Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 244 - 244: Quick Death

He had seen this many times. Rich people here were very arrogant, and they didn't like the presence of beggars. It was a premium place, after all.

"Tell me something. You said you wouldn't be as kind if he came again. What will you do if he did something like this again?'" Lucifer asked, curious. 

"What will I do? Ah, I'll beat him a little to make sure he understands the lesson once and for all," Mark explained. 

A smirk formed on Lucifer's face as he heard the answer. Mark didn't know why but that smirk seemed to be the smirk of a devil. Something was wrong here. 

Lucifer grabbed the collar of Mark as he casually tossed him aside. 

Even though Lucifer hadn't used much power, the strength he used was enough to make Mark crash on the table. 

"Jiang, bring that kid inside," Lucifer told Jiang as he looked back at him. 

Lucifer, on the other hand, walked towards Mark, who was lying on the ground, groaning in pain. 

Lucifer stopped before the restaurant owner as he looked down at him. 

"Do you have a son?" Lucifer asked, frowning. 

"I-i don't," Mark answered. "B-but why are you hurting me! What did I do wrong?"

"You still don't understand, do you? Let's play a game. You'll have to guess what you did wrong. And I'll break one part of your body for every wrong guess," Lucifer told the man, smiling.

" The game will continue until all bones of your body are broken. How's that? Your time starts now. Take your first guess," he further said. 

"Ah, Alex?" Cassius called out from behind as he noticed the cameras. 

Everything was recorded. Lucifer wouldn't be able to keep his identity a secret if he did something to the shop owner and the cops checked the footage after coming here.

"Stay out of it at this moment," Lucifer said sharply without looking back. It didn't matter how much he had learned. His anger was still the same, especially when it came to things like this. 

"So, Mark Bune, what's your first guess. Tell me. What do you think you did wrong?" Lucifer asked again. 

"Ah, sending the kid away and threatening him?" Mark let out, understanding everything. That's why Lucifer had sent the man to bring the kid back. 

"Well, that sucks. Right on the first try," Lucifer muttered, shaking his head. He seemed disappointed. "Now, I can't break your bones one by one."

"Since you were right, I'll make it quick and painless," he further said as he stomped on the throat of Mark, crushing it. Mark's eyes were wide open as he was killed. 

Lucifer took off his right glove as he sat down, touching the face of the man, ultimately destroying his body, leaving no trace behind. 

Standing up, he looked at the other staff of the restaurant as he said, "I don't care how premium this crappy place is! If a poor kid wants to eat here, he will be given food without being treated like sh*t. Do you all understand?"

The staff was so scared that they couldn't say anything. They simply nodded their heads.

"That's better. Go and bring food for him now," Lucifer let out as he threw the man to the ground again. "Also, from now on, you all are the owners of this place."

"And remember, if you ever forget my words and I found out, even APF won't be able to keep you alive always. So decide what's more precious— money or life."

After giving them one last threat, Lucifer patted his clothes as he walked back to the table. 

"What are you watching! Get the food prepared for that little angel," one of the staff members snapped as he got the others to hurry the preparation. Their lives were on the lines. 

"Yeah. What were you saying?" Lucifer asked Cassius as he sat back on his seat.

"I was trying to warn you about the cameras. They recorded everything. Didn't you want to stay hidden for a little while? This will expose you," Cassius explained. 

"I don't think you need to worry about that. That footage will be deleted by the time we leave. Also, since there will be no report from here, nothing will matter. And even if people know, what does it matter," Lucifer replied calmly. 

"That will just fasten the inevitable end of theirs," he further said. 

"I brought him!" Jiang let out as he entered the restaurant with the kid who had started leaving previously. 

The kid seemed confused, curious, and also a little bit scared about what had happened. 

"Bring him here," Lucifer told Jiang, who brought the kid to their table. 

The kid was made to sit on the chair as Mark personally came with the delicious food. 

"You can eat. Don't worry; no one will do anything. From here on, whenever you're hungry, you can come here. They will feed you," Lucifer said to the kid, smiling like a normal human. He glanced back at staff members as he asked, "Won't you?"

"We will!" The staff members said firmly. Giving a kid three meals a day was much better than losing his life. Also, Lucifer was right. 

They also knew that they couldn't inform APF. Lucifer had already told them how useless it was. 

It wasn't as if they would always guard a small restaurant's staff. They could always be killed. So giving in to those small demands was better. 

"If there are more kids like you, bring them here as well," Lucifer further told the kid as he resumed eating. 

Cassius was also smiling. 

'I knew it. Somewhere behind that hard front of Lucifer, Alex is still alive,' he thought as he also started eating. 

Jiang also joined. 

The three of them didn't take long before they finished eating.

"You can bring the bill," Lucifer told the staff as he finished.

"Ah, N-not at all. How can I take the bill from such great guests? The food is in the house from us," the staff members said, hesitating. After what had happened, they couldn't dare to ask them for money. 

"Shut up and bring us the bill," Lucifer snapped, frowning. What nonsense was this? When he was poor, everyone needed money for food, and now that he was rich, it was free?

"Ah, A-alright," one of the staff members said, smiling wryly. He couldn't understand these people. Were they good guys or bad? They made it so confusing. 

He brought the bill to the table. 

"Jiang, pay the bill. Then go delete all the recordings before coming back. I'll wait near the car," Lucifer said as he stood up to leave. 

Lucifer had just stood up when he felt someone holding his finger. 

He slowly glanced back to notice that it was the small kid that was holding his finger with his small hands. 

"Do you need something else?" Lucifer asked, frowning.

The boy shook his head. 

"Then why did you stop me?" Lucifer asked again. 

The boy slowly opened his lips as he said, "Thank you."

Lucifer looked blankly at the kid, but he didn't react much.

"You're welcome, little guy. Now grow up fast and get stronger. This was all I could help you with. Next, you should learn to help yourself," Lucifer said as he freed his hands. 

"The world is too cruel. Without strength, you'll just be a pawn. So give your all and best of luck," he further said as he rubbed the head of the kid gently.

Turning around, he left without looking back. 

Cassius also followed behind Lucifer, smiling. Jiang paid the bill. In fact, he even paid extra. 

"Why so much extra?" The staff asked, surprised. 

"Half of that is the tip for you. The other half is for the table that broke because of us. Buy a new and better one," Jiang replied.

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