Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 261 - 261: I Need Money

Picking up the key, Lucifer unlocked the door before he stepped out. He didn't forget to close the door as he left. 

"Jiang, are you up?" He asked as he knocked on the door of Jiang. 

"I'll be right out! Just getting dressed!" A voice came from inside. 

Cassius also stepped out of his room by that time. He seemed to be covered in sweat as he had just finished the exercise. 

There was a towel on his shoulder. 

"Good Morning," he wished Lucifer. 

"Good Morning. How was your stay here?" Lucifer asked casually. 

"Not bad at all. Even though the beds aren't as good as back home, they're not bad either. I had a good sleep," Cassius replied. "So what are the plans for today?"

"Nothing special. We aren't going to do anything for the next few days. Instead, I will be learning how to drive," Lucifer replied. " I'll also interrogate that girl later to know the things I want. And after that... Just know that we have a big schedule."

"So for the next few days, just relax and enjoy," he further said.

"Enjoy you say? You'd be wanted outside along with us, most probably. They should have our picture by now. We can't even go outside," A voice came from behind. 

Turning back, Lucifer noticed a lady. "Veracity, you're up too."

"Why wouldn't I be?" Veracity asked, smiling. 

"I was just saying that. Anyway, I don't think they'll have our sketch. The only person they'll know about is you. As for your location, that'll be unknown. They don't know Jiang either since he was supporting a fake look," Lucifer replied. 

"As for us, I doubt they have our description. I took steps for that," he further said. 

Veracity knew he was telling the truth but that also surprised her. They went there, kidnapped someone so important and he still believed his identity was secret? Could he really have been so clever as to make that happen?

Another door opened as Jiang also stepped out. "I'm done."

"Jiang, did you arrange for the servants as I told you?" Lucifer asked Jiang. 

"I made sure of that, don't worry. The servants will come today and they're just as you told me to get. They will stay in the house and they'll keep our secrets," Jiang replied. 

"Even though I'll have to pay them more, it's fine. They won't care, no matter what illegal thing we do here," he further said. "They can be here anytime today."

"Good," Lucifer said, nodding in satisfaction. He turned back to Cassius as he said, " Take a shower and meet me outside. You're going to teach me how to drive."

" Yeah," Cassius agreed as he walked back inside the room. 

"I'll prepare the coffee," Veracity chimed in. "Do any of you want it?"

"I don't drink coffee. You can make it for yourself," Lucifer replied. 

"I'll take a cup," Jiang said. "Come, I'll show you the kitchen."

"Got it."

Turning back, Veracity left in search of the kitchen with Jiang. 

Lucifer also walked downstairs as he left the mansion to take a walk in the garden. 

This had become his favorite place in the whole estate. The garden was very big and contained various beautiful flowers that were rare in many places. 

The flowers seemed beautiful yet intriguing.

Lucifer walked near the flowers, observing them. Soon, he noticed a flower that attracted his attention. 

It seemed to be a plant that had tens of blood-red flowers.

Reaching out his hand, he plucked one of the flowers as he observed it from close. 

"It's Ephydrorhops Apheloramus. I remember seeing them in a book at the Academy. To see them here, quite amusing," he muttered as he smiled. "Beautiful indeed. Albeit something that is destined to die now that I plucked it."

Shaking his head, he started walking again as he held the flower in his hand, remembering his precious past memories. 

He remembered how his father used to bring many flowers for his mother. Seeing these flowers used to bring such a bright smile on his mother's face. At the same time, his father used to bring chocolates for him. 

"Here you are, I needed to talk to you!"

As Lucifer was lost in his thoughts, someone called him from behind. 

He turned back to see Jiang. 

The smile that was on his face disappeared as he asked, "What do you need?"

"I got an invitation for a meeting. Since I just took over the company, there has been a meeting to help me introduce our head staff to me. But it's in a different city," Jiang explained to Lucifer. 

"I wanted to ask if you need me for anything in the next few days. If not, I think I should attend that meeting. That way, I can deal with stuff better in the future. I'll have a wider net," he further said as he smiled wryly. 

"It's fine. You can go. I don't have anything important for the next few days that might need you," Lucifer said, giving permission.

"That's awesome. I'll start preparing to leave then. I'll be going in the private jet. It'll be my first time traveling like that. I'm so excited," Jiang said excitedly as he started leaving. 

"Jiang?" Lucifer suddenly called out. 

"Yeah?" Jiang asked, turning back. 

"Give me some money. I'll be going out and I have nothing," Lucifer told Jiang, grimly. 

"Hahaha, only that? This whole wealth is yours. Don't worry, I'll get the money to you in a few minutes," Jiang laughed as he left.

Lucifer also got back to his work, glancing at the flower which was still in his hand. He resumed his morning walk.

It took Jiang a few minutes before he came back again, this time with a thick wallet in his hand. 

"Here it is," he told Lucifer as he gave him the wallet. "This has cash. But there is also a card too. In case you run out of cash, you can use the card to get more. As for the pin, it's Six Nine Four Two Zero One. If you forget, you can call me later."

"I only needed a little bit to buy chocolate. It's not like I'm going out to buy the whole town," Lucifer let out, rolling his eyes. He still took the wallet and kept that in his pocket. 

" You like chocolates?" Jiang asked Lucifer, surprised. Finally this guy spoke something like a normal person. 

"I just feel like trying it today. Not that I like it," Lucifer replied as he released the red flower which he was holding in his hand, letting it fall on the ground.

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