Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 192 - 192: Teachers

"I'm Alex Alaric. I'm also in your class," Lucifer replied. "As for looking at you, I was just curious about you. Everyone went silent at your entry, after all."

"I'm Cassius. As for why they went silent, you should ask them yourself," Cassius replied before he stopped looking at Lucifer and closed his eyes.

Lucifer looked at Jason before he started asking why everyone went silent suddenly. 

"Shhh, I'll tell you later," Jason replied as he told Lucifer not to ask at this moment.

Lucifer didn't understand why Jason wasn't talking. Was he scared? Could it be that there was something about Cassius that scared him?

'I can't see anything scary in him. In fact, he looks like the nicer one of them all. At least he talks,' Lucifer thought as he shook his head.

He didn't force Jason and decided to wait for later to ask him. 

More and more people kept arriving before the gate was finally closed. Everyone was already inside the auditorium. 

As for Class A, only six people were there, sitting in the first row. It seemed like only five more people were going to be in Lucifer's class with him.

Lucifer looked around, wondering when it was going to start.

As he was curious, the door behind the stage opened as a man finally stepped inside. 

The man seemed to be slightly older, as if he was over sixty already. He had long white hair but deep red eyes. He was dressed in a long coat as he walked with a short staff in his hand as if he was some magician. 

Lucifer couldn't help but take a longer glance at the old man that had just arrived. He believed that the man was none other than a teacher here. 

The old man walked to one of the five chairs that were placed on the stage and sat on one of them. As he sat, he closed his eyes and folded his arms. He didn't say anything. 

Realizing that Lucifer might be confused, Jason moved forward and whispered in his ears. "He is Master Franci. He is a teacher in the academy."

Lucifer nodded as he memorized the name.

After the old man, another person stepped on the stage, but this time, it was a woman who seemed to be in her mid-twenties. She has beautiful violet hair and wore a white doctor-like coat. 

Lucifer found her character most interesting. He couldn't help but smile as he saw the lady yawning before she rubbed her eyes as if she had just woken from her sleep. 

The beautiful lady sat beside Franci before she also closed her eyes. Unlike the old man, who seemed to be meditating with his eyes closed, the lady genuinely seemed like she had fallen asleep.

Lucifer couldn't help but find it cute. She was so relaxed. 

"That's Teacher Mirali. She's always like that, but she can be fierce too. So don't ever laugh at her actions," Jason explained to Lucifer again. 

Soon, another person stepped on the stage through the entrance. The man, this time, seemed a bit bulky yet handsome. 

The man had dark hair and a light beard, but the most distinguishing feature about him seemed to be the scar on the left side of his face that stretched from his forehead to his left cheek. 

Even though that scar was visible, it didn't make him look ugly. Instead, it made him look valiant and cool.

The man sat in the middle chair of the five as he looked at the violet-haired lady. 

"Mirali, wake up. This is not the time to sleep," he said. 

"Mmmh, I'm not sleeping. I'm just resting. Tell me when the Dean comes. I'll wake up, ahem, I mean, open my eyes," Mirali answered without opening her eyes. 

The man couldn't help but shake his head at her answer. Unlike the first two, he didn't close his eyes. Instead, he looked at the youngsters observing them. 

As he was looking around, he started from the last row before getting to the first row. 

He noticed the chubby man and moved his gaze further until it ended up on Cassius, who was also sitting with his eyes closed like the first two teachers. 

The man couldn't help but chuckle as he muttered, "As expected, Cassius is here. This batch is going to be pretty good."

Just like other teachers, he also didn't know which students were selected and which were rejected. It was all done as per the decision of the Dean, so it was his first time seeing himself. 

He moved his gaze even further and noticed Lucifer. 

'This kid, I don't remember seeing him before. But my senses are tingling. There's something special about him. Even more than Cassius. It's going to be very interesting. Who exactly is this kid?' he thought. 

Lucifer noticed the man looking at him. He didn't do anything and just looked back. There was an innocent look on his face as if he wasn't worried or scared.

The man came out of his daze as he realized that it wasn't good to stare at a student for so long. He didn't want to intimidate him. He moved his gaze over to the blue-haired guy. As soon as he noticed the guy, his face twitched unwillingly.

'God, this devil is here too. Grandson of Franci, Dash. Hah, I hope Franci won't be partial with this,' he thought as he moved his glance to the last person who was wearing black glasses. 

'Ren, not bad either. The batch of this time is actually talented, more so than the last. At Least that's what it seems from the first glance,' he thought.

"The one who was looking at you is Teacher Yovann. He's actually the favorite of all the students here. I think we're going to like him. That's what I heard at least," Jason told Lucifer once again after making sure that Yovann wasn't looking here. 

Two more people stepped on the stage after a few seconds.

One of them seemed to be a handsome man who was in his late twenties. He had beautiful dark hair and golden eyes, which made him look even more attractive. He genuinely seemed like he was a model, but there was something else to him. 

There were two goat-like horns on his head as well, making him look different. He was dressed in an ordinary t-shirt and jeans. 

As for the second person, he seemed even more strange. His whole body was covered in clothing that seemed nothing less than armor. No part of his body was visible at all. 

In fact, even his head was covered with a hood that matched his looks. As for his face, there was a full face mask that was hiding it. 

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