wang Yuan looked at wang Xiaofei and laughed dryly.

“I’m already being gentle.”

Wang Xiaofei giggled and before she even finished speaking, her entire body flashed quickly and appeared in front of Wang Yuan in the blink of an eye.

A hand that looked as slender and fair as a jade grabbed onto Wang Yuan’s shoulder.

Wang Yuan’s pupils narrowed slightly and he retreated a small step. He slanted his body in a bid to evade Wang Xiaofei’s grasp.

He knew that people with the ability of the Regulated Breathing realm had abilities that were difficult for the average person to understand. The moment he allowed himself to fall into Wang Xiaofei’s hands, his outcome would not be any better than Hong Lü.

The only chance for him to win was to take advantage of the fact that Wang Xiaofei had less experience than him in combat. If she was not good at combat, he still had a huge chance of winning against an ancient martial art practitioner that had achieved the Regulated Breathing realm.

However, he had underestimated Xiaofei’s speed. In the moment that Wang Yuan wanted to evade, Wang Xiaofei’s slender hand sped up all of a sudden by three times; it was as if a shadow had brushed past. It was so fast that it was difficult to spot, even by looking.

Wang Yuan’s expression changed slightly. He did not expect that Wang Xiaofei would not give it her all on purpose. She knew the art of deceiving one’s opponent in combat.

With her changing her speed all of a sudden, it was impossible for him to completely avoid Wang Xiaofei’s hand.

Since he was unable to evade, he could only hit back harder.

In a moment, one of his legs flew out and was aimed directly at Wang Xiaofei. At that moment, he did not care about showing care and compassion for women. He simply hoped that he could use the Beseige Wei to save Zhao technique in putting off Wang Xiaofei.

Indeed, Wang Xiaofei did not dare to go at Wang Yuan as it would benefit neither sides and just wear both parties out. Her little waist bent over slightly and she did a backflip, which helped her successfully avoid Wang Yuan’s kick. At the same time, her plan of grabbing Wang Yuan’s hand was foiled.

However, Wang Xiaofei’s attacks did not end there. In a moment, she was upside down and her feet were fiercely headed towards Wang Yuan’s lower jaw. Her action was decisive and vicious; it was not in the least bit sloppy.

Wang Yuan’s eyes narrowed and he could only throw out a punch towards her small, cunning foot.

The fist and foot collided and the huge force made Wang Yuan retreat four to five steps before he regained his balance. His fist was searing with a burning pain.

Meanwhile, Wang Xiaofei made use of the momentum and with one palm supporting her on the floor, she flipped her entire body over and pounced towards Wang Yuan once again. Her action was natural and her body was like a bow. With a shoot, she flew towards her opponent like lightning.

At that moment, Wang Yuan had only just somewhat regained his balance. However, Wang Xiaofei had already launched another attack.

Once again, it was a simple direct punch aimed straight at Wang Yuan.

Wang Yuan was helpless. This time, it was impossible for him to evade the attack. He could only send out a punch once again at Wang Xiaofei. The huge force instantly caused him to fly backwards and he had to retreat seven to eight steps before he stabilized himself. He almost fell to the ground.

However, even before he had regained his balance, Wang Xiaofei had appeared in front of him once again and was still sending out a simple direct punch.

The tip of Wang Yuan’s mouth twitched a little. After two rounds of direct, hard hits, his fist had basically lost all feeling. In the face of one more of this direct punch, his heart trembled a little.

But there was nothing he could do. He could only raise his fist and use a punch to defend against Wang Xiaofei’s attack once again. In the face of Wang Xiaofei’s attacks that were relentless like the storm, he did not even have the chance to dodge.

Looking at the small-sized and exquisite Wang Xiaofei toughening up, it made him have the urge to curse. When had he ever seen such a girl that was so tough. Previously, he had been blinded to want to trigger this woman.

“Stop! I admit defeat, I admit defeat.”

At this moment, Wang Yuan was a little afraid of Wang Xiaofei. He did not have any second thoughts about admitting defeat. He knew that if they continued on, it was impossible for him to win. Wang Xiaofei was definitely an ancient martial art practitioner who had achieved the Regulated Breathing realm. Moreover, she had a lot of experience in combat and was far more experienced than him.

Her attacks were also decisive and vicious. He basically stood no chance at all. If they had continued on, he would have been in a very bad state.

The small fist that had been flying directly at Wang Yuan stopped suddenly; it had stopped just an inch away from Wang Yuan’s face. At the speed Wang Xiaofei’s fist was going at, it would have hit Wang Yuan’s face if it had been any swifter.

Cold sweat dripped down from Wang Yuan’s face. Looking at the exquisite little fist so close to him, he could not help but heave a cold breath of relief.

If he had admitted defeat just a little bit slower, his face would have gotten split open.

“Big brother Wang, you’ve gone easy on me.”

Wang Xiaofei giggled as she slowly retrieved her fist and even blew on her knuckles.

Wang Yuan laughed bitterly and helplessly walked back to the team.

Wang Xiaofei had won once again. In the far distance, the 1st Battalion immediately burst into cheers. There were people continuously cheering Wang Xiaofei’s name.

To girls, the combat segment was naturally their greatest weakness. However, Wang Xiaofei had proven that girls could also be strong.

It was not just the 1st Battalion but almost everyone from all the other three battalions had also looked over. A girl so outstanding was a very marveling thing to witness for anyone.

Everyone had their gazes set on Wang Xiaofei, and basically nobody was paying attention to the combat between the 2nd and 3rd Battalion anymore.

“That girl is so fierce. Mo Wen, you have got to hold up against her. If we lose to the 1st Battalion, we will be so ashamed that we won’t be able to look at anyone.”

Wang Yuan bitterly walked by Mo Wen’s side. Currently, the 1st Battalion and 4th Battalion had two wins each. The battle between Mo Wen and Wang Xiaofei had become the key deciding factor in determining the final winner.

“It’s currently already very embarrassing for you.”

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. He slightly despised Wang Yuan for admitting defeat. If a big man like him lost, he should have lost with more dignity.

“Don’t say such sarcastic remarks. If you have the abilities, then defeat this girl. I bet you can only last for about 10 rounds. By then, you’ll get a taste of how it is.”

Wang Yuan scolded, “F*ck, that girl Wang Xiaofei won’t be able to get married off in the future.”

Mo Wen just smiled calmly. He couldn’t care less for Wang Yuan’s monologue. It was not his business whether or not Wang Xiaofei could get married or not.

A round-faced girl walked up to Qin Xiaouyou discreetly and laughed. The girl was average-looking and she had several freckles on her face. However, she was one of Qin Xiaoyou’s few good friends and was currently in the same company as Qin Xiaoyou.

“Xiaoyou, that Mo Wen is up next. Since he’s up against our female warrior Wang Xiaofei, I’m afraid he is fated to be bashed up.”

Qin Xiaoyou tilted her head to one side and put on an uncaring expression towards the round-faced girl.

“D*mn, what has it got to do with me whether he gets bashed up or not.”

However, her pair of eyes were set on the combat ground from beginning to end.

“Tch, go on acting then. I just wonder whether or not Wang Xiaofei will leave you some face and go easy on Mo Wen later on.”

The round-faced girl rolled her eyes and interestedly looked over at Mo Wen who was far away.

With regards to the ridicule from the friends around her, Qin Xiaoyou had long grown used to it. The best way to handle them was to completely ignore them.

In the third round, it was Mo Wen versus Wang Xiaofei. It was also the last match to decide the winner.

“Mo Wen, my name is Wang Xiaofei.”

Wang Xiaofei laughed and her eyes curiously looked Mo Wen up and down. She was very curious about what outstanding areas Mo Wen had to make Qin Xiaoyou so concerned about him.

“You know me?” Mo Wen smiled slightly.

“Don’t be modest. In the entire military region amongst the four battalions, there is not one person who does not know of Mo Wen.”

Wang Xiaofei raised her eyebrows. The words she said were entirely true. The rumors of Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou alone were sufficient to make him known by everyone.

Moreover, Mo Wen was also capable. In the shooting competition previously, he had been in the limelight.

Mo Wen smiled uncaringly.

“Come – once you win against me, you will win the entire competition.”

He took a step forwards and gestured for Wang Xiaofei to make her attack.

“You are indeed Mo Wen, talking with such confidence. But if I hurt you, Qin Xiaoyou would hate me to death.”

Wang Xiaofei fluttered her eyelids and did not attack immediately, unlike the previous two matches where her actions had been furious like a storm.

“She and I are just platonic friends.”

A peculiar feeling welled up within Mo Wen. Recently, people had been linking him and Qin Xiaoyou up which made him rather troubled. He did not mind but what would happen if Qin Xiaoyou misunderstands? He did not want the two of them to drift apart.

“I don’t believe what you say.” Wang Xiaofei rolled her eyes, “Since the both of you refuse to admit it, I’ll bash you up into a pig’s head. By then, we’ll see the sad look of Qin Xiaoyou.”

As she said that, she took a few steps and had appeared in front of Mo Wen like lighting.

Mo Wen raised his brows mildly. Wang Xiaofei had likely demonstrated special steps. Normal steps could not possibly be that fast.

Perhaps in the eyes of others, there was nothing odd about it. However, from his eyes, he could see multiple images of Wang Xiaofei’s figure flickering as she appeared before him.

In the next moment, a strong gust of wind blew over and surged over. The intent to kill lurked everywhere. A hand discreetly appeared in front of Mo Wen’s neck and it reached out, as if wanting to grab hold of Mo Wen’s collar.

The Wang Xiaofei at this moment had seemingly let out her full abilities and wanted to conquer Mo Wen in the shortest amount of time possible.

With his One Buddha Sleeve, Mo Wen stepped out slightly and his body had weirdly appeared to Wang Xiaofei’s right. He had successfully avoided her grasp.

Even though Mo Wen did not have as wide a sleeve as his ancient costume, it was a habitual action whenever he demonstrated his Inch Travel Steps.

This was because a wave of his sleeve could often distract the opponent and confuse their sight. This would then enhance the effect of his Inch Travel Steps.

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