Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 285 - 285: Betrayal Of Warlock Kings

There was no tap of the spoon this time, which stunned Lucifer. It meant he was telling the truth. Was Varant also involved?

"What about Zeiss? Can he be involved as well?" Lucifer asked, frowning. 


" I believe he was too," Raia replied. 

Again, there was no tap which confused Lucifer even more. 

"That's strange. I did hear a rumor that all Warlock Kings were involved in my parents' death. So that was a lie?" he asked as if he was surprised, baiting Raia. 

Hearing that, even Raia seemed surprised, but he instantly nodded. "That's right. It is so absurd. How can this be true? It must be a lie."

Finally, the tap of the spoon appeared again. 

Even Veracity was feeling like she had received the shock of her life as she tapped the spoon lightly. 

This revelation was too shocking. All Warlock Kings were involved in the death of Zale and Clarisse? 

How could it be true? Why would they kill him? Why would they even work together, especially Raia and Varant? This was too surprising for her.

Even she had doubts believing if her ears were lying to her. 

As for Lucifer, he felt even more broken from the inside. The Four Warlock Kings that worked together to save the world... Three of them turned on his parents to kill them?

"I don't know who spread this rumor, but I also heard that not only the Warlock Kings but even the government was involved in this scheme," Lucifer said, frowning. 

"What you heard is a lie, I'm sure of that. It might be true that the government worked with them, but I wasn't involved even if that was true," Raia explained. 

"One more dark coffee!" Veracity ordered at the same time, signaling another lie. 

At this point, Lucifer simply couldn't believe what was happening here. He wanted to let loose and snap the neck of Raia right here and right now for being involved in his parents' death.

Even the symbols that were on his back started shining as his heartbeat became faster. 

He was clenching his fist so hard that even his nerves were visible. Fortunately, he was wearing a full sleeve shirt, so no one saw it. 

He took a deep breath as he controlled himself. 

"As expected, this was a lie. I knew it. Why would you even hurt my father? It was certainly Varant," Lucifer said, smiling. 

Sitting beside Lucifer, Cassius could also see what was happening. He also knew all the signals, but he didn't let it show on his face. He kept his poker face. 

"That's right. Varant must be the one. That's why we need to take the APF out. When you come back, we can start working on it. So shall we go?" Raia asked. 

"Yes. We shall leave," Lucifer said as he noticed the time. Through the glass door, he could also see Riali and Arne, who had arrived. 

Lucifer stood up, but he acted surprised as he noticed Riali and Arne step inside. 

Raia noticed Lucifer's surprise and turned back to see the two as well. 

"Strange. How did they find us?" Raia muttered, frowning. 

Arne and Riali also noticed Raia and the others. It was shocking for them to find Raia here, along with the best of his team. 

He also noticed the two youngsters with their group, one of whom was holding a sword.

'That's right! The one they were after was the one who killed our men! Wasn't he a swordsman too?'

' Those people were the ones that managed to bring Raia out last time as well. Could it be that they are the same? That could be the only reason why Raia is here with his team!'

Riali instantly understood what was happening as he realized that there was a high chance that Cassius was the person that attacked their Beta Squad, but his attention also landed on Lucifer. 

He believed that the boy looked familiar, but it was only now that he realized who this boy was. 

"The black lightning! Silver Hair! Affiliation with Variant Uprising higher-ups, hate of APF! Lucifer!" he exclaimed in surprise.

"Ah, you recognize me. Surprising. I didn't think you'd recognize me so easily," Lucifer let out, not even trying to hide his identity.

Riali knew that he needed to do something here, but what could he even do? Raia was there along with Lucifer, Kellian, Yaliza, Tristan, and that mystery swordsman. 

On the other hand, there were only two of them. They couldn't do anything here. And even if they tried, the only thing they could achieve was putting the lives of innocent civilians in danger. 

"From your face, it seems like you two really didn't know we were here. I thought you were following us, but I guess I was wrong. I suppose Varant isn't with you either?" Raia asked Riali.

"Arne, we are leaving now," Riali told Arne as he turned back to leave. He didn't want to fight here when there were no chances of success. 

Arne and Riali turned back and started leaving. 

"We should leave too," Raia told Lucifer, not minding Arne and Riali. They didn't need to do anything at the moment as they had momentum. 

"No. Those two are the closest of Varant. Since he was involved in my father's death, they must be too. I want them dead," Lucifer told Raia. "You can't let them leave."

"It's not the right time yet. I promise you that I'll make sure they suffer later. Just not now," Raia said in an effort to make Lucifer understand. 

Lucifer simply refused to budge. "If you really can help me in revenge, only then will I come with you. Otherwise, you can leave."

He sat back on his seat again. 

"Ah," Raia was starting to get annoyed at the tantrums, but he didn't snap. He stayed calm. 

"Please don't be stubborn. We can't do that now. Try to understand," he said. 

"There's no need. If you can't help me take care of two subordinates of Varant, no way in hell can you help me in revenge. You can leave. We have nothing else to talk about," Lucifer said, folding his arms. 

"You, kid! How can you talk to Uncle Raia like that? Are you so braindead? He can't be a kid like you! He needs to consider so many things when making a decision. Stop acting like a kid!"

Someone finally snapped at Lucifer's tactics, but it wasn't Raia or anyone else. 

It was instead Alicia who was scolding Lucifer for being stubborn. 

"I would advise you to not talk to me in that tone. As much as it might be hard for you to believe, I'm not your servant," Lucifer calmly reminded Alicia that she didn't control him. 

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