Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 197 - 197: Lucifer's Future?

The old man stood up and started leaving instead. "As for how you treat this information and how you handle it, that's on you."

The door closed, and only Lucifer was left inside. 

He couldn't help but sigh as he shook his head. It seemed like his five years here were going to be hard.

He stood up as he also left, muttering the lyrics of the strange songs that had suddenly appeared in his head. He kept trying to remember where he heard it. 


Lucifer walked back to his room, where Kevin was already sitting.

"Jason isn't back?" Lucifer asked Kevin as he sat on the bed. 

"He's in class B. Their introduction will stretch for longer. I think he'll take a few more hours before coming back," Kevin answered. "Anyway, how was your first day?"

"Bad," Lucifer muttered as he glanced at his bracelet. 

"Why?" Kevin asked, curious. "What happened?'

"This Limiter happened. You know my gift is my strength. But this bracelet effectively gave me a handicap."

"Even when I use the slightest amount of my strength to do anything, I'll be electrocuted, and I'll get one strike. This strength is really my disadvantage," Lucifer muttered as he laid on his bed. 


Far away in the Variant Uprising facility, Predictor was lying in his room, sleeping. 

He had the ability to see the future at times in his dreams. Ninety percent of the time, those dreams were wrong. As for the remaining ten percent of the time, the dreams were accurate.

It was also a time when he was seeing one such dream. 

In his dream, he found himself standing inside a room in his corporeal form. 

The door of the room opened as a woman stepped inside the room. 

As soon as he saw the woman, he couldn't help but mutter, "Veracity? Why am I seeing her? She isn't important."

As he was wondering, he saw Veracity look in his direction, seemingly surprised. 

"Who might you be?" She asked curiously. 

"She can see me? Strange," Predictor muttered, but he soon realized that she wasn't talking to him. 

He slowly turned back to notice a person standing behind him. 

The person was standing in the darkness with their arms folded, standing against the wall. 

"I'm the one who should be long forgotten, I believe," the boy in the darkness muttered as he stepped forward. 

Black lightning could be seen flickering all around the young boy. 

As the Predictor saw the boy, his mouth opened slightly. 

The boy seemed to be someone who was eighteen or nineteen years old. He had beautiful silver hair that was tied to a ponytail, but the most intriguing thing about him was his eyes. One of his eyes was blue, while the other was slightly violet. 

"Lucifer Azarel?" Predictor exclaimed in shock. 

The boy was none other than Lucifer. And he looked older. It was undoubtedly the Predictor's ability at work, showing him the future. 

He looked at the calendar to see the date, only to realize that the calendar was unreadable. He couldn't see it. It was looking vague. 

"What do you want from me?" Veracity asked the boy as she sat down on a chair. 

"I want to be the darkness that is going to swallow the whole world. And you're going to help me in that," Lucifer said calmly. 

Tap! Tap! 

Sound of footsteps could be heard as Lucifer stepped forward, coming out of the Darkness. 

"Ah, I remember seeing you. Lucifer Azarel, huh. Interesting. You disappeared eight years ago. How did you suddenly appear again?" Veracity asked Lucifer, amused. 

"Cassius, bring him out," Lucifer said softly as he glanced back.

The lady and Predictor looked back to see another nineteen-twenty year old boy coming out of a room. The dark-haired boy was carrying a heavy sword on his back. 

He could also be seen dragging what seemed like a dead body while holding its arms. 

"That person, isn't that..." Veracity stood up, shocked as soon as she saw who the dead body belonged to.

Even the Predictor couldn't help but open his eyes wide. 

"That body... It couldn't be..." He muttered in disbelief. 

"That's right. This person is..." Lucifer started answering in his grim-reaper like voice, but that's when the dream suddenly broke. 

Predictor woke up to find his body covered in sweat.

"I need to tell Raia! She said he disappeared eight years ago! That means he'll be back in four years!" Predictor let out as he got off the bed. 


Unaware of the dreams that others were having about him, Lucifer was still reading the rule book, trying to understand everything. 

As he finished the book, he carefully placed it aside. It also happened to be when Jason stepped inside. 

"You're back too. How did it go?" Kevin asked Jason as well. 

"Tiring but good. Anyway, did Alex tell you how lucky he was?" Jason asked excitedly as he sat on his bed. 

"What lucky? This depressed soul said he was unlucky today," Kevin let out, rolling his eyes.

"Well, in some department, he is unlucky, I guess. His main teacher is Franci," Jason answered. "But his luck was good too. The dean called him to the stage."

"The Dean called him to the stage? What was so lucky about him? Shouldn't that be unlucky?" Kevin asked. 

"No! This time it was different. The Dean called more people as well."

"More than one? Why?"

" He held a singing competition between them, which Alex won! And you know the prize? Alex is now allowed to skip any one of the first three yearly exams, and he'll still pass in that!" Jason exclaimed, grinning.

"What? Did the Dean go crazy or something? That's such an awesome reward for singing a song! Five such rewards, and we'll graduate at the top of our classes. I wish I also had this chance to sing," Kevin muttered, feeling slightly jealous. 

"I would've sung a love song. I might've attracted the attention of some cute girls while also getting the award," he further added. 

"That's not what's important. I don't care about skipping exams since I believe I'll be able to pass them. But I'm more worried about this bracelet. Even the teachers said they couldn't do anything," Lucifer chimed in, attracting the attention to his misery. 

"If I set off the bracelet three times, even accidentally, I'll be expelled," he said, sighing. 

"Then just don't do anything that requires you to use any strength that you think will put you at risk. Just listen to me."

"Don't pick anything heavy, and don't try to break anything. As for the minor stuff, I don't think you'll be at risk as long as you're careful," Kevin said to Lucifer, suggesting a few ideas. 

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