Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 280 - 280: Spy

Lucifer was stunned to find that Ayn wasn't here. He couldn't help but wonder if she had run away, making him decide to check the bathroom. 

As he opened the door of the bathroom, he finally calmed down as he saw Ayn. 


Ayn was standing in the bathroom, in a different set of clothes. Her hair was still wet, as if he had just finished taking a shower recently. 

"Hmm? What happened?" She asked Lucifer, surprised. 

"Nothing. Your dinner is here. It'll be on the table. Eat up," Lucifer said calmly as he retreated. 

"You can place that on the table and leave," he told the maid, who was waiting for his instructions. 

The maid did as she was told and left. Following him, Lucifer also left, locking the door. 


A new day arrived, and Lucifer woke up from his slumber. He hadn't slept in his room last night. He was aware that Ayn didn't leave, so he didn't feel the need to keep an eye on her. Instead, he slept on the couch again. 

"Finally, I'm back! Did anyone miss me?"

It was only six in the morning, and Lucifer still felt like sleeping more, but he was woken up by the noise. 

"Can't you come in silently?" he asked, rolling his eyes. He didn't understand why Jiang had to announce his return as if he had come after winning a war. He just went on a trip.

"How are you, little boss? I have good news for you," Jiang told Lucifer as he smiled. He picked up a nearby chair and sat facing Lucifer.

Lucifer also sat up as he asked, "What good news?"

"The land that belongs to you? That problem is solved. Let alone now, even in the future; there won't be any construction there. Moreover, I also found out something pretty useful," Jiang let out, excited. 

"What useful?" Lucifer inquired. 

"Apparently, the stuff that was at your house was taken out by our company before your house was destroyed. It's lying in a warehouse in Legion City at the moment. So we could very well find something useful about your key there," Jiang explained. 

"It's still preserved? That's surprising," Lucifer reacted, not expecting this news. 

"Yeah. I only found out recently. By the way, I really didn't expect the Welling Construction to be so big. Did you know we even have branches on other continents? Joe Welling was freaking rich," Jiang exclaimed. 

He still couldn't bring down the excitement that he was feeling after knowing his true wealth. 

"So, do you want to go to Legion City? Or should I ask for that stuff to be moved here? I personally suggest going there since some stuff might get lost in the transfer," he further said. "But I leave the decision to you."

"It's fine. Let it stay there. We will go there later. For now, I'm slightly busy in Kensington," Lucifer replied, refusing the suggestion. 

" That's fine as well. Anyway, what are you busy with at the moment? How's the interrogation going? Did you get some answers?" Jiang shot out question after question. 

"That's already over, and I also got the answers I needed," Lucifer responded. "Anyway, there's something I want you to do."

"Just order it. What can I do?" Jiang asked. 

"I want you to leave the city and not to return until I call you," Lucifer told Jiang.

"Leave the city? Why?" Jiang asked, confused. "I just returned."

"The city isn't going to be safe, depending on what happens next. You're useless for that part, and you'll most probably die if you stay here. So leave," Lucifer explained.

"Ah? You're worried for me?" Jiang asked, taken aback. He hadn't expected Lucifer would worry about his safety. 

"Of course, I would want to keep you safe. I need you in the future. By the way, I also know where I want you to go next," Lucifer said.

"Where?" Jiang inquired, surprised. 

"Go to the Capital City of Elisium. I want you to be my spy there. Get as much information you can about the Hunter Union and the protection of the city as you can," Lucifer answered calmly. 

" Welling Construction is close to the government authorities. This shouldn't be hard for you," he further added.

"That's true. The headquarters of Welling Construction is in the Capital. So it shouldn't be particularly hard," Jiang affirmed. 

"That's good. You need to leave today. Arrange everything and wait for my further instructions when you get there," Lucifer commanded. 

"But I just returned..."

"It doesn't matter. If you want to be able to return again and not go straight to death, then leave today. Because tomorrow will be chaotic," Lucifer responded, shaking his head. 

He didn't repeat himself as he stood up and started leaving. He had said everything he wanted to. 

"Alright. I'll leave today," Jiang said, watching Lucifer leave. 

He also stood up and called his men to arrange the Jet for departure to the Capital City. 

"I wonder what's going to happen tomorrow. If he's saying that it's going to become a Warzone, then it must be serious," Jiang muttered as he picked up the bag and left where he came from. 


Lucifer left the room and ended up in the garden, where he usually preferred to take his morning walk. He had even taken off his shoes as he walked on the cold morning grass, barefoot. 

He observed the silence that was in the surrounding. The sounds of birds chirping could also be heard occasionally, making him appreciate this place as always.

"Today should be the last day of calm in this city. I wonder if everything will go according to the plan. I really hope Raia wasn't involved in my parents' death."


"No, father, everything's fine. This place is really beautiful."

"That's right. I'm enjoying the sunny beaches of Ameria. It's beautiful. We should come here in the future together someday."

Cassius stepped out of the mansion, seemingly talking to someone over the phone. He also went to the garden as he continued talking. 

"Don't worry; I'm eating on time. And no, I don't have any problems. You don't have to send anyone."

"When will I be back? I think I'll take a few more months. I want to see many more countries. I have only seen one of them, after all."

"That's right. Don't worry, if I face any problem, I'll inform you right away. Alright, I have to go now. I'll call you tomorrow."

He disconnected the call and kept the phone in his pocket.

Lucifer glanced at Cassius as he asked, "Your father?"

"Yeah. He still thinks I'm in Ameria. Can't tell him the truth," Cassius responded, sighing. 

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