Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 269 - 269: He's In Kensington

Cassius started running inside the mansion, concerned for Lucifer's safety. 



Lucifer had successfully cast the skill of his father, but that sucked almost all his energy. 

He was still sitting on the floor, weakly. There was still a smile on his face as he had succeeded. 

Now he only needed to practice it more and fine-tune it, so it didn't dry him every time he used this skill. 

As he was done for the day, he pushed his tired body up. The dark clouds were still in the sky, thundering, but he didn't care about them. 

He slowly walked towards the stairs to go down and rest, but before he even got to the stairs, he saw Cassius coming up.

"Are you alright? I heard you scream?" Cassius asked as he observed Lucifer, who didn't seem injured. 

"I'm fine. Just a little tired," Lucifer answered, shaking his head as he continued walking. 

He reached the stairs and went down. 

Cassius also followed behind him, but not before taking a glance around the roof. 

Lucifer reached downstairs and went back to his room to find Ayn, who was still unconscious. 

He took off his wet clothes right in the room and changed them to the new ones before he left the room again, locking the door. 

He walked to the main hall and laid on the sofa. 

Cassius also picked up a chair and sat near him. 

"What actually happened upstairs? The black lightning bolts? What were they?" Cassius asked Lucifer, who was curiously looking at him. 

"As I said, it was nothing. I was just practicing," Lucifer lazily replied. "Anyway, I'm a little tired and sleepy. Can we talk later?"

Cassius observed Lucifer's face, which actually looked tired. He nodded his head as he stood up. 

"Rest well," he commented before he left. 

Lucifer closed his eyes and soon fell asleep with his hands resting on his chest. Cassius, on the other hand, stepped outside the mansion. 

He went back to the place where the first lightning bolt had fallen near him. 

Standing before the crater, he observed it carefully. The crater was already filled with water from the rain as the dark clouds were still in the sky. 

"This was his practice? What kind of skill was this? So many attacks at once, and all of them so powerful? Also taking the help of clouds?" he muttered, frowning. "This is powerful indeed."


Seven hours had passed, but Lucifer was still sleeping on the couch. 

Veracity had also come downstairs as this was the time for dinner. Cassius was also sitting nearby, but none of them started eating as Cassius wanted to eat with Lucifer. 

" Shouldn't you wake him up?" Veracity asked Cassius.

Cassius shook his head as he answered, "Let him sleep."

"What's the time?" It was at that time when Lucifer asked, without opening his eyes. 

"It's ten in the night," Cassius answered, looking at the clock. 

Lucifer slowly opened his eyes as he sat up.

"I slept longer than I thought," he muttered as he stretched his arms. 

He didn't know what it was, but he was also feeling a bit different, as if he was stronger than before. There was a strange kind of power coursing through his body. 

"Get fresh; we'll wait for you at the dinner table," Cassius said, standing up.

" The two of you haven't eaten yet?"


"Alright. I'll be right back. I should bring another person too," Lucifer said as he stood up as well. 

He went upstairs to his room. Opening the door, he noticed that Ayn was already up. She was sitting with her arms wrapped around her knees as if she was lost in some deep thought. 

"Why are you sulking?" Lucifer asked her, stepping towards the bathroom after locking the door again.

As Lucifer locked the door, Ayn noticed the golden key which he had used. He kept that in his pocket. 

'So that's the key. Perfect. Tonight, I'll get out of here,' she thought but didn't let her emotions show on her face to not make Lucifer suspicious. 

"Should I be happy instead?" She asked Lucifer sarcastically.

"Actually, that would be better indeed," Lucifer replied, smiling. " A smile would suit your face more than your current expressions."

He stepped inside the bathroom and washed his face before stepping out. 

"Come with me. Let me show you outside. It's dinner time," he told Ayn as he dried his face with a towel. 

"But remember, if you tried to do anything stupid, you'd face the same thing as this morning. I took all the precautions I could."

He unlocked the door and waited for her to come. 

"Hmph," Snorting, Ayn got off the bed and followed after him. She went downstairs with Lucifer.


Back in the Variant Uprising headquarters, Raia was sitting in his office, looking at a file that was placed before him. 

"The girl Vega got from the lab is doing pretty good. Her growth is amazing. With her, I should be able to take over this nation soon even if I don't get Lucifer," Raia said, smirking. 

" But still, I want Lucifer. With this girl and Lucifer behind me, I'll be unstoppable," he added.

He closed the file as he sat relaxed on his chair. "Soon, everything will fall into place."

Tuck! Tuck!

As he was dreaming of the future, he heard a knock on the door. 

"Come on in," Raia said. 

The door opened, and Vega stepped inside. 

"What is it?" Raia asked, curious. 

"I think we got a possible lead about where Lucifer might be," Vega said, sitting before Raia.

"What lead?" Raia inquired, looking pleased. 

"There has been a rumor spreading online about sudden rain in Kensington," Vega explained. 

"What's special about sudden rain? It happens often," Raia responded. 

"Not like this. Some people reported seeing black lightning fall from the sky during this rain. And that's why this rumor has been gaining traction."

"Rain and lightning are normal, but rain and black lightning... You can guess where I'm going with that," Vega said, smiling. 

"Black lightning from the clouds... It was Zale's skill. It had been so long since I last saw it," Raia muttered, frowning. 

"This skill was really powerful. That's why it was such a bad idea to fight him outdoors. Clouds were his friends and an extension of his powers. It seems like Lucifer also learned it," he continued.

"That's right. That's why I believe Lucifer might be in Kensington," Vega said. 

"Alright. I'll send Kellian and Yaliza to fetch him. Hopefully, he'll still be there. Good work in finding him," Raia said, complimenting Vega.

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