Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 8 - Goldfish For Motorcycle

Chapter 8: Goldfish For Motorcycle

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Wang Xian placed the redcap brown oranda on a piece of glass and walked straight to the young man.

“Eight goldfish. I’m afraid your six thousand isn’t sufficient at all. I’m calling the police now to let them handle this accident.”

Wang Xian looked at the young man and spoke coldly.

The young man in front of him was acting too arrogant and conceited. If he had apologized the moment he alighted, Wang Xian might not have been too calculative with him. After all, all he had to do was to exhaust another sixteen points of Dragon Energy.

However, he was so arrogant and Wang Xian naturally wouldn’t just let it go. What he didn’t know at this moment was that he was gradually gaining the imperious nature of a divine dragon. “Brat, you must be trying to make a fuss out of this. How much could your thrashed motorcycle costs? How much do your petty goldfish cost? I’ll compensate you for them. Don’t try to get more out of this.” The young man walked over and spoke coldly when he saw Wang Xian take out his mobile phone.

“Hey brat, are you looking for trouble?” Several young men behind him walked over and surrounded Wang Xian in all four directions.

“Hey, don’t be so rash guys. Let’s talk this over.” An old man at the side saw the commotion, walked over and shouted out of goodwill. “Son, look at what you’ve lost. These young men aren’t being unreasonable. They would compensate you the right amount. Don’t be greedy.”

Wang Xian took a glance at the old man before turning his vision to the four young men around him.

I don’t need you guys to compensate me for the damaged motorcycle, but my goldfish…” Wang Xian paused, placing his eight Redcap Brown Orandas on the floor. He looked at them coldly before remarking, “You have to compensate me for my goldfish. There’s a total of eight Redcap Brown Oranda. As for the value of each fish, you guys can look it up online yourself.”

“What bullshit Redcap Brown Oranda are you saying? Hey arrogant brat, don’t spout nonsense in front of me. Let me tell you this. Don’t even dream of getting a cent today.” The young man pointed and spoke coldly after seeing how Wang Xian had acted.

“What? Redcap Brown Oranda?” However, the old man who was trying to play the mediator was shocked. He looked at the goldfish beside Wang Xian and ran over immediately.

“These are really Redcap Brown Oranda. They are real!” exclaimed the old man as he saw the goldfish in the broken fishbowl after running over. He squatted down, feeling a little heartache before shouting, “These are premium Redcap Brown Oranda! These two fish should be fine. Hey guys, hurry over and take care of them!”

“Redcap Brown Oranda… Are those really Redcap Brown Oranda?” Several old men standing behind the crowd exclaimed as they walked over in shock.

“These are really Redcap Brown Oranda. They are the nobles among the goldfish. What a shame that two of them were crushed to death directly.”

“Looking at the condition of these fish, they could even be considered to be among the best of the Redcap Brown Oranda. Each one of them would be worth at least $300k-400k.”

Some citizens exclaimed and shook their heads when they walked over and saw the goldfish on the ground.

“$300k-400k.” The group of young men, who were standing at a side, heard what the old man and the others said. They were completely shocked as they looked at the goldfish on the floor with disbelief.

“These… These goldfish are worth $300k-400k?” they asked in shock.

“Not these.” The old man lifted his head and said to the group of young men, “Each of them is worth $300k-400k. Look at their appearances, they wouldn’t be cheaper than $350k.”

“These two fish are crushed to death directly and the scales of these four are damaged. Six fish would cost no less than two million dollars,” an old man replied. “Redcap Brown Oranda are extremely hard to breed. Now that there are eight of them appearing at the same time… What a misfortune for them to…”

As the middle-aged man spoke, he shook his head constantly.

More and more citizens were crowding over. They were all here for the goldfish fair today and were goldfish lovers. Naturally, they were able to recognize the nobles of the goldfish breed, Redcap Brown Oranda.

As the young men heard the sigh of the crowd, their jaws dropped.

Wang Xian looked at the young man and said coldly, “I believe it would be best to let the police handle this incident.”

“You can’t get away with less than two million dollars. There’s a goldfish fair at the Flowers and Birds Market today. It would be easy to assess the losses once the professionals are here to do an assessment.” The old man shook his head and continued, “Hey son, you should have been more careful when you were riding. What a shame that these goldfish were…”

The young man opened his mouth in disbelief. The other young men behind him were also standing there in shock.

They would have never expected that the goldfish that they had killed would be worth two million dollars.

When the young man saw Wang Xian took out his mobile phone, his face turned black.

This incident was entirely his fault, and there would be no doubt that the final verdict would be that he had to compensate at least two million dollars.

However, how was he going to take out that amount of money?

If the Old Master in his house was to know of this incident, it would be an even greater disaster. [1]

“Hey brother, please don’t call the police.” The expressions on the young man’s face changed rapidly as he spoke to Wang Xian in a hurry.

“I’m fine with not calling the police but you have to compensate me,” Wang Xian replied, looking at him coldly.

“I…” The young man looked at the group of young men with embarrassment.

“Shan He, the best we could do is forty, fifty hundred thousand dollars. You should also know that…” The group of young men behind him had helpless looks on them as they continued, “Why don’t you ask your…”

“I can’t.” The young man shook his head immediately. He definitely couldn’t let his family know about it. He looked at Wang Xian, gritted his teeth and said, “Brother, why don’t I compensate you with my heavy-duty motorcycle?”

“Heavy-duty motorcycle?” Wang Xian raised his eyebrows and turned his sight to the imperious-looking motorcycle at the side.

“My heavy-duty motorcycle was custom made recently and is worth $1.53 million,” the young man said reluctantly.

“A heavy-duty motorcycle that costs $1.53 million?” Wang Xian frowned and doubted his claim.

“You can check it out on the official website. Moreover, I have records of my order here.” The young man took out his mobile phone and opened up the record. “This heavy-duty motorcycle is an exclusive custom-made version of Electra Glide. The total cost of it was $1.53 million.”

“Even if it is $1.53 million, it’s still not enough. Moreover, this is a second-hand heavy-duty motorcycle.” Wang Xian said sarcastically, “If we just take the value of 6 Redcap Brown Oranda, the value would at least be $2.2 – $2.3 million.”

The young man was embarrassed at the words of Wang Xian. He walked over to the small trunk of the Harley heavy-duty motorcycle and retrieved a box.

“I’ll include this pair of shoes.” The young man opened the box and revealed a pair of shoes. “Nike MAG – Back to the Future 2. There’s only a limited 81 pairs in the whole world, and each pair is worth approximately $70k.”

Wang Xian was slightly shocked as he looked at this pair of shoes in disbelief.

“Shan He had bought these shoes to show off to others. Now…” The other young men couldn’t help but feel their mouths twitching. “This accident alone has pushed him back to the time before he became free.”

Wang Xian frowned. No matter how great a $1.5 million heavy-duty motorcycle or a $700k pair of shoes were, they weren’t as great as money.

“You could sell the heavy-duty motorcycle away and there wouldn’t be a lack of buyers for this pair of shoes.” The young man said reluctantly. “If you want cash, I don’t have it. Moreover, your goldfish were worth two million dollars, just like the worth of my items added together.”

“Alright!” Wang Xian nodded his head, but he was clearly not very pleased.


[1] Old Master usually refers to the eldest or the one in charge of the family.

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