Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 191 - 191: Cassius

"Of Course it is. They're the best of the best. That's why they have arrogance. Each one of them thinks that they are some Prince," Jason whispered to Lucifer from behind him. "That's why Kevin called them Class A snobs in the morning."

" He was right in that case," Lucifer replied as he sighed. 

"It doesn't matter. I'm just here to learn and grow. I don't need anything else. As for friends, I already have you, don't I?" He further asked as he glanced back at Jason.

"Hahaha, I can only advise you on what to do and what not to do," Jason replied. 

"And offending your classmates is something that you really mustn't do. Because I won't be able to do anything in that case. So be alert and careful after the orientation," he further told Lucifer before he moved back to sit straight. He had already seen another Class A guy approaching. 

The boy, this time, seemed pretty ordinary. Unlike the others, there were no distinct qualities in him. In fact, it could seem like he was someone whose face could easily be forgotten. The boy was wearing a long jacket that came down to his ankles, covering his body.

His hand seemed to be in his pocket as he walked past Lucifer. This time, Lucifer didn't bother to greet the boy either. 

Similarly, the boy didn't even glance at Lucifer as he walked past him to sit near the chubby guy. There were only three seats in between that boy and the chubby guy.

As Lucifer was looking at them, he couldn't help but wonder something. 

'Why is everyone sitting near the corner? Is something wrong where I am sitting?' he wondered, confused. 

He looked back at Jason before he asked, "Why do they all prefer sitting near the corner? Is there a reason?" he asked Jason.

"I think it's just that they don't want to be in front of the Dean who will stand at the center of the stage," Jason answered. 

"Is the Dean bad? Should I shift too?" Lucifer asked, smiling wryly. 

"Nah, don't overthink about it. Dean doesn't bite. It's just that he is, ah, let's just say there's something about him. He can call you on stage anytime he wants."

"Every year he calls one person from the first row to the stage. That's why they're sitting in the corners to increase their chances of not being noticed by him," Jason replied as he chuckled. 

"I don't want to be called either. I'll move too," Lucifer said as he prepared to stand up, but Jason placed his hand on Lucifer's shoulder. 

"Don't overthink about this. I've already calculated everything," Jason said, grinning. "You want to know my gift?" 

"Yes," Lucifer replied. 

"I have two. One is an ability called [Luck Foresight]. I can see the luck of people. I know if their luck is going to be bad in the next half an hour or good."

"And I can see that your luck is going to be good. It's the chubby guy in the corner whose luck will be bad. So I think he'll be called. You don't need to move," Jason explained.

"That's a relief," Lucifer replied as he sighed in relief. 

Five more minutes passed before another young boy entered. He also had a sticker on his chest.

The boy had deep blue eyes that seemed to be similar to Lucifer, but his long hair was also blue, unlike the silver hair of Lucifer. 

He also walked past Lucifer without stopping to talk and only stopped near the guy who was wearing the dark glasses. 

"Ren, you're here too. Interesting. So they even started taking blind guys in now? I thought you'd be tossed in Class B," the blue-haired boy said as he smiled.

The boy in the glasses raised his head as if he was looking at the blue-haired boy. He also extended his hand and made a few gestures.

"Ah right. I forgot you couldn't even speak. It must be because they took pity on you. Because you weren't any special in any other department either," the blue-haired boy said, grinning. 

"Always last in our Variant School too. You're pretty lucky to be here. Anyway, I'm glad to see you. I can't tell you how happy I am," he further said. 

The boy in the glasses stopped speaking in gestures but not before he made one last gesture. He showed his middle finger to the blue-haired guy before he folded his arms. 

As the blue-haired boy saw this gesture, his face couldn't help but twitch unwillingly. He opened his lips to speak when he realized that the whole auditorium had suddenly turned silent. 

He looked towards the stage to see if teachers had arrived. No one was there, leaving only one possibility. He looked towards the student's entrance as he muttered, "Looks like Cassius is here."

At the entrance of a boy, the noisy auditorium suddenly went awfully silent. Lucifer also couldn't help but glance back to see who had arrived when he saw a young boy coming towards him. 

It was a boy who had dark hair that was short but not too short. His eyes also seemed like Lucifer's, but they were a lighter shade of blue than him.

He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but the robe that he donned on top of that seemed more eye-catching. There was also a beautiful necklace on his neck that appeared to be made of some precious material. 

There were also two silver bracelets in each of his hands. Moreover, there could also be seen a heavy sword hanging on the boy's back.

There was no such sticker of Class A on the boy's clothes that Lucifer could see, but he had a feeling that this boy was in his class too. 

His assumption proved to be correct as the boy stopped in the first row as well. However, instead of sitting on Lucifer's side of the row, he sat on the central seat that was on the right side of the entrance path. 

He was sitting right on the next seat of Lucifer, but the entrance walkway was keeping the distance between them. 

The newly arrived boy was keeping his heavy sword on his lap as he sat calmly.

Noticing Lucifer glancing at him, he couldn't help but frown.

"Who are you?" He asked Lucifer. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

For the first time, someone from Class A had talked to Lucifer, which made him interested as well. Maybe not all people were so snobbish? He wondered.

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