Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 175 - 175: World Knows Me As Warlock King Varant

"In those five years, every single moment was the happiest moment of my life. Just being with them, spending time with them, getting their love and their affection, every moment is precious to me," Lucifer answered. "Something I can never forget either."

"So if I were to tell you the happiest moment of my life, that moment is my first five years," he further said. 

"Ah, you really had to throw a curveball in the end, didn't you?" Caen asked as he smiled wryly. 

"Though I must say, your answer is better. My one moment against your five years. I think you won," he said as he sighed. 

"So, what do you want from me?" He asked. "What do you want me to do? Even though you didn't need this game since I would've done most of the things you asked anyways, but still tell."

"What do I want you to do? I'll tell you when it's time to go back," Lucifer replied without disclosing much information.

"Alright. I owe you one then. Anyway, I'll be right back. I should check up with the headquarters to know how the plan is going," Caen said as he stood up.

"What plan?" Lucifer inquired, wondering what plan it was now.

"Oh, it's something which will bring your truth out. The people that think you're a killer will know why you did what you did. Think of it as us putting our side of the story before the world. I'll tell you more after I come back," Caen answered before he left, advancing towards the helicopter. 

The device through which he could contact the base was inside the helicopter. 


As Caen left, Lucifer kept sitting near the sea, looking at the sunset.

"This really is a beautiful sunset. This place is pretty," he muttered as he saw the sun that seemed to be drowning in the sea. 

The red sun and the clouds that were in the sky. All of it made it a fascinating sighed. 

Moreover, a rainbow-like thing could also be seen in the sky for some reason. 

"You were right. This place is really beautiful. I saw it just the way you wanted, but it's still incomplete, isn't it?"

" I wish you two were here with me as well."

As Lucifer sat alone, watching the sunset, he was starting to feel depressed. 

He started talking to himself as sadness seemed to have overwhelmed him once again. He started missing his parents. 

Caen's company was keeping him busy, but now that Caen wasn't here, all those sad thoughts had started housing his head again. 

"If you were here, this world would have been such a better place. It wouldn't be so dark, right?"

"I really miss you. Can you hear me?"  he repeated, firmly. 

"If only you hadn't placed your life in danger for humanity, you would still be alive. If only you were a little selfish, nothing like this would have happened. The selfish people are all alive, but you're dead. Why is it?" 

The more Lucifer talked, the more upset he got, until the end where he was clenching his fist. 

" The people who should have treated you as a gift to humanity, did this to your son. Would you be angry if you were here? Would you have punished them? Would you have kept me safe? You would, right?"

He kept gazing at the Sunset as he kept repeating. It seemed like he was talking to the sunset instead. 

The sun was going down, taking the light along with it. It appeared to be similar to his parents, who died, taking all the light of his world with them. 

"Wait… gift… gift... That's right! I remember! I remember everything! So that's what my father was going to say in that dream! That's what he had said at that time! Something about my gift," he suddenly exclaimed as he started focusing more on his head to remember the exact words of his father. 

Soon, he remembered everything as the whole dream became clear, and his memories returned. 


"I'm so sorry, Lucifer. But mamma and papa need to leave. We will be back pretty soon. You can stay without us, right? My baby is a big boy now, right?" 

"Of course he is. He is my son after all," the man laughed as he also approached. "I'm sorry, son, but the world needs us. We won't be gone for long. And when we come, we're going to make it up to you."

"How will you?" 

"How about we take a vacation after that? Lucifer hasn't seen Orion Beach, right? Even though it's a bit far, it's a beautiful place: the sunset, the wind, the water. Everything is just heavenly. My father used to take me there. I think we should go on a vacation there. It would be the best vacation."

"Orion beach, huh? You're right. That place is pretty. I was also thinking about taking Lucifer there. We haven't taken many vacations anyways."

Lucifer's mother picked up a cup of soup and started feeding the kid. 

While his father opened his lips to speak something. 

"And there we can also give him his gift. That belongs to him, after all. We buried that on Orion Beach, right? I think it's time we take it out and give that to Lucifer. He is already five years old. It should be time we start that."


'Gift! So that's what he was talking about! My gift! What gift did he leave behind? I need to find that. The last inheritance of my parents! Something they left for me! Their last memory!' Lucifer thought as he decided to search the beach. 

'Wait, Caen is here. Would it be right to search before him? I need to see what it is first. I will wait for him to sleep and then search.'

As Lucifer remembered everything, he modified his plan, which now consisted of two things. The first was to find the thing that his parents left behind for him without letting Caen know. And second, was to find Veracity after that.

As he finished with his plan, he heard the footsteps behind him. 

'He is back. I should act normal,' Lucifer thought as he heard the sound of footsteps. 

"Caen, you're back," he said as he turned back, only to have his mouth opened in surprise. 

It wasn't Caen who was standing only one step away from him. Instead, it was a dark-haired man who seemed to be dressed in a coat and pants as if he was some businessman. 

Lucifer raised his hand to attack the man. This awful closeness was something he didn't appreciate. And to see a stranger near him that shouldn't be here, this was dangerous. 

He didn't think twice to ask any questions as he decided to attack with his lightning. 

Unfortunately, he had only started raising his hands to attack when the man smirked as he grabbed him by his throat. 

"Curious about me? The world knows me as Warlock King Varant," the man told Lucifer.

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