Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 281 - 281: You're Not Immortal

"You should really go back to him as well. The playtime is over here. Things are going to get serious. One wrong step, and your father will lose his son; you know, right?" Lucifer asked, frowning. "You're not immortal like me."

"I know. But I also have faith in myself. I want to see the end of it. As you said, if things go according to plan, your revenge will end in less than a week. I can spare a little help until then," Cassius responded, shaking his head. 


"Suit yourself," Lucifer let out, not speaking more. 

He walked in the garden for around ten minutes before he went back inside the Mansion. Cassius, on the other hand, began his practice. 

Inside the mansion, Lucifer took a short shower and finished breakfast before he left without telling anyone. 

He got into the yellow sports car and left the Estate. 

Standing in the garden, Cassius watched Lucifer leave in a car which surprised him. He was going alone on a drive?


A yellow sports car stopped near the only hotel in the city. A young boy stepped out of the car, wearing a hoodie that hid his hair. He was also wearing black sunglasses, which oddly suited the attire. 

He stepped inside the hotel and approached the receptionist.

"Welcome, Sir. How may I help you? Are you looking for a room?" The receptionist asked Lucifer. 

"No. I'm looking for some people. There are two men who have tattoos on their faces. Do they stay here?" Lucifer asked the receptionist. 

"Ah, you're talking about those two. That's right. They have rooms here. Are you here to meet them?" the receptionist asked.

"I want you to give them this letter the next time you see them. Make sure they get it today, at least. That'll be all," Lucifer responded as he brought a folded piece of paper out of his pocket and placed it on the table. 

He also brought some money out of his wallet and placed it on top of the paper.

"Ah, I understand, Sir. I'll deliver the letter for sure," the Receptionist said as he greedily took the paper and the money. 

Lucifer left the hotel without looking back. Getting inside the car, he went back. 


While Lucifer was delivering the letter to the hotel, Riali and Arne were on the roof, looking at the sky. 

They were waiting for the clouds to come to know their origins, but the sky was completely clear. They didn't know that the person who was to bring the clouds was standing right under them at one moment. 

Riali and Arne kept standing at the roof, waiting. But the clouds didn't appear. It was already afternoon, but the sky was bright above their head. 

In fact, unlike yesterday, it was actually a hot day today which really could use some rain and clouds, but none of them was in sight 

"When will it come? We've been standing here since the early morning. I'm starting to get hungry!" Arne complained as he kicked the floor in frustration. 

As he hadn't used any of his abilities, the floor under him wasn't affected. 

"Go down and eat something. Come back after eating. I'll keep an eye until then," Riali responded. 

"Are you sure?" Arne asked. "Don't you also have to eat?"

"I can go and eat after you come back," Riali explained. 

"Alright. I'll come back fast." 

Arne left Riali alone in the scorching heat as he went downstairs. 


He went to his room and told the room service to bring his lunch as he sat on the couch, getting much-needed rest and shade. 

Knock! Knock! 

"Room service!" A voice came from outside.

"Come inside. The door is open," Arne yelled, making sure his voice was heard. 

The door of his room opened, and a man stepped inside the room with the food. He was followed by the receptionist, who was carrying a folded paper in his hand. 

While the plate of food was served on the table before Arne, the receptionist gave him a piece of paper. 

"What is it? Bill or something?" Arne asked as he took the piece of paper.

"It's a letter that someone told me to deliver to you two. Now that I'm done, I'll take my leave," the receptionist said as he turned around.

"Someone sent it for us? Who was it?" Arne inquired, frowning. "I doubt anyone here would know us."

"I don't know who he was. I didn't ask for a name. I didn't even see his face clearly as he was wearing a hoodie, but it's only a letter."

" Maybe that'll give you some clue. In any case, he can only be someone who knew you," the Receptionist said before he left, closing the door behind him. 

Arne unfolded the piece of paper and read it. As he went through the letter, a frown appeared on his face. Finishing up, he folded the letter and kept it in his pocket.

He started eating. 

After finishing with the lunch, he went back to the roof.

The sky was still as clear as before. There were still no signs of clouds. 

"Finished with lunch?" Riali asked Arne. 

Arne nodded. 

"Alright. You keep an eye on the sky. I'll eat too," Riali said, but he soon noticed that there was a concerned look on Arne's face.

"Did something happen?" He asked. 

"Yeah. I got a letter. Apparently, someone sent it for us through the receptionist. Read it," Arne replied as he gave the letter to Riali. 

"A letter for us? Who could have sent it?" Riali muttered as he opened the letter and started reading it. 

[ The clouds and the black lightning aren't normal. There's someone behind it, and I know who it is. And I also know that you two are the only ones that can help our city escape this calamity.]

[ I want to tell you everything about it. Please meet me and help us and our city survive.]

"This is interesting. Someone knows about it and wants to tell us," Riali muttered as he finished reading the letter. 

"That's right. He even gave a location and time to meet. Do you think this can be a trap?" Arne asked, frowning. 

"It can very well be a trap. But we can't ignore it either. If it's genuine, we'll miss out on important information. And even if it's a trap, we just have to be careful," Riali responded as he folded the piece of paper again. 

"Let's go and see who this person is," he added, looking into the distant horizon. 

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