Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 234 - 234: Treasure Found

The cab started driving away, taking Lucifer and Jiang to the beach without stopping in the middle. 

The cab dropped the two of them near the beach before leaving. 

"This beach is where your treasure is buried? Don't tell me I need to trek the entire beach to find it. Please tell me that you know the approximate location?" Jiang asked as he started sweating. 

He couldn't believe he had to walk the entire beach, again and again. He prayed that Lucifer knew. 

"Well, if I knew the approximate location, why would I need your help?" Lucifer asked, patting the shoulder of Jiang. He had no idea where on the beach it was at all. 

"Let's get to work. We have a lot of areas to cover. At least there are no annoying people on the beach this time, like in the morning. We will have a way easier time this time. 

"You will get me killed. Making a man walk every spot on the beach after the long journey," Jiang let out, sighing. 

"Well, almost dying of tiredness is better than being zapped like a fly, isn't it?" Lucifer asked, amused. 

"But don't worry. If you manage to help me, I'll also reward you. So get to work," he further said, placing his hands in his pocket. 

"Alright. I'll try my best. Hopefully, we'll be lucky, and I end up above that treasure within a minute," Jiang said as he started walking through the beach, staring from where he was standing.


"Cassius, may I ask where you're going?" 

Cassius was standing before his father, who was the Master of the Great Zaini Family. The two of them seemed to be alone, looking at each other inside the Palace of the Zaini Family. Tension seemed to be clear in the air. 

"Father, you know what happened on campus. I don't want to stay in this country for now. I want to travel the world to calm my head and relax a little before the classes resume," Cassius answered his father. 

"Can't you do that here? You can relax in the palace? After the heirs of the Holler and Franci family died, I'm worried for you. I can't let you leave alone," The middle-aged man replied to Cassius. 

"Father, you know I'm not as weak as those people. I can take care of myself. Just let me do this one thing for myself," Cassius told his father, insisting. 

"Which countries are you going to go to?" The middle-aged man asked. 

"I haven't decided yet. I'll decide randomly when I book the tickets," Cassius answered. "But I'll keep you updated."

"Please, father?" He further asked. "I need it."

"Fine. But you must call us every day to keep us updated about you and what's happening with you. If you fail, I'll send everyone after you to bring you back. Don't blame me then," The middle-aged man let out, giving in to the demands of his dear son in the end. 

"I won't forget, Father. Thank you so much."

Cassius walked back to his room and started packing stuff that he believed he might need, including his phone and laptop. 


"There's something unnatural under me! Dig here!" Jiang suddenly let out after only five minutes of search. 

"So fast. Incredible!"

Surprised, Lucifer started digging the spot where Jiang was pointing. He also got Jiang on work of digging as he gave him the second shovel he had purchased.

The digging didn't take long as Lucifer's strength helped him dig faster. In fact, there wasn't even the slightest bit of difficulty. 

Soon, he found the thing buried deep in the ground.

Lucifer reached out his hand and picked up the item as he looked at Jiang.

"This?" Lucifer asked. 

Even Jiang was surprised. He also seemed a bit embarrassed. 

" You think this was a treasure?" Lucifer asked, seemingly frustrated as he had an empty can of cold drink in his hand. "This trash is the treasure? You really think?"

"Ah, I told you already. I can't find treasures. I can only find unnatural things that are buried in the ground that aren't supposed to be there," Jiang replied, smiling wryly. 

"People only saw the treasure that I found, but they never saw hundreds of trash items that I had to dig before I got the treasure," he further said. "You can't blame me. I told you about my powers before."

Lucifer crushed the can before tossing it into the distance. 

"I understand. Continue searching," he said as he realized that it was going to be a longer night than he assumed. 

Three hours... The search continued for three hours, and they found over fifty items already. But none of them were treasures. There were many cans buried under the beach, but there were empty packets of snacks too.

"Why does it seem like we're cleaning the beach instead of searching for treasure?" Jiang asked, jokingly. "I'm exhausted. Can we at least rest for an hour?"

"There's going to be no rest before I get what I want. Keep searching. If we still try, we can find what I'm looking for before the morning; then you can relax," Lucifer replied. 

" But if we don't find it, then next night, you'll have to do the same again. So better pray for good luck tonight instead," he further said.

The search continued, and four more hours passed, and nothing close to a treasure was at sight. They had found more than a hundred trash items by now. 

Just as Lucifer had promised, he didn't let Jiang rest. The search continued for the item he was looking for. They had searched half the beach when the sun started rising in the distant horizon. 

People started crowding the beach again, and finally, the search came to a halt.

Jiang felt like he was going to drop to the ground because he was tired.

"Come. Let's eat something. We need the energy to search tonight as well," Lucifer told Jiang as he took him to eat something.

"You really are evil," Jiang said, sighing. "Searching the entire beach. It's so hard. We need a team of people. I can keep pointing, and they can keep digging. That'll be so much easier."

"Evil? Well, now you're being nice," Lucifer let out as he laughed. 

"Evil is nice?" Jiang asked, stunned.

"In front of the names I heard when I was just a child, evil sounds like praise," Lucifer replied. 

"Anyway, regarding your idea of a team, it's not bad at all. Albeit, you're a bit too late. We've already cleared half the beach."

"We only need the other half. At the same speed as last night, tonight will be the end of our search. No need to drag anyone else," he further said.

Jiang could only sigh in sadness. He couldn't help but feel like crying. Why was he dragged into this?

The two of them went and ate breakfast before they came back to the beach.

They spent the rest of the day on the beach, and only when it was night did the search begin again. 

After five hours of search and getting hundreds of trash items out again, Lucifer was also starting to feel restless. They had dug almost the entire beach, but they hadn't found anything special. 

The only thing they found, which wasn't a can or packet of snacks, was a pink bra that seemed to belong to a big-breasted woman. 

Lucifer didn't even understand how that thing ended up under the beach.

"This place also has something. Let's dig here," Jiang said again as he pointed to the ground. 

As Lucifer got to digging, Jiang prayed that it was the thing Lucifer was looking for. 

It seemed like his prayer was heard as Lucifer exclaimed, "Looks like we found it."

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