Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Lin Qing The Go-Getter Girl

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“That’s right, I am a lecturer from Hua Xia University. I have had countless students under my wing. Surely I can make your heirloom secret recipe well renowned far and wide, as well as make you very, very rich.”

Shen Jing looked at Mo Wen temptingly. She knew Mo Wen’s family was not that well off. If not, he would have studied during his prime years, instead of running to the workplace to seek his fortunes. Money probably had a strong influence on him.

If Mo Wen’s heirloom secrets really had high research value for heart disease, then she would voluntarily help him earn a lot of benefits. When the time came, he could make a profit while flourishing and sharing with the public his heirloom secret recipe. What’s not to like? He should no longer think all his geese are swans in this modern era.

“Do patents make lots of money?” Mo Wen raised his eyebrow.

“Not necessarily.”

Shen Jing blinked; in the end she chose to tell the truth. Nowadays there were all kinds of patents, but not all patents had high commercial value; in fact, some patents had no value at all. Before she understood Mo Wen’s heirloom secret recipe, she wouldn’t know whether it had high commercial value or not.

“I can teach you, but you need to do me a favor.” Mo Wen spoke after thinking for a moment.

“What is it? Tell me, and if I can help I will definitely do it.” Shen Jing smiled upon hearing his response. Since Mo Wen said so, it meant that it was possible for him to disclose his heirloom secret recipe to her.

“Help me get enrolled in Hua Xia University School of Medicine.”

Without beating around the bush with Shen Jing, Mo Wen told her his intention right away. Even though he knew that she might not be able to help him, he would still like to try his luck. Getting into Hua Xia University was his aspiration since the beginning; furthermore, his mother back at home would want him to make something of himself too. Who would want their children to work as laborers for others?

Even though he had the lifetime memory of the Miracle Physician, it was from a different era after all. Many of the medicine names, medical terms, and treatment methods would be very different from the modern world now. If he could study in Hua Xia University School of Medicine, he would surely be able to combine the medical essence of both worlds, further advancing his medical skills.

So after Mo Wen possessed an extra lifetime of memory of the Miracle Physician, he was even more eager to enter the school system to learn modern medicine.

“Ah…! I am just a lecturer. I am not in charge of admission.”

Instantly Shen Jing was a little troubled by his request. As the best university in the country, Hua Xia University was definitely hard to get into. Even the students from wealthy and influential families who wanted to enter Hua Xia University couldn’t just have things done their way easily. Now that it was already the end of August, the intake for admission had long ended. It would be a bit difficult to admit Mo Wen into Hua Xia University as a special case.

“So it can’t be done?” Mo Wen uttered, slightly disappointed. He wasn’t putting much hope on Shen Jing anyway. After all, everyone knew that it was hard to get into Hua Xia University.

“Wait a moment. It’s not totally impossible.”

Seeing Mo Wen turn around to leave, Shen Jing quickly stopped him. Slightly irritated, she gave him a glare. She didn’t say it was impossible; why was he in a rush to leave?

“You can help me?”

Mo Wen’s eyes flickered with excitement. If nobody helped him, he could only try his best to earn some money, repeat the school year, and retake the admission test again.

“First, tell me your situation. Have you finished high school?”

Shen Jing knew nothing of Mo Wen’s situation. If he hadn’t even finish high school, wanting to study in Hua Xia University right away, without any foundation, would be a tall order.

“Yes, I have.”

Mo Wen nodded and told Shen Jing his situation.

Shen Jing frowned upon listening to his story. There was actually someone who managed to replace Mo Wen by pulling some strings. She knew exactly how strict Hua Xia University’s admission process was; the person who replaced Mo Wen must have had a very powerful family background.

“Your score was not high, but it should be enough to get you into Hua Xia University. Now that the intake for admission is over, I am afraid that I can’t help you. But there is someone who can help you. I can introduce you to him, but whether it can be done will still depend on your ability. Master Pan is an elder that cherishes talent. If you can demonstrate some medical talent in front of him, he would definitely enroll you specially into Hua Xia University,” Shen Jing said after pondering for a while.

The Master Pan that she mentioned was called Pan Aiguo. He was a top master in the medical field of Hua Xia, an academician of Engineering Academy,a renowned professor and mentor of Ph. D students in Hua Xia University. He was one of those with high authority in the academia. If he was willing to take the matter onto his hands, recruiting Mo Wen into Hua Xia University would not be a difficult task at all.

Mo Wen thought for a moment.

“If Master Pan can help me, then I will teach you my heirloom secret recipe,” he said, agreeing to Shen Jing’s suggestion. Even though he was uncertain whether the person would help him, he didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity either.

“If he can’t help you, then you won’t teach me?”

Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. She had never seen a guy as petty as him.

After Mo Wen had set up a time with Shen Jing to meet Master Pan, he left. After all, he still had things he hadn’t completed for the day. He didn’t plan to continue working at the construction site – with his ability now, of course he didn’t have to carry bricks at the site anymore – but he didn’t like to leave things unfinished either. Since he had started his work, he would finish his duty for the day.

The next day, Mo Wen resigned from his job and took a cab downtown to the capital. He was originally a capital worker, more fashionably known as Drifters, although Mo Wen was the most abjected and of the lowest rank among the Drifters.

Looking at the skyscrapers, the prosperity lay before his eyes. Mo Wen’s mind was welled up with all sort of emotions. They were the builders of the city, yet they had no place there. 99.9% of the Drifters were only passersby of the capital.

Professor Pan Aiguo stayed in Yixin Garden located within First Ring of the capital. Even though it wasn’t a luxurious neighborhood, the ambience in the neighborhood was clean and refreshing. Mo Wen walked into the neighborhood empty-handed. He didn’t buy any gift for his first meeting with the great professor. It wasn’t only because Shen Jing specially reminded him that Professor Pan was not a fan of that convention; it was also because even if he wanted to buy anything for the professor, he was unable to. His tiny savings couldn’t even support his living in the capital.

“Mo Wen, over here.”

As soon as he set foot in the neighborhood, Shen Jing’s voice rang from not far away. He could see a girl, wearing a white dress, standing in front of one of the residential blocks, beckoning to him. There was a pair of shallow dimples on her beautiful face.

The way Shen Jing dressed was plain as before: no makeup, no accessories. She was quite a natural beauty. Even though she was wearing a dress, her curves were well accentuated. It was alluring.

Shen Jing was once a Ph. D student under Professor Pan’s guidance. Even though she had become a lecturer in Hua Xia University, she was still one of the members in an important research project directed by Professor Pan. She had always treated Professor Pan as her mentor, maintaining a close relationship with him both during work and in private. That was why she dared to introduce Mo Wen to him.

“Later when you meet Professor Pan, don’t run your mouth. Just like other elders, he is a little serious and stern. You better be clever. If you can win Professor Pan’s favor, your wish will most likely come true.”

Mo Wen followed Shen Jing into one of residential buildings; along the way Shen Jing kept reminding him in a low voice what to take note of.

The two of them stopped in front of a security door, rang the doorbell, and soon someone answered the door.

“Jing, you are here.”

The person who opened the door was a voluptuous lady. Even though she looked serious in her black office attire, her figure was curvy. She was in her thirties, giving out a mature aura; her femininity was not something a young girl like Shen Jing could compare to.

The lady was obviously very close with Shen Jing; she happily invited them into the house.

“Sister Lin, why are you back today?”

Shen Jing knew she was always busy and seldom at home.

“I’ve been back since yesterday. I’m back to visit the old man. I’m afraid that he might’ve been unhappy if I didn’t come back to visit.”

Lin Qing smiled. Her business outside was getting bigger, but she wouldn’t trouble her old man at home.

Mo Wen sat on the couch, slightly prudish. There were two women in the living room and he was not familiar with both of them; it made him a little uneasy. Especially the formally dressed, yet maturely attractive woman; he didn’t even dare to look at her, with the fear that he might make a fool of himself by not being able to avert his gaze from her.

That Sister Lin was very pretty, on par with Shen Jing, but as compared to Shen Jing, she gave out a distinctly different aura. She was wearing a typical women’s office attire, with a snow white shirt underneath her suit. Her top button was slightly unbuttoned. Her large breasts formed a seductive cleavage; her breast size would most likely be 36D. Her OL skirt was tightly wrapped around her large hips, revealing an amazing S shape. She was wearing a pair of obviously high quality black stockings, her flesh could vaguely be seen underneath it, making it hard for others to take their eyes off her.

Even from three to four yards away, Mo Wen could smell a pleasant scent off her; it was obviously not her natural body aroma, instead it was the fragrance of an expensive perfume. Evidently she was a woman who knew how to dress herself and exhibit her charm; she looked attractive yet not frivolous. Even Mo Wen couldn’t find fault with her.

After the guests were seated, Lin Qing went into the kitchen and came out with a teapot, pouring green tea for Shen Jing and Mo Wen respectively. Even though she didn’t know Mo Wen, she didn’t ask who he was. He was brought here by Shen Jing after all, so he would naturally be looking for the old man at home.

But Shen Jing bringing a young lad over for a visit? She was a little curious about it.

“The old man is in the study room. Both of you wait for a moment, I will go call him now.”

Even though she was slightly surprised, Lin Qing wasn’t someone who liked to meddle in other people’s business. Without asking any more, she turned around to go upstairs to the study room.

“She is Lin Qing, the only child of Professor Pan.” Shen Jing spared some time to introduce her to Mo Wen.

“Then why is her surname not Pan?” Mo Wen exclaimed in surprise. It was not so common to encounter cases where children bore their mothers’ surnames; furthermore, since Lin Qing was the only child of Professor Pan, this was even stranger.

“Mind your own business.” Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen and didn’t comment further on the matter.

Mo Wen saw Shen Jing was unwilling to dwell on this topic, so he tactfully shut his mouth. But a thought crossed his mind: Was it possible that there was a hidden secret behind this case?

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