Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 218 - 218: Letting Out

Alexi helped Jake step out as well, but he didn't send him behind Lucifer to take shower.

Instead, he said something to Jake first. 

"That's why we say arrogance can be the worst enemy of a Variant. A person can be strong, but that doesn't mean that another person will be weak. Go and clean yourself," Alexi said before finally letting him leave. 

Jake also left, but his fist was clenched as he was burning in rage. After so much struggle, he had managed to bind two beasts with his summoning. 

And Lucifer had destroyed his strongest one, killing him. He was furious. He felt as if one of his friends was killed. 

Sitting in the distance, Dash was smiling. He believed he had found the missing piece of the puzzle. Jake was going to be that piece. 

'I'm really surprised at his strength, though. So taking him out when that limiter is on would be a good choice. I'll see how you escape, Alex. No matter how much attention you have. After you're expelled, no one will remember you.'


Lucifer was inside the shower, letting the droplets of water fall over his body to rinse all the blood. He was only wearing his gloves as he took the shower, but even the gloves seemed to have started deteriorating somehow. 

It seemed like they were getting old.

"I'll have to talk to Grandpa to get another pair for me," he said as he rubbed his face. 

"What was that feeling, though? When I used all that strength, it didn't seem like it was my first time using it. Something seems strange."

After finishing the shower, he wore the new uniform before he stepped out. He joined his class again. 

"What you did there was pretty badass, honestly. I didn't know you were that strong," Cassius told Lucifer, still surprised. 

"I guess I never felt the need to go all out," Lucifer answered, signifying that it was his full strength. He was still hiding, though. It wasn't his full strength. 

His grandpa had made him promise that he was only going to use the strength he needed at the moment to keep his true strength a secret.

"Alright. Now that Alex has won, I'm sure you all understand that you can't underestimate batch 25! That's why you'll train with them. As I said, it'll be good for all of you. As soon as Jake returns, we'll begin," Franci declared.

Soon, Jake also returned. He looked expressionless. 

As he returned, the training started where both the batches received the same training. 

It was the evening when the classes were over. Lucifer and the others returned to their rooms, tired.


Knock! Knock!

It was two in the night when there was a knock on the door. 

A brown-haired man was sleeping in his room but woke up at the sound of the knock. He stood up and walked to the door as he asked, "Who is it?"

He soon opened the door to find a blue-haired man standing before him. 

"Dash? What do you need? If you're here to rub salt on my wounds by bragging about your class, then get out!" the brown-haired man answered, who was none other than Jake. 

"Jake, listen to me first. I'm not here to rub salt on your wounds. I'm here to help you. I'm here to help you get revenge," Dash answered, smirking. 

"Help me get revenge? How?" Jake asked, frowning. "Come inside."

Dash entered the room, which was just as big as his. Both of them were from Great Families, after all. They both got the best rooms as their families could afford them.

Jake closed the door behind before he walked back to Dash, who was already sitting on the sofa. 

"Tell me what you were saying," Jake said as he also sat on the sofa. 

"Alex Alaric, he's my enemy too, just like he is your enemy. Just imagine how bad it would be if someone outside knows that we were defeated by someone like Alex who isn't even from a great family," Dash said.

"That's right. It'll be bad for the reputation indeed," Jake agreed. 

"That's why I want to help you take your revenge. I want to see Alex suffer since he made us suffer," Dash further said. "And we can even get him expelled. If he's expelled, no one will know about him. Our reputation will be safe, and we'll also have our revenge."

"That sounds like a good way to get back. Getting him expelled, but how? We might be from great families, but even we can't get someone expelled," Jake responded. 

"We can if the person is Alex. Did you not notice his bracelet this morning? He already broke the rules two times. All we need is to make him break the rules one more time, and we'll be done! He'll be expelled, and everything will return to normal," Dash explained. 

Hearing his idea, a glint appeared in Jake's eyes as his lips curved to show a smile. 

"You're right. That could work," he said. "But how can we let him break a rule? I'm sure he's not an idiot? He would know he only had one strike left. He'll treat it more carefully than his life. How can we make him break a rule?"

" It's simple. How to let him go of something he treats more precious than his life? The answer is by targeting another thing that is even more precious for him," Dash said as a smirk formed on his face. 

"What do you mean?" Jake asked, frowning. 

"You noticed the gloves he was wearing today?" Dash inquired, smiling. 

"Yeah. He was indeed wearing black gloves," Jake answered. 

"From what I heard, those are the most precious things for him. They were given to him by his dead father. So they are very precious to him. He never takes them off," Dash said. 

"In fact, his first strike was indeed because of those gloves. Even when a teacher asked him to refuse the gloves, he had refused to do it. All we need is to take off his gloves or destroy them," he further said. 

"He'll be so furious that he'll lose control. I'm sure that's when he will use his powers, and that's when he'll get a shock. He'll lose consciousness, and there will be the third red light on his bracelet. He'll be expelled," he continued.

"That's right. The Academy doesn't care why you break the rules. Even if you have a good reason, rules are rules. So he'll be out. This is perfect. He defeated me and killed my most precious best? For that mistake, I'll destroy his most precious gloves and get him expelled!" Jake said, laughing. 

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