Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 217 - 217: Facing A Summoner

"I accept. Even though it'll waste my two minutes to bring him to the ground, I accept. It's better than wasting our whole year with them. I'm ready to start even now. Call their strongest," Jake instantly agreed. 

"Alex, do you accept?" Franci asked, glancing at Lucifer. 

"Jake, I heard the rumors that Alex is excellent. Don't underestimate him and be careful," one of the Batch 23 students whispered in Jake's ears, reminding him that he needed to be careful. 

"He's the black sheep of the bunch who even left Cassius behind despite not being from a Great Family!"

"Don't worry. I know what I'm doing," Jake replied. 

"I'll accept," Lucifer nodded as he stepped forward. 

"All the other students, step back. It's going to be a battle between Alex and Jake. No one will interfere," Alexi commanded the other students to step back. 

"Alex, be careful. He has a pretty annoying ability. He can call forth some beasts to do his bidding. He has the power of summons," Cassius told Lucifer a bit more about Jake.

"So try to get close to him as soon as you can. Moreover, he also has amazing reflexes, so it won't be easy even then. Be careful," he further added before he also stepped back. 

This was all he could do to help. 

"Summon beasts? I read about this. Some Variants awaken this gift, and they can summon a certain beast to fight for them."

" So he is fighting with them? Interesting. I heard that three is the limit that anyone had ever managed to summon. I can't give him a chance," Lucifer muttered as he decided on a plan. It was the time to be serious. 

"Are you both ready?' Alexi asked the two youngsters who stood seven meters away from each other.

"Ready!" Both said at the same time. 

The white light started blinking on their bracelet, letting them know that they were allowed to use their gifts now. 

"One... Two... Three... Start!" Alexi declared before he also stepped back. 

As soon as the battle started, Lucifer ran towards Jake, closing in on the distance. 

Jake, on the other hand, didn't even move as if he was waiting for Lucifer to approach him. 

As Lucifer reached near Jake, a formation started shining in the ground. 

Lucifer was only a meter away from Jake when the formation took effect. 

A ten-foot-tall gorilla appeared above the formation as he punched the unaware Lucifer, who seemed to be hit. 

Lucifer flew back like a broken doll as he crashed on the ground.

"I heard you have the strength? What a coincidence; this little guy also has strength. He'll love to play with you. Moreover, let me bring out someone else too so that you aren't bored. There needs to be some variety after all," Jake said as he smirked arrogantly. 

Another formation appeared near him. This time it was a wolf who stepped out of the formation. 

While the gorilla stood near Jake, the wolf ran towards Lucifer, opening his mouth wide as if ready to bite Lucifer. 

In the distance, Lucifer also stood up by now as he patted his clothes. It looked like he was late in reaching Jake last time. 

"It doesn't matter. All I need to do is break both the beasts," he said as he glanced at the wolf who was coming towards him.

He slightly raised his right foot above the ground. This was a move he wanted to try that he believed he never did. 

"See, teacher? These kids aren't worthy to face us?" 

Thinking that Lucifer had no chance, Jake glanced at Alexi as he started talking. 

That's when he felt the ground shake. 

Surprised, he looked back towards Lucifer only to find that spot empty. There was only a big crater in the ground in that place.

Frowning, he slowly raised his head to see Lucifer flying towards him, high above the ground. 

"He can fly?"  He let out, shocked. 

"Take him out!' he commanded his gorilla to stay prepared. As for the wolf, he also started running back. 

"Using his strength and its impact to make a jump that high? It's basically short range flying without having any such gifts. Not bad. Even I hadn't thought that strength could be used like this," Franci said, sitting amused in the distance. 

As Lucifer started coming down, the gorilla prepared for another attack. But this time, Lucifer also seemed serious. 

He clenched his fist firmly as he prepared to attack the gorilla. He wasn't going to leave anything behind. He was going to give it his all. 

Soon, Lucifer reached near the giant gorilla. His fist clashed with the fist of the gorilla, but it seemed less like a clash and more like annihilation. 

The gorilla could provide no resistance to Lucifer as his hands broke. Lucifer's attack didn't stop as it hit the skull of the gorilla. He had used his entire strength, after all. 

What followed was a gruesome scene. The gorilla burst apart as his blood splashed everywhere, covering Lucifer and Jake. 

The fist still didn't stop as it finally hit the ground after destroying the gorilla. 

As the fist landed on the ground, the entire ground started shaking. Not only this place but that shaking could be felt in the whole Academy as people felt like an earthquake was coming. 

In the stand, everyone stood up in disbelief. What exactly did they see? Even the teachers hadn't expected this. Lucifer had this much strength? Just how strong was he actually? 

Did he not show his real strength before? Heck, was what he showed now his full strength, or was it only a fraction too? They couldn't understand. All they knew was this strength... It wasn't the ordinary strength they had assumed. 

Everyone was looking at Lucifer, who was standing in a five meter deep crater, covered in blood as if he had taken a bloody bath. As for Jake, he was lying inside the crater as well, looking at Lucifer with his eyes opened wide. 

As for the wolf that was coming towards them, it stopped midway as it saw what happened to the gorilla. It started shivering as it stepped back slowly before it disappeared, going where it came from. 

"The battle is over. Alex is the winner. Your limiter is again activated. Both of you can go and take a shower. Wipe off that blood," Alexi commanded them as he walked towards the crater. 

Lucifer nodded as he started trying to get out of the crater. Without his powers, it was tough to get out of here. 

After a bit of struggle, he managed to step out as he walked towards the shower. For that, he didn't need to go back to the campus as there were spare uniforms here. There was also a shower room in the arena.

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