Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 235 - 235: The Treasure

"Looks like we found it," Lucifer said softly. He hadn't even reached that item, but there was a feeling inside him that he had found somewhat familiar. 

He was sure that whatever this was, it was left for him. It must be something from his parents. 


Soon a metallic sound came as the shovel hit something. 

Carefully, Lucifer cleaned the sand and picked up the things he had found. It seemed like a heavy, rusted metallic box that was made of reinforced iron. 

"Finally, we found it! I can finally relax!' Jiang said as he sat on the ground, tired. "Can you open it? I want to see what's so special that we worked so hard for." 

Lucifer also sat down under the moonlight as he observed the heavy box. The metallic box didn't seem to be too big. 

It was only as long as the length of Lucifer's arm. As for its height, it seemed to only be fifty centimeters high and half a meter wide. 

There was also a lock on the box.

"There's a lock," Lucifer said as he observed the lock.

"Do you have the key?" Jiang inquired. 

"I don't need a key," Lucifer replied as he took off his gloves. He gently touched the lock as he watched it deteriorate. 

It didn't take long before there were no remains of the lock. 

"H-how did you do that? Just how many powers do you have?" 

As Jiang saw another ability of Lucifer, he was stunned. First strength, then thunder, and now this?

"Let's just say it this way. I have enough abilities to give you a different death every day, so you aren't bored," Lucifer replied casually. 

"Ah, N-no need. Didn't I help you? We're a team. You can't kill your team!" Jiang responded, feeling scared. 

"Team, huh?" Lucifer muttered, amused. "Alright then. Now that you said yourself, I won't let you go back on your words. You're in my team now."

'In any case, I want to find those stones. Let's see who that guy on the other end of the portal was. Why does he have similar eyes? What's my relationship with him? I need answers, and I'll get them from him,' he thought as he wore the gloves again. 

He slowly opened the metallic box to see what was inside. 

"Huh? Another pendant?" Lucifer muttered, frowning. 

Inside the box, he found what seemed like a pendant that was the shape of a key. 

"You're focusing on the pendant, but you should look at the key. For someone to hide the key in the box, this key must be special. Maybe it opens the real treasure?" Jiang chimed in. 

"In any case, the key doesn't look simple," he further said as he observed the key. 

Lucifer also picked it up as he carefully observed it. He could see that the key was pitch black. But there were some strange blood-red marks on it that seemed to be alive. The marks seemed to be moving as they were changing places. 

"You are right. This key seems to be special. A little too special," Lucifer muttered, frowning. "But what does it open? There was no lock on my home like this. And it doesn't look like the key that'll open any of the locks I saw."

" How would I know? This is the treasure you wanted. You should know what it opens and what it doesn't!" Jiang answered. 

"It would have been so much better if there was a map inside the box too, directing us to the lock. I also want to get to the end of this mystery now," he continued as even he seemed disappointed. 

This key had intrigued him a lot, and he wanted to see what it opened.

"You don't have any other clue about this? I mean, you know this thing was on the beach. Where did you get this information from? That place might have more information. Let's get in the treasure hunt!" Jiang said excitedly. 

"Where did I get the information from?" Lucifer muttered as he glanced towards the sky, feeling a bit down.

"I got it from my parents. But they are dead," he answered. 

"Ah, I'm so sorry for your loss," Jiang replied apologetically. 

"You don't have to be sorry. You didn't do anything. As for the ones that did, I'll make sure they are more than sorry," Lucifer muttered as he stood up. 

He wore the key pendant in his neck, which already had another pendant that was given to him by the old man. 

He also picked up the heavy metallic box and buried it where he dragged it out from. 

"Then why don't you search your home? There must be some clue there. I'm sure. I can help too," Jiang said as he also stood up. 

After using his powers, he was feeling a bit adventurous. His courage that was taken by APF was coming back. 

"Hmm? Well, my plans were a bit different, but I guess we can give it a try. This thing is more important for me indeed," Lucifer said, nodding his head.

"But then again, there's a good chance that my home would be surrounded by the APF people. So we'll have to be careful. I don't want them to know just yet," he further said as he started leaving. 

Jiang chased after Lucifer. 

"What do you mean your home is surrounded by them, and you don't want them to see you? Didn't you say you and APF were friends? You even met Varant?" Jiang asked, feeling like something was wrong.

"Oh that? I was just making an April Fools joke. In reality, he would probably try to kill me at sight. I'm most wanted by them. But then again, he won't get the chance this time," Lucifer replied without glancing back.

As Jiang heard Lucifer, his mouth dropped open. 

He was warned by APF to not use his powers, and he was using his powers for the person who was most wanted by them? He wondered if he had just signed his death warrant. 

"Wait a minute. What April Fools? It's March!" Jiang exclaimed. 

"Well, advanced April Fools then. Don't get stuck in the details. We are a team after all," Lucifer let out, laughing. 

"Ah, can I take my application back? I don't want to be in this suicide squad," Jiang said, concerned about his life. 

"Sure. But just remember, those who join once can only leave when they're dead. Do you still want to step out?" Lucifer asked, amused.


Jiang didn't know how to react as he sensed the subtle threat in Lucifer's words. 

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