Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 286 - 286: He Is Back

Nothing that Alicia said mattered to him. 

He shifted his attention to Raia as he continued, "You want to show your seriousness towards my cause; it's the time."


Raia was upset at the way Lucifer was acting. What he wanted literally meant painting themselves as the bad guys again after all the hard work they did to get a public reputation to get stronger. 

In the end, Lucifer was more important, so he gave up. 

"Alright. We'll help you," Raia said as he sat as well. "Kellian, take Yaliza and Tristan. Bring me the bodies of those two."

"It shall be done," Kellian said, agreeing right away. 

"Finally, some action," Tristan said, grinning. He stood up and left the Cafe with Kellian and Yaliza. 


Riali and Arne were walking away, frowning. They had realized the person who was behind the storms, and it was a shocking revelation. 

The person they had killed in the past was back again, all grown up. 

He felt the need to inform Varant right away. 

As soon as he left the Cafe, he called Varant.

"Yeah, Riali. Did you find out anything?" Varant asked as he picked up the call.

" We found out a lot of things. The person who attacked our Beta Squad? That person is here as well. Moreover, Raia and his team are here as well. It seems like the two sides are working together," Riali explained gravely. 

"Also, the person who attacked our Beta Squad is someone we both know. It's really bad news," he added. 

"We both know? Who is it?" Varant inquired as he stood up. 

"Lucifer... Zale's son is back! And he isn't alone. I saw a swordsman with him too. He should be the one that killed our men," Riali explained. 

"Alright. You two stay away from the battle. I'll be right there with others. Just keep an eye on them," Varant told Riali as he disconnected the call. 

"Keep an eye on them. Easier said than done without any backup," Riali commented as he kept the phone in his pocket. 

He stopped as he glanced back at the Cafe. It also happened to be the moment when Kellian and the others stepped out. 

"God, I miss Gensi. He should be perfect for keeping an eye on them while staying far away from them. Moreover, it doesn't seem like they want to let us go. They sent three of them to attack us," Riali said softly as he sighed.

"Should we engage?" Arne asked, frowning. 

"We can't. Do one thing. You leave. I will hold them back. My shadows can help me escape later. You'll have a harder time. There's no need for you to stay here. Get to the helicopter and leave," Riali commanded Arne. 

"Leave you alone against them? No way in hell! If you're fighting them, I'm staying too. I won't run like a coward!" Arne commented as he refused to run. 

"Don't disobey me! Run! It's more important that we save as many people as we can. Moreover, if you fight, many people might die!" Riali commented. "I can keep dodging until it's the time to leave."

"I'm not listening. If you're staying, I'm staying too," Arne said firmly. 

"Fine! Suit yourself. It looks like we're really going to have to give our all here. Let's take the three of them out as fast as we can in that case. Raia isn't coming personally, so it should be easier. Take benefit of his arrogance," Riali said, finally giving up. 

He took a deep breath before he yelled with full force, "Citizens of Kensington! We are from the APF! There is going to be a battle here with some criminals!  If you don't want to be caught in a crossfire, run as far as you can from here!"

As Riali's scream reached far and beyond, a lot of people heard him. Instead of being suspicious, they preferred to listen as they started running. 

Kellian didn't mind this either, as he preferred it. This was the best outcome as they could fight freely."

Lucifer was sitting inside the Cafe, looking outside. He could see citizens running away. 

'It seems like the battle has begun,' he thought. 

Raia didn't say anything either as he kept sitting calmly, waiting for Kellian's return. 

The owner of the Cafe also noticed people running outside. He wondered what was happening. He decided to check what was happening. 

He opened the door as he stopped one of the running men and asked, "What's happening?"

"APF is here! They're saying that there's going to be a battle in this area!" The man replied before he continued running again. 

The Cafe owner looked in the direction where Riali was standing. He could see three men walking towards them. 

'Aren't those three the ones that were in the Cafe?' he thought, frowning. 'They are the Variant Criminals?'

He turned back to look inside his Cafe to find the people that came with them sitting inside. He started sweating. 

Wiping his sweat, he walked back and pretended like it was nothing big. It didn't seem like these people were here to break his shop or kill people. 

They weren't killing humans either. He believed it was a conflict between them and the APF; he didn't need to offend them. 

"May I get another coffee?" Raia asked the man. 

"R-right away," the man said as he got to work. 

Seeing the commotion outside, the other customers of the shop also ran out. Veracity was amongst the crowd who left, utilizing the opportunity. Her work here was already done after all.

"So, Lucifer. I did notice something. From the moment I came here, you've been moving the goalpost whenever it's the time to leave." Raia started speaking as the coffee was served. 

"First, you said to sit and enjoy coffee. Then the introduction, then you said I need to answer before we leave. Then those people appeared," he said as he picked up the cup of coffee while taking a sip. 

"The timing seems awfully coincidental. Can you say for sure that you'll come with us after we kill those two?" he asked. 

"I won't," Lucifer straight away replied. 

"And why is that?" Raia asked, frowning. 

"Because I don't want to delay anything. I want Varant dead as soon as possible," Lucifer responded.

"Going back, coming back and everything in between is a waste of time when we already have everything we need to kill Varant," he continued. 

"Oh? And what is that? You think it's that easy? Tell me what you actually want from us," Raia said, frowning.

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