Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 260 - 260: Does He Know?

Opening his eyes, Lucifer noticed that the woman was lying on top of him as her breasts pressed against him. 

"This stupid girl," he muttered as he rolled his eyes. "She will never learn."

Lucifer wasn't the only one who heard the scream as Jiang and Veracity also heard the scream since they were right beside the room. As Cassius's room was farther away, he didn't hear it. 

Jiang instantly understood what had happened since he had heard that scream many times before, but Veracity hadn't. 

"God, don't tell me he did it to her?" Veracity let out as she stood up. "Even though she's a prisoner, I didn't expect that he would force her for his lust."

She got off the bed to check, only to find Jiang standing outside her room. 

"I knew someone would misunderstand this scream," Jiang said as he smiled wryly. 

"Don't worry; it's not what you're thinking. The scream wasn't because Lucifer forced her. It was because she was electrocuted. She must have tried using her powers. I heard this scream many times before. Go back and sleep."

Veracity squirted her eyes as she realized that he was telling the truth she had misunderstood. She nodded her head as she walked back to her room.

Jiang waited to see if Cassius was going to come out too because of this misunderstanding, but after he didn't see anyone come out, he walked back to his room as he muttered, "Looks like he didn't hear it."

Jiang also walked back and fell asleep, annoyed at having to wake up mid-sleep. 


Lucifer glanced at the beautiful face of Ayn, which was so close to his that he could feel her warm breath on his face, which seemed to be annoying him. 

He placed his hand on her shoulders as he rolled her to the side, freeing him. 

"I already handled the weight of yours in my journey. Can't take more," Lucifer said as he again closed his eyes. 

He once again fell asleep, without worries, as he knew Ayn wasn't going to wake up before him now. 


"This is the footage of the city." Gensi showed the footage of the city to Varant while also placing a sketch. "And this is the sketch of that bearded man."

"Did you run a facial scan to find this guy? Was he anywhere in the footage?" Varant asked as he observed the sketch of Jiang when he was in disguise. 

"We didn't find that guy in the footage. I think he avoided the cameras for the most part. As for the neighborhood, the CCTV connection of that place was interrupted, so we didn't get anything. But we did get a few witnesses that gave their statements," Gensi replied.

"What did they say?" Varant asked, frowning. "Anything significant?"

"They said they saw a group of people taking an unconscious lady in their arms. The group had two young men and another woman," Gensi answered.

"So it was the work of four people? Two young men, one bearded guy, and a woman? Where are the sketches of the other three?" 

"We didn't manage to get the sketches. None of the witnesses remember the faces of those people. All they remember was that one of them had long silver hair and the other person had black hair."

"Don't tell me that no camera in the entire city captured them?" Varant asked, frustrated.

"None. We're still analyzing the footage from other cameras, but at the moment, we have nothing significant," Gensi said, sighing. 

"Since when did we become so useless?" Varant asked, shaking his head in disappointment. 

"I don't care how you do it. I want the faces of those three people. Tell the team to check every camera footage if they have to a thousand times. I want Veracity back. Because it seems like they didn't kill her."


"Lucifer Azarel is back, hahaha, not bad at all. The eight years of waiting is over now," Raia was sitting in his base, laughing out loud. "He's back with a bang too. With an S Rank Swordsman."

"Should we really be happy though? He even killed our men. I doubt he has any goodwill for us. Do you think Caen told him the truth about us? About what we did?" Vega asked Raia, frowning. 

"He can't. I manipulated Caen's memories too. He doesn't remember that either. Don't worry. I don't think he could have told Lucifer about that," Raia replied, shaking his head. 

"Then why do you think he attacked our men? We helped him after all?" Vega asked, frowning. 

"You're wrong. I think APF members killed our men. Lucifer killed the APF members before he left. That must be how it went," Raia said, shaking his head. 

"It's either that or he thought our men were from APF and accidentally killed them. I don't think he'll kill our men unless he knows the truth of what we did, and there's no way for him to know it," he continued. 

"I really hope so. Because if he can kill the Beta Squad leader without making a noise, then he might already be close to being a Warlock King. I don't want him to be against us," Vega said, seemingly concerned. 

"Don't worry. Find where he is at the moment. Next time, I'll send Kellian and Yaliza personally. Those two trained him. He'll recognize them and come back," Raia responded. 

"I'll try my best," Vega said before he stood up and left. 


The cold night passed away as a new day arrived, bringing the much needed warmth with it. 

Lucifer opened his eyes and got off the bed. In fact, he was the first one to wake up. 

He walked to the shelf and picked up his laptop, and unlocked it.

He entered some keys into the laptop to open an app which seemed to be showing him the live footage of other rooms. 

He was able to see Veracity, who was still sleeping peacefully. As for Cassius, he was up, but he seemed to be exercising in his rooms. 

He closed the laptop and placed it back before he walked inside the shower room to take a shower. 

As he entered the shower, he noticed the bottle of shampoo. A smile formed on his face as he remembered how scared he was of shampoo when he was young. "I really was an idiot."

He turned on the overhead shower, which made fine droplets of water fall over his body. He even picked up the bottle of shampoo and used it. 

After a shower that lasted for ten minutes only, he stepped out. He went to the wardrobe and picked a set of clothes that he had purchased from the city previously. 

He donned a grey t-shirt and a spotless white jacket on top, accompanied by black jeans.

He looked at the clock before he looked at Ayn. "She should be up soon too."

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