Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 245 - 245: Shifted Markings

  "And take care of the little guy. You're really lucky to be still alive. Also, take me to the place where the CCTV footage is stored."

After that, Jiang made sure to delete all the recordings before he left, leaving no trace behind. 


The group of three had managed to leave a deep impression on the people inside the restaurant, including the staff and the young kid. 

No one understood if they were good guys or bad, but whatever they were, they managed to leave a deep impression on others. 

"I'm surprised. I didn't know the Dark Warlock like you would have left them alive."

Standing before the cars, Jiang was talking to Lucifer.

"Don't misunderstand. I would have certainly killed them all, but I didn't," Lucifer replied, shaking his head.

" As I told you, I don't want the APF on my trail before I find Veracity," He further said. "So I controlled myself."

"In any case, it was good. Shall we get going now?" Jiang asked.

"Are you waiting for an invitation? Get to your car," Lucifer replied as he opened the door. Cassius also sat inside.

Throughout the conversation, no one noticed that Lucifer was actually clenching his fist as if he was resisting something. There was a strange bloodlust inside him from the moment he laid his hands on Mark.

There was a part inside him that wanted him to let loose and destroy everything. But he was controlling himself as he wanted to resist his urges, at least until he understood what was happening with him. 

He hadn't realized that the strange patterns that were on the key weren't there anymore. They were instead now on his body as they made an abnormal circular pattern on his back that no one could see because of his shirt. 

The patterns made it seem like some kind of strange ancient marking that was carved with blood. 

The cars started moving again, leaving the city which didn't know the calamity they had escaped.


In the headquarters of APF,  Ayn was sitting before Varant alone.

"How's Xander now?" Varant asked Ayn. "Any improvements?'

Ayn shook her head as she sighed. "None. He's still in the coma. I'm not even sure if he'll ever wake up."

Varant paused for a moment and didn't say anything. 

"I have waited for eight years for him to wake up. His seat of the Delta Squad leader had been vacant for so long. We can't let that happen. I guess it's time I make a new Delta Squad leader to take over that position," he said after a few moments. 

Ayn didn't oppose as she knew that it was important for the working of the Delta Squad. 

"I leave the decision to you. Choose any person from your Team that you think can lead Delta Squad effectively. He'll be in charge," Varant further said to which Ayn nodded.

"I'll select one," Ayn said. 

"What's the update about the Variant Uprising? Any information about why they're outside?" Varant asked, changing the topic.

"Our men are keeping an eye on them, but we haven't interfered in the last three years. They actually haven't done anything. They just seem to be keeping watch on a neighborhood," Ayn explained. 

"I think we really should arrest them now to interrogate them. Either they've gone crazy, or they're waiting for something. And that wait is already long enough. We can't keep an eye for decades, waiting for them to do something," she further said. 

"Anything special about that neighborhood?" Varant asked, curious.

"None at all. It's the most ordinary neighborhood. The only special thing I can think of is that Veracity lives there," Ayn replied.

"Alright. That's it then. Enough waiting. Arrest all Uprising members there. Also, bring Veracity to the headquarters. Whatever it is, we'll need all of them here to know," Varant said, giving permission. 

"Alright. I'll personally go then," Ayn said, standing up. She left the room as she prepared to leave for the place where Lucifer was going too. 

After Ayn left, Varant also stood up as he left his office.

He walked to the special section of the APF, where they kept the most important prisoners. Except for Varant and a few other members, no one else was allowed inside. No information on this cell ever leaked outside.

Varant stopped in front of a specific cell where they were keeping a special Variant.

He used his fingerprint to unlock the door as he stepped inside.

On the inside, the cell was completely empty. There was nothing, including a bed to sleep in. Only a toilet was in the corner inside an attached room of the cell. 

A man could be seen sitting on the ground with his back resting against the wall. 

As the man heard the sound of the door opening, he slowly opened his eyes.

"Varant... You came to meet me again?" The man asked as he smirked.

"Eight years... You've been here for close to eight years, but you haven't told us anything we wanted to know. I can't say I didn't expect this from you. But Caen, you should know something," Varant said, frowning. 

"My patience isn't eternal. There will come a day when I'll lose my patience, and you'll be lying dead at the bottom of the sea like that kid," he further said as he stepped towards Caen.

"Since you told me something, I'll tell you something in return too. Varant, you really have an ego problem. And I hate your ego. But I also love it since I know it'll be your doom one day," Caen replied as he burst into laughter.

Upset, Varant kicked the face of Caen, who now looked like a handsome blonde man at the moment. 

As the powerful kick landed on Caen's face, he dropped to the ground as blood came from his mouth.

"And your big tongue will be your doom one day," Varant said as he raised his right foot. 


Varant used his entire strength as he kicked the right knee of Caen, breaking the bone of his legs. 

Caen didn't make any pained noise as he clenched his teeth to control himself. He didn't want to give the satisfaction to Varant.

Varant didn't stop there as he kicked the left knee of Caen, breaking it as well.

"So Caen, let me ask you again. Where is the headquarters of Variant Uprising! Tell me, and you can be free of this torture," Varant said as he folded his arms while looking down at Caen.

"I don't trust you. Even if I tell you, you won't let me leave," Caen replied as he glared at Varant with a pale face. 

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