Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 198 - 198: Take Gloves Off

"And yeah, don't fight anyone. Because others can at least fight like humans without using their gifts, but if you try to hit them, it might count as you using your strength. So be careful," Jason also chimed in as he warned Lucifer about the same things again. 

"Do I have any other choice?" Lucifer answered, sighing.

He closed his eyes and laid on the bed, tired. 


A new day arrived as the dark night passed. Lucifer and Jason got dressed in their new uniforms. 

While Class B students received a Blue Uniform to wear, including a Blue vest, Class A Lucifer had a red one to distinguish between the two.

As for the Class C students, they had green uniforms. On top of these, the vests also had the name of the student engraved on them. 

Lucifer and Jason swiftly left the room together and only separated when it was time to go in different directions. 

As Jason went towards a building that belonged to Class B students, Lucifer went to a better-looking one where Class A students of all batches had their classes. 

He entered the same class as last time and sat in his seat. As for the others, not a single person was here yet. 

Soon, the others also started arriving, and in the end, came Cassius. 

There was only one row of seats in this class today, with six seats. Lucifer took the third, and Cassius took the fourth seat. As for the second, it was taken by Dash, bringing Lucifer between the two. 

"Yo, Alex, from the Great Family of Alaric, right? How are you?" Dash asked Lucifer as he chuckled lightly. "Doing good?"

"I'm not from a great family. Please forget that day. I made a mistake. As for your question, I'm fine today. Thank you for asking," Lucifer answered. 

"Why are you wearing those gloves? It's not cold, is it? I saw it yesterday and now today too. Are you trying to hide something under the gloves? Did you get your girlfriend's name tattooed on the back of your hand? Let me see what her name is," Dash asked Lucifer, talking nicely.

"I have no tattoo. It's just that these gloves were a gift from my father. And he is no more. So I always wear them to make me feel like he's with me. Just think of them as having sentimental values," Lucifer answered, again lying. 

"Interesting. I think you should thank your father in that case," Dash said. "He really deserves it."

"Why?" Lucifer inquired. 

"It's because he only gifted you gloves and not a condom. It would be awkward if you were to always wear that," Dash said as he started laughing. 

"What's that?" Lucifer asked, confused. He didn't understand what that word meant. 

"Really? You don't know about a condom?" Dash exclaimed in surprise. "Hahaha, you're so innocent, kid!"

Dash started explaining. "It's what people-"

"Dash, you're making the room noisier. Keep your explanation to yourself, and don't ruin the atmosphere for me."

Dash has just started explaining when Cassius cut him off, making him stop. 

"Come on, Cassius. I'm only trying to teach our friend here," Dash told Cassius.

"Teach him outside. Not here," Cassius replied lazily. 

"Cheh, fine. I'll tell him later," Dash muttered, rolling his eyes. 

"Anyway, Alex. I wanted to give you an offer. Since you're not from a Great Family, how about you become my subordinate? I'll pay you well, and I'll even throw some treasures at you once in a while. So, you agree, right?" he asked Lucifer again, changing the topic. 

Cassius didn't intervene this time. 

"I'm sorry, but I don't want to become anyone's subordinate. As for treasures, they're useless for me. My gift is my biggest treasure. And I don't need money either since I have a scholarship here," Lucifer answered, refusing the offer. 

"Did you really just refuse my offer?" Dash asked, surprised. " Take a day to think about it and answer me tomorrow. You don't know what you're missing. If you become my subordinate, you'll become a part of the Great Franci family. Take your time."

"It doesn't matter. My answer will be the same even tomorrow. You all have Great Families, and I respect that. But for me, my family will always be the most precious to me. I don't want to join any other family," Lucifer answered, shaking his head. He was fully determined. 

That's when the door of the room opened as Franci stepped inside. 

"All six of you. Follow me," he told the students as he again left the room just as quickly as he had entered.

The students started following Franci. 


Franci escorted the six youngsters to an Arena that was completely empty.

A pond could also be seen in the center of the arena. 

"This is where your training will be. And don't expect any mercy during training," Fraci told the youngsters as he faced them. 


The training of everyone finally began to understand their true power better. As the training started, time kept trickling away. 

Each of the five teachers took turns in training the youngsters about their specific field. 

Even though Class A had five primary teachers, they also had other teachers. 

From Monday to Friday, it was the turn of the primary teachers to train the youngsters, while on Saturday; it was the extra classes where they were taught how to use computers to their advantage.

Even though swimming was a part of the curriculum here, there were rarely any swimming classes. Almost all the students that joined the Academy already knew swimming except for Lucifer. 

That's why special swimming classes were arranged for Lucifer on Sundays. It was his first time attending a Swimming Class.

He was standing near the swimming pool, waiting for the teacher to arrive as he wondered how it was going to go. He also felt a bit scared since he had heard that he almost drowned once. 

As Lucifer waited, he soon noticed a Young Lady approach him. 

The lady seemed to be in her mid-twenties. As for her clothes, she appeared to be wearing a robe that covered her entire body, but the dark-haired woman did look pretty. 

"You're Alex?" The woman asked Lucifer, who nodded his head.

"That's good. I'm Yulia. I'll be your swimming teacher from now on," the dark-haired woman answered. "So shall we begin?"

Lucifer nodded again. 

"Good. Take off your clothes and your gloves and step inside the water," the woman told Lucifer as she opened her robe to reveal her swimsuit. 

Lucifer listened to her commands and took off his clothes, to be left in his shorts only. 

He started walking towards the water and soon stepped inside the end of the pool, which only had knee-deep water. 

"Take gloves off, too," Yulia reminded Lucifer again. 

"I can't," Lucifer shook his head apologetically. 

"Oh? And why can't you?" Yulia asked as she folded her arms while glaring at Lucifer. 

"These gloves... Ah, they have sentimental values. They're a gift from my dead father. I can't take them off," Lucifer replied again. 

The lady took a deep breath as she frowned. 

"They have sentimental values, I understand. But it's only for a moment. Keep them aside for a minute. You can wear them when you step outside. No one will steal them," Yulia told Lucifer. 

Lucifer again shook his head. "I just can't take them off. No matter what. I'll learn while wearing them. If I can't, then I don't need to learn how to swim."

He stepped out of the water again. 

"Alex, I know you're from Class A. But you're still talking to a teacher. Remember, you must always listen to a teacher. I'm giving you another chance. If you refuse again, it'll be counted as you breaking a rule!" Yulia warned Lucifer again. 

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