Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 9 - The Damm Motorcycle and the Shoes

Chapter 9: The Damm Motorcycle and the Shoes

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“This damn motorcycle and shoes.”

Wang Xian came out from the vehicle administrative office with a darkened expression as he looked at the Harley motorcycle and the pair of shoes.

The young man was acting like a scoundrel. He, too, took out two million dollars worth of goods as compensation since the goldfish were worth over two million. A Harley motorcycle and a pair of shoes made up the sum quite nicely.

“But there is one good thing. Judging from the reactions from the Flowers and Birds Market, I should be able to sell away all my goldfish.”

Wang Xian mumbled.

The crowd began to multiply when the people around them found out about the Redcap Brown Orandas that were crushed under the wheels.

At that time, someone expressed an interest in buying them, but he was afraid that the remaining fish would have implications after the accident. Hence, he did not dare to complete the purchase.

Subsequently, Wang Xian followed the young man to the vehicle administrative office to transfer the ownership of the Harley motorcycle. At the same time, the young man got him a heavy-duty motorcycle license through some ties.

“This motorcycle…”

Wang Xian gazed for a short while before he rode on it.

He knew how to ride a motorcycle, but this motorcycle was too high-class for him. Wang Xian started the engine and headed back to school with much caution.

“This is way too fast.”

Wang Xian pressed gently on the accelerator, and the motorcycle simply dashed out.

Just now, he tried to find out more about this Harley motorcycle.

In general, most of the heavy-duty motorcycles were worth about a few hundred thousand. One of their unique features was the ability to get modified and custom-made.

A custom-made Harley that cost 1.5 million dollars was possible.

The most unique feature for Harley motorcycles was that they were cool and extremely flashy. Any men who rode on one would be full of charisma.

Besides, Harley motorcycles made their appearances in many U.S blockbuster movies.

Wang Xian could sense the curious gazes from the pedestrian when he rode the bike on the street.

Gosh, this Harvey motorcycle is still far from a sports car.

Wang Xian complained to himself. After all, sports cars could act as shields for the drivers and passengers whereas the heavy-duty motorcycles worked the other way around. If he were to be thrown off the bike, he would sustain serious injuries.

For a first-timer in riding such a heavy-duty motorcycle, Wang Xian was riding it slowly as he valued his life very much.

However, he was in a light-hearted mood today as he had found a way to earn money.

“Shan He, you gave that lad your favorite vehicle you just bought and your flashy shoes. There goes almost everything you’ve been saving up for when you were studying overseas,” said a juvenile to Shan He, who had a gloomy look on his face at the entrance of the vehicle administrative office.

“What else could I do?” the young man, Shan He, replied despondently.

“Eh, that’s true.” The rest of the juveniles looked at him pitifully. Shan He’s family was known to be strict in their discipline. His father could not tolerate any mistakes. Back then, Shan He got into some trouble, and his father kicked him out of the country for three years. Finally, he made it back. If he got into trouble again, he would be sent away again.

“I should call my sister and ask her to come, and she doesn’t need to work part-time anymore.” After Wang Xian parked his bike behind the dormitory, he brought his shoes back to his room cheerfully.

With the ability to earn a living, his younger sister didn’t need to work anymore.

Wang Xian entered his room and hurled the pair of shoes onto his bed. He took out his phone and called his younger sister.

“Xiao Yu.”

“Brother, what’s up? I’m tutoring Nannan.” Xiao Yu’s voice came from the phone.

“Let me tell you this. You don’t have to work part-time anymore. Come to me. I have earned some money that is enough for our living expenses.” Wang Xian chuckled as he spoke.

“No way, Brother. Nannan’s parents just gave me my wage in advance today. Besides, tutoring Nannan is a relaxing task. On top of that, Xiao Mi and I had plans to go to Rivertown together.” His younger sister, Xiao Yu, continued to speak on the phone.

Wang Xian knit his eyebrow slightly. Xiao Mi was the best friend of Xiao Yu, and Xiao Yu was staying at Xiao Mi’s place now. Both of them were enrolled at the University of Rivertown.

“Alright, I will send you some money, so you don’t have to be frugal. I’ll give you a surprise when you come to school,” said Wang Xian after pondering.

“Brother, you don’t have to. I still have $5,000 with me. I won’t have a chance to use yours. Alright, I need to explain a question to Nannan now.”


“This girl.” Wang Xian shook his head and laughed, “When you are here, I’ll prepare a great present for you.”

Wang Xian chuckled as he made up his mind.

If it weren’t for that young man, I could have earned another two million. Two million!

Radiance flashed in Wang Xian’s eyes as he gathered his thoughts. He decided to sell some Redcap Brown Oranda tomorrow again.

At most, I can only sell the fish one more time tomorrow. Otherwise, someone will sense something amiss if it becomes too frequent.

Wang Xian was thinking that it would be fine if he did it just once or twice. However, he would definitely attract unwanted attention if it continued. He would get into trouble if he lured the attention of some crooks.

Wang Xian was still a meticulous man.

“Continue with the cultivation.”

Wang Xian crossed his legs on his bed and began to practice his Divine Dragon Transformation.

He could earn a few million dollars with just a dozen points of Dragon Energy. Because of Divine Dragon Transformation and the ability to turn into a Divine Dragon, Wang Xian was full of confidence for his future.

In the future, he would not have to worry even for a little sum of money, and he could pursue a better life.

Another night of cultivation passed. When he woke up, he read his profile.

Name: Wang Xian

Race: Human (Ability to transform into a dragon)

Level: 1

Dragon Energy: 47/1000

Superpower: Dominate the marine animals (Ability to rule any marine animals that are lower than your own level)

Devour any form of living (For extraction of dragon energy)

Art of Cultivation: Divine Dragon Transformation

“Over forty points of Dragon Energy. I feel my strength growing stronger.”

Wang Xian sensed the change in his body and smiled. Given the past, his current condition could win a fight against seven or eight of himself.

I shall go and get some goldfish first.

Wang Xian gave a thought and looked at the pair of shoes on the bed. I better find some time to sell this away. A $700k worth pair of shoes is just too…

After he stepped out from the dormitory, he stood in front of the Harley motorcycle with the keys in his hand. The corner of the lips was slightly drawn.

“This bike is just awesome. If I ride on this after the school reopens, it will be way too cool.”

Wang Xiang grinned as he rode on the bike and headed towards the old street.

I shall grab some breakfast first.

He walked into a decent breakfast shop and made his way to the same aquarium shop after his breakfast.

“I’ll get three goldfish and an Arowana.”

Wang Xian thought of upgrading an Arowana to a premium Arowana to earn his last fortune.

The Arowana cost three thousand dollars while the goldfish was only fifty dollars.

Wang Xian went back to his dormitory again to upgrade the four ornamental fish he’d just bought.

“Premium Chilli Red Arowana. Mine would not lose out to that Chilli Red Arowana that was sold for three million online!”

Wang Xian looked at the Chilli Red Arowana in the fish tank with brightness in his eyes. The bright redfish was giving off a classy radiance.

If he could sell this fish away, he would not crack his brain for money anymore and could concentrate on cultivating his Dragon Energy.

So that he could become the Divine Dragon that could roam the universe.

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