Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 268 - 268: Thunder From Sky

Lucifer sat on the roof, glancing at the clear sky that didn't seem to have a single cloud somehow.

"My emotions brought the clouds. But that shouldn't be the way to do it. He wasn't emotional when he called forth the clouds to strike the Dungeon Dwellers. The secret must be something else," he said as he took off his gloves, placing them on the side. 


He raised his right hand towards the sky just like his father had done in the video as he thought about bringing the Dark Clouds. 

Nothing happened even when he tried. He just didn't feel any connection with the skies.

"Come on, don't screw me like this," he let out, shaking his head. "Come forth!"

He kept trying for ten minutes straight, but nothing happened. 

"Maybe something else was the trigger for him since he was able to call the clouds even when he wasn't sad? It could also be that my trigger is different?" he suddenly wondered, frowning. 

"The clouds came when I was angry or sad. That could be my trigger which is different than his? It doesn't matter what I do; the priority is to call forth the clouds," he further said as he lowered his hand. 

He started observing the palm of his right hand. Black lightning flickered around his fingers, not harming him in the lead. 

"I can control this so easily," he muttered, shaking his head. 

"I need to be sad, but that's looking hard too. After so much time has passed, I have learned to control myself."

" I can be sad, but not to the extent I used to be before when I called the clouds accidentally. This advantage came with a disadvantage too, didn't it?"

He kept sitting on the roof, not doing anything. He knew that he needed to get into his old mindset to call the clouds, but he felt a little scared of entering that dark place. 

He had managed to bury a significant portion of that pain, focusing on his goals, but now he needed to get deep into that as well, which he was hesitating to do. 

He took a deep breath as he closed his eyes, prepared to relive his childhood. He decided to go through every moment of his life to find the trigger memory that could work. 

He remembered some moments of his childhood that brought a smile to his face. 

As no one was on the roof, no one could see the smile on his face. His smile soon disappeared as he found himself in the moment when he had heard about his parents' death. 

Time kept passing away as Lucifer re-lived his life while sitting alone on the roof. 

His eyes remained closed, but a tear could be seen trickling down his cheeks. Soon, he clenched his fist as he felt the unending hate towards the world when he had come back to life inside the graveyard. 

He couldn't see the sky, but if he could, he would have realized that Dark Clouds had started gathering above him as he started getting filled with hate. 

Cassius was standing in the Garden, practicing his sword swings, when he suddenly looked up as he felt something strange. 

The sky that was clear until now had suddenly started getting covered in dark clouds. And the Dark Clouds seemed to be covering the sky above the Estate and spreading out from here. 

As time kept passing, more and more areas were covered in the clouds. 

The clouds also soon started roaring as thunder crackled.

Hearing the sound of thunder, Lucifer opened his eyes, which seemed to be slightly red. He looked at the sky to notice the dark clouds that were finally here. 

He closed his eyes again as he tried to see if he could feel the link with the clouds again. At the same time, he raised his hand towards the sky. 

"I feel some sort of connection," he muttered as he felt something. He tried to create the black lightning in the clouds. 

He had never tried something like this as he only creates lightning from his hands. But this was a new field, taking the help of clouds to create lightning thousands of feet away from him. 


Not only Cassius but even the other people in the city were seeing the dark clouds, which were strange. 

Feeling like there was going to be rain soon, most of the people started walking back to their homes.

Just as they expected, it started raining soon after while the clouds kept roaring wildly. Unaffected by rain, Lucifer didn't give up. 

"I am going to get it done! I can't give up after all this effort! It doesn't matter if it's only one bolt instead of a hundred, but I'll make it happen!" he roared as he clenched his fist tighter. 

He wanted to dominate this skill and control it now that the clouds were here. As a strong will rose inside his heart, he roared again, "Come forth! I call you! Punish my enemies!" 

At the same time, he brought his hand down like his father had done.

Cassius was still outside, getting wet in the rain. He didn't stop practicing his sword, but he abruptly stopped as he felt like he heard Lucifer's yell. 

He glanced towards the roof of the mansion when he saw the sky flash brightly. Tens of pitch-black lightning bolts fell from the sky, falling all around the estate and in other parts of the city. 

One of the black lightning bolts also fell in the garden where Cassius was standing. Fortunately, it happened to fall five meters away from him instead of falling on top of him. 

Some lightning bolts fell on the road outside the estate, while others fell in the surroundings. Fortunately, none of them had fallen on top of a person, taking any life. 

No bolt fell on the roof either where Lucifer was sitting. A smirk was on Lucifer's face as he breathed heavily. He had done it. 

Even though he wasn't able to call over a hundred bolts like his father, it was certainly more than one which he was initially hoping for. 

"I did it," he said as he sighed in relief. But this also took a heavy toll on his body as he felt like he was extremely exhausted. 

He was feeling as if he had just run a hundred kilometers long marathon without any rest. 

Cassius looked at the place where one of the lightning bolts had fallen. He could see a deep crater in the garden where a scorching mark could be seen.

"This bolt didn't seem to be ordinary. It seemed like the lightning of Lucifer. And his scream before? Is something wrong?" 

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