Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Rare and Complicated Disease

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The two of them had not waited long when an old man past his seventies came down the stairs. The old man had a rosy complexion, his eyes were sharp, and the energy he radiated was bright. Clearly this was someone who took care of himself very well. The elderly of today all had a few ways to maintain their vigour.

“Professor Pan.”

Seeing the elder descend down the stairs, Shen Jing quickly rose from the couch. Mo Wen also hurriedly followed suit, not just because he had a favor to ask of him, but also because Professor Pan was a renowned figure in the national academia scene, so she was not supposed to be discourteous.

“Sit, let us all sit. No need to be so restrained, youngsters should be more enthusiastic.”

Professor Pan was surprisingly easy going, gesturing for Shen Jing and Mo Wen both to take their seats as he seated himself on the couch across from them.

“So, you are Mo Wen?”

Pan Aiguo examined Mo Wen and asked directly about the main topic of discussion.

“Yes, I am.”

Mo Wen nodded his head. He was not surprised that Professor Pan knew his name. Over the two days from their visit, surely Shen Jing had arranged with Professor Pan yesterday and also informed him earlier about what Mo Wen wanted to say to him.

“I have heard about your situation and I am well aware of your purpose of coming here today. I also heard that you know a type of massaging technique that can alleviate heart diseases. It’s your heirloom secret recipe?”

Pan Aiguo nodded. Even though he was slightly sympathetic towards Mo Wen’s situation, he was mindful that the society had always been like this throughout the ages; it was not something one could easily meddle with. In comparison with Mo Wen’s unfair encounter, he was far more interested in Mo Wen’s heirloom secret recipe.

“You’re right. The technique is useful to improve the blood circulation to the heart and it can curb sudden heart attacks, but only serve to alleviate the symptoms.”

Mo Wen knew that to get Professor Pan’s help, first he needed to show the professor something that would satisfy him; if not, what right did he have to ask for the professor’s help? Even before he came, he had decided to pass on the technique to them. After all, it wasn’t anything advanced; in his memory of another world, it was a commonplace skill that even a physician with no proper training knew. Its effect was at most helpful to alleviate the symptoms, lengthening the time the doctor had for the rescue; it couldn’t cure the disease.

“Oh. Can you tell me more about it? I am very interested.” Professor Pan said.

Upon listening to his words, Professor Pan stared at Mo Wen keenly. He had some knowledge about massaging techniques that could alleviate cardiac stress, but he had never heard of any massaging technique that could directly unclog the blood vessel of an Acute Myocardial Infarction patient. If the technique was real, it would be something very valuable in the field of medicine. After all, many heart attack patients died because the medical personnel didn’t have enough time to rescue them.

“Since Professor Pan is interested, I surely will not hide anything from you.”

Mo Wen’s lips lifted and he started succinctly telling them the essence of the technique. Seeing Mo Wen spilling it out so easily, a total opposite of his attitude yesterday, Shen Jing couldn’t help but scowl at him. This fellow was seriously all about quid pro quo. Yesterday when she asked him, he was in such a dilemma of whether or not to tell her; today when it came to Professor Pan, immediately he had no trouble sharing it.

Snobbish…! Slightly indignant, Shen Jing snarled at him in her mind. But she quickly cast out all the other thoughts in her mind and focused on listening to Mo Wen’s explanation. After all, since she had witnessed the marvel of his technique yesterday, she wanted to know the secret behind it.

Actually most heart attacks were caused by cardiovascular diseases. It was mainly because blood flow to the heart chambers was interrupted; the sudden blockage of blood flow was fatal, killing people in a short span of time.

Mo Wen’s technique was to unclog the coronary arteries using external force and thus ensuring constant blood flow to the heart, by massaging and applying pressure to all the blood vessels in the body. If one was massaged with such a technique for a prolonged period of time, one could prevent diseases like myocardial infarction.

Following Mo Wen’s description, Professor Pan and Shen Jing listened attentively. At times they were frowning and thinking hard; at times they had epiphanies. Actually, Mo Wen’s massaging technique had many similarities with the current technique used in modern medicine, but there were parts where it was distinctly different, thus causing the two to not be able to fully comprehend it.

It took Mo Wen half an hour to present the essence of the technique. It was not an easy task for him to carry out the explanation; after all it, was something from another world. His explanation was the same as if he were translating everything. Even he doubted whether Professor Pan and Shen Jing could understand his words.

After he had finished talking, the living room fell into a temporary silence. Both Professor Pan and Shen Jing were pondering. Mo Wen kept silent, and as for Lin Qing, she was busy in the kitchen the whole time.

“This technique is indeed deep and profound. There are many aspects of it where it is of a completely different school of thought than the other techniques, but it is very interesting. The generations before us who created this technique had done impressive research on the human body’s meridians and blood circulatory system.”

Only after a long moment did Professor Pan say this while exhaling a deep breath. He didn’t fully comprehend Mo Wen’s technique – in fact he could only understand half of it – but the part that he understood enlightened him in many aspects. A lot of medical problems that had been bugging him were instantly solved; it was akin to listening to a lecture by a medical grandmaster.

As for Shen Jing, some confusion still lingered on her beautiful face, revealing that her comprehension was not as in depth as Professor Pan.

Mo Wen glanced at Professor Pan, slightly surprised. Even though he knew the technique by heart, it was totally different expressing it. After all, the languages used in both worlds were different. It was hard for him to completely translate and express it, especially since he had little familiarity with the medical field of Hua Xia, leading him to not be able to explain many parts properly. It was hectic for him; like a middle schooler who had only learned few years of English trying to translate a foreign dissertation.

But with just that, Professor Pan could extract and understand some of the core essence of the technique. He was undoubtedly a master in the world of medicine.

“Mo Wen, my little friend, this technique of yours… could you teach me a little? If you have any conditions, feel free to state them. If it is within my power, I will do my best.”

Professor Pan’s eyes stared directly at Mo Wen and his face radiated a welcoming glow. After Mo Wen’s explanation, although many areas were explained unclearly, he was certain that this was a miraculous technique and would be of great value to modern medicine. Although Mo Wen explained some of the underlying principles of the technique, how to actually apply it still needed actual guidance for it to be usable. Theory and practical use was vastly different.

“Since Professor Pan is interested, I will, of course, not keep the information to myself. But this technique is rather complicated. My ancestors passed it down for generations by teaching it step-by-step, spending a lot of time on it. On top of that, I know nothing about the technical terms and knowledge of modern medicine, so it would be tough for me to teach it to the others.”

Mo Wen did not sugarcoat his words and answered honestly. The technique was indeed passed down by the elders of his other world’s memories; a lot of the terminology was that of that world’s. Using the language of that world to pass it on to others was naturally an easy task, but using modern Mandarin to do the same was another thing entirely.

It was like trying to explain The Four Books and The Five Classics of Hua Xia in English in England using his high school level English. It would take an enormous effort. So the reasons why he refused to teach Shen Jing even though this technique was simple and easy to use were because he was afraid of trouble and he was not certain whether he could teach it.

“Hmm. Your point is valid. But we don’t need to rush this. You want to learn medicine right? Tomorrow I will contact Hua Xia University, specially hiring you as my assistant and recruiting you to study in Hua Xia University. We will wait until you have acquired a certain level of medical knowledge, then only will you teach me this technique.”

Naturally Professor Pan was a sensible man. He knew Mo Wen was willing to pass his heirloom secret recipe to him, but he couldn’t not show any sign of interest that he wanted to. Besides, from Mo Wen’s explanation just now, he could tell that Mo Wen lacked jargon; if not, he would have explained many aspects clearer. Even though now he could use that technique to treat patients, Professor Pan was afraid that Mo Wen was also not clear about many theories behind it, let alone about teaching it to the others.

After Mo Wen went through systematic medical training, he would naturally have a deeper understanding of the technique and he could teach it to the others easier.

“Thank you, Professor Pan. Wait till I have succeeded in my studies. Then, I will definitely share the technique, advancing the medical field in our country.”

Seeing that he had accomplished what he had come to do, Mo Wen was a little happy and therefore threw out this common phrase of formality.

After that, they chatted for a while more, deciding on some precautionary details in order for Mo Wen to enter Hua Xia University. Just when the two were about to leave, the phone rang urgently in the living room.

Professor Pan looked quizzical as he picked up the phone. He had barely uttered two sentences when he hung up, his face looking slightly disturbed.

“Professor Pan, what is it?” Shen Jing softly asked. To have made Professor Pan frown meant that something bad must have happened.

“An old friend of mine had an episode. I’m afraid he doesn’t have much longer.”

Professor Pan signed quietly, looking helpless.

“He is sick and even you can’t cure it?”

Shen Jing’s eyes flashed with disbelief. Professor Pan was the top physician in the country; his expertise extended over many areas. Usually he would do medical research; only occasionally did he treat some leaders in the country. Diseases which could put Professor Pan at his wit’s end were indeed rare.

“The symptoms of that old friend are a little odd. I have studied medicine for nearly half a century and I have never seen symptoms as peculiar as this. I have been conducting a case study on it for a few years, but I still haven’t found a solution. My methods were at most helpful to alleviate the symptoms. A few years have passed, I am afraid that my old friend will not be able to make it through this episode,” Professor Pan exclaimed in worry.

With his identity, mates whom he could maintain long term friendships with were few; so if one left he would have one less. He couldn’t help but feel sad.

“I need to rush there now to see whether there is any other way that can curb the disease.”

As he was saying this, Professor Pan hurried into his room. After he had freshened up a little, he was ready to go.

Mo Wen’s and Shen Jing’s eyes met. They knew it was time to leave, so they stood up and asked to be excused.

“Professor Pan, we will leave now. We will come over to visit some other day.”

Shen Jing said, standing up. No matter what, their purposes were fulfilled today. Now she supposed Mo Wen could no longer keep rejecting her.

“Oh, okay. Feel free to come over to visit again,” Professor Pan replied in a rush.

Just when he was ready to leave, he seemed to recall something, saying, “Wait a second, are you two interested in tagging along? Jing, you are a doctor too. My old friend’s condition is seriously odd; it’s not a bad idea for you to go and gain some experience.”

Mo Wen’s and Shen Jing’s eyes met. They had no idea why Professor Pan would say so, but since he invited them, it was naturally difficult for them to refuse.

“Since Professor Pan invited us, it’s better to accept the invitation; obedience is better than politeness.”

Seeing that Mo Wen approved, Shen Jing also nodded her head. She was also a bit curious as to what illness this old friend of Professor Pan had to cause Professor Pan to be at such a loss.

“If so, we will rush there right now.”

After saying that, Professor Pan hastened out of the door with the two of them. As for bringing Shen Jing and Mo Wen along, it was just a spontaneous idea. What Mo Wen explained before this had a great impact on him; a lot of it was new knowledge that he had never known before. So his impression towards Mo Wen was a little different now; perhaps Mo Wen could solve the rare and complicated disease that he couldn’t solve.

Of course, he was also well aware that this was purely his mentality of turning to anything during a desperate situation. The possibility was basically zero percent.

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