Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 79 - Meeting

Chapter 79 - Meeting

I moved away from the floating Skypeak Nest and flew back towards the large fortress walls in the distance.

I took out the skill book that I managed to grab before the appearance of the powerful EPIC ranked beast, it was [Profane Eruption- Affect the bodies of slain enemies to violently burst, releasing poisonous blight in an area of five meters]. I recalled the multitude of dead bodies that piled up whenever I fought and looked forward to using this the next time

The cold winds in the skies as well as the voluminous snow that always fell in the Frozen Kingdom became comforting and cooled the tension I felt in my body. I flew down once I neared the fortress wall, with the crowds that came in and out thinning as night neared

With the increasing fear and tension of demons plaquing the lands, most of the merchants that made their business travelling between kingdoms and selling their goods had to put their lives on the line. The roles of adventures and mercenaries further increased to protect merchants and key figures that travel around. They had to have someone powerful in case they came across a squadron of demons moving across the lands

I passed the heavily protected gates with no issue and found myself back in the beautiful entrance town that seemed to be coming to life with the advent of the night sky. I recalled the invitation I had received as well as the golden plaque I held in my storage ring. This person that had taken an interest in me and called for a meeting out of the blue might be an extremely important step during my time in the Frozen Kingdom, and I couldn’t take it lightly

I had added four more rank S skills in my arsenal, and felt all the more safer, but I still had to move with caution. I would take this risk with the meeting now and see what results come from it. I found myself moving past the rows of businesses that began their work as well as the barely dressed women that seemed to literally be materializing from the dark corners of inns

My destination this time was the long bridge that sn.a.k.e.d all the way up to the floating Snowy Peak high up in the distance. Two guards still stood side by side and carefully inspected everyone going up, only letting known people with a high status pass through without checking

I took out the golden plaque I received from the woman that called herself Night as I made my way to the bridge. The guards on either sides looked at me briefly before their gazes went away. The first step I took on the bridge felt like a starting point for something entirely new

The bridge was built with complex artistry and looked like the most expensive stairs ever created with the blue glowing gems that lined the opposite sides and its extreme width. It stood in the sky with very little movement as I climbed up. I had counted more than 300 steps before I came across two extravagantly dressed women making their way down that gave me curious looks

Another few minutes passed as I stopped enjoying the scenes high in the air while looking down at the twinkling lights below, and I ascended the entire bridge into a brand new region that seemed entirely different than what I’ve been seeing.

There were normal sized trees with white leaves lined up from the bridge and heading into the Snowy Peak, the smooth road paved beautifully as this place seemed twice as exquisite as the land below us. The path forked as I went further in, and the end of the path held a figure of someone that seemed larger than 3 meters.

The figure had a wild aura that definitely exceeded rank S as they stood guard on the path right off the bridge entering Snowy peak. The being had their body encased in a similar white armor that I had seen many of the guards wear, with only their head remaining uncovered.

It was the head that surprised me, as it glowed with a fiery light and had a full mane all around it. The figure had the striking head that closely matched that of the fiercest lion, this was a powerful beastfolk that was not to be trifled with. I calmed my beating heart after meeting this guard that was most likely of EPIC rank as I considered what path to choose

They had given me the message to come to a place called the White Courtyard, but I had no idea where that was. I was planning on speaking to the guard when a dark clothed figure flashed into being on the right path. It looked to be the same one that I had met yesterday as they bowed towards me and indicated for me to follow them

Grand buildings came to light as we walked further in, and I started seeing throngs of people carrying themselves with a level of arrogance walk in and out of luxurious looking stores and restaurants.

The dark clothed woman I was following took us behind a certain building and knocked on it rapidly, causing a release mechanism as a hidden door appeared on the ground leading to a dimly lit pathway. I jumped in with her as she spoke for the first time today

"The Lady wanted to take even more extreme measures to stop any outside intervention or peering eyes. We will arrive at the White Courtyard shortly."

I nodded at her words as we followed the hidden path snaking its way underground, eventually following it up to a small courtyard. We unearthed ourselves into an all white room that gave out a calming feeling as the hidden door closed behind us. Night led the way through a few more doors and I soon found myself face to face with a veiled figure similar to someone I had seen not too long ago

I tried not to show the shock on my face as it dawned on me that the figure I took the interest of wore the same clothed veil of a high profile person that even the powerful rank S captain just wanted to be in the presence of

Night quickly bowed and receded from the room, closing the door with a click as multiple magical barriers began enclosing the room we were in. The veiled figure stood up and took a small curtsy while lifting up her dress and pushing her head down a little

The dark veil that covered her in entirety disappeared right after as the most stunning face I had ever seen revealed itself to my eyes. The face had a detached and cold expression with dark eyes that piercingly shone in the night. A bountiful head full of dazzling blue hair came into light as the figure fully revealed itself to me. A clearly expectant voice that seemed to betray the icy expression rang out

"Esteemed Sir, thank you for taking the time to meet me."

Every word that came out of the white lips of this person seemed to be dripping with elegance as I shook myself out of my reverie and calmly spoke

"It’s no problem. If I can be forward, who do I have the pleasure of meeting today?"

The figure rose their cold face up high as the clear voice that I can definitely confirm showed more excitement compared to the frozen face rang out

"I am the second child of King Roark Belmont of the Frozen Kingdom. The Ice Princess that holds control of the Snowy Peak we stand on. My name is Adelaide Belmont, and it is my deepest pleasure to welcome you here."

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