Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 174 - 174: Salazar Lucia

As for the man who was sitting before the TV, he was none other than one of the four Warlock Kings. 

There were Four Warlock Kings that existed now, even after Zale Azarel's death. 

Varant, who was the leader of APF. Zeiss, who was the leader of Hunter Union. Raia, who was the leader of Variant Uprising, and Salazar Lucia. 

Unlike the other three, Salazar Lucia wasn't affiliated with any organization. He remained like Zale Azarel, unaffiliated. 

The man seemed to be dressed like an Assassin but a bit different than Rowen. There was something charming about him. He was only in his early twenties, but he was one of the strongest Warlocks already. 

His beautiful blonde hair and his deep blue eyes made him seem like a model. There also appeared to be some intriguing tattoos that extended from his shoulder to his wrists, in both arms. 

"Son of Zale Azarel, is it? So that's who this kid was. I was interested to know that there was a young Warlock that was annoying the hell out of APF but to know that he was his son..." Salazar muttered as he sighed. "Like father, like son, it seems. Not bad. Not bad at all."

"But to know that his son lived a life that that... I guess I really should meet him. Maybe I can help him. That's the least I can do for Zale's son."


In a facility somewhere far away from Lucifer, a man was looking at his computer screen, which was showing a Military Weapon Facility through Satellite. 

The man was part of a government organization that used satellites to keep an eye on important locations to make sure that nothing happened there.

There was only one base of this organization, and the man was a part of it. 

He was given a lot of warnings by his colleagues about using the satellite for personal use, and every time he promised not to do it again. Since the organization was pretty lax, he wasn't fired or punished except for being given a few verbal reminders. 

The man kept looking at the screen, which was showing military personnel going in and out of the Weapon Facility.


The man yawned as he stretched his arms. 

"This is so boring. I spent the whole day watching the same place. I think I earned the right to have some fun."

"Which place should I search?" He muttered as he fell into a deep thought. 

He opened his diary and started going through the names of the places he had written on them. 

"Ameza Mountain? Seen that."

"Dracia Forest, nope."

"Triangle Recion? That wouldn't be fun this time of the year."

"Orion Beach? That's right. That can be fun. It's the time of the year when high tides occur there. If I'm lucky, I might be able to see that."

After going through three pages in his diary, he finally ended up on the name of Orion Beach, which intrigued him. 

He started pressing a few keys on the keyboard as he set the coordinates. 

The view on the screen soon changed as it started showing the footage of Orion Beach.

"Huh? There are people there? What are they doing there? It's dangerous to be there. Are they idiots? They might die if they're unlucky."

As the man looked at the screen, he was stunned to see that the beach wasn't empty. There seemed to be two people walking near the sea. 

"Wait a minute, that one seems like a kid. The adult with him is an idiot! To bring a kid there?" The man said, seemingly upset. 

"The kid should be naive and didn't know about the risks at this time, but that woman with him should have!" 

He focused on the kid and zoomed in, just to make sure. He had decided to inform the authorities about a kid walking on the beach so they could extract him. 

As soon as he zoomed on the kid, his eyes opened wide in surprise. 

"What the heck? That kid! Isn't that the most wanted Variant in the APF list?" The man exclaimed as he saw Lucifer's face from close. 

He recognized Lucifer since he had been seeing him on the news for over a month now. 

He still had the perception that the kid was a killer Variant since he hadn't seen the news that was broadcasted just today. He was here in the office when Variant Uprising took over the channels. 

Moreover, no personal phones were allowed in the facility, so he couldn't even check the net to know the latest update.

They only had the basic landline phones in the office, which didn't have an internet connection. 

"That kid killed a lot of people. So he's hiding there from APF. If I'm not wrong, there is also a reward for giving information about the kid. That's good. I'll get money for doing a good deed," he thought as he nodded his head. 

He picked up the phone and dialed a number that he still remembered. The phone number of APF that was given in the news was only three numbers long after all. 


The APF control room received many calls throughout the day, but this time was different. They received the call with the information they were looking for. 

A caller had informed them about Lucifer's location, which was further given to Aluren in extreme urgency. 


Throughout the day, Lucifer walked along the line of the beach, talking to Caen. He spoke about many things, but he still hadn't spoken about Veracity. 

Throughout the day, Caen also asked a few questions related to Lucifer's life which he answered without hesitation. Lucifer had started to open up a little about his life. 

It was evening, and the sun had started going down. The sunlight had started decreasing as darkness started taking over. 

Lucifer and Caen sat near the sea, looking at the Sun, which was going down slowly. 

"Lucifer, let's play a game. How about that?" Caen asked Lucifer. 

"What game?" Lucifer inquired, confused. 

"You tell me your happiest moment in life before becoming a Variant, and I'll tell you mine. Whoever has a better one wins. And the winner will also get a prize," Caen replied.

"What Prize?" Lucifer asked. 

"If you win, I'll do any one thing you ask me to do. If I win, you'll do any one thing I ask you to do?" Caen suggested. "How's that?"

"This... I accept," Lucifer said, without thinking twice. 

If he won, he could get Caen to take him to Veracity. This was good. And if he lost, what could Caen even make him do that he didn't want to do? He didn't worry about this as he accepted. 

"That's better. I'll go first," Caen said, smiling. 

He looked at the sea as he started speaking.

"My happiest memory is of when I was seven years old. My father and my mother took me to a friend's family. You know what they said there in front of everyone else?" Caen asked Lucifer.

"What?" Lucifer inquired, not having any idea. 

"They said that I'm what they're most proud of. They said they're proud of me and I brought light to their dark world with my arrival. They said how much they love me before a large number of people, and I could see that they were genuine. That is the most precious moment of my life," Caen answered. 

"I might forget everything about my younger days, but I can never forget this moment."

Lucifer glanced at Caen and noticed his face that seemed to be reminiscing about the past. It seemed like he really meant that. 

"Now tell me yours," Caen asked Lucifer.

"My most precious and happy moment?" Lucifer asked as he fell in a thought. 

"I only had five years with my family before they..." He muttered but didn't finish. 

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