Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 78 - Caution

Chapter 78 - Caution

The new rank S skill was quickly learned, along with a few rank A skills that were not worthy of mentioning currently that would be used for [Skill Combination] once their proficiency rises

I looked in the messy attribute panel at the skills that continued to show their effectiveness that I regularly used

Skill(s): (B-Eagle Eyes-100)(B+ Dark Assassin-100)(A-Flight-100)(A-Instant Transfer-98)(A-Infernal Purge-100)(A-Ultra Regeneration-94)(A-Spear of Destiny-95)(A-Pain Resistance-100) (A-Recorder-43)(A-Combusting Spears-69)(A-Language Comprehension-42)(A-Earth Armor-77) (Obscure-78)(A+ Arctic Zone-53) (S-Volcanic Eruption-79)(S-Summon Virulent Abomination-89)(S-Rage of the Thunder Monarch-77) (S-All Element Resistance-5) (S-Protection of the Wounded-2)

The rank S skills were rising slowly, with some more than half way through to max proficiency. On the messy side of the many lower ranked skills on the panel, some B+ defense and support skills were nearing 100. I should be able to gain some new rank A skills from [Skill Combination] by the end of the day

I moved my eyes expectantly from the panel to the cold and snowy surroundings around me as the Virulent Abomination finished off any beasts that neared. We were only on the outer ring of this large floating landmass, but we neared the distance when the one leading the previous extermination task force had us stop.

I didn’t want to go too far in to come in contact with an EPIC ranked beast so fast, so I would proceed with caution and see if I can get another rank S skill before calling it a day and preparing for that possibly impactful randevu in the magnificently floating Snowy Peak of the Frozen Kingdom

We slowly moved further in, making sure to proceed carefully. I spread my attention through the barely visible trees around us while using [Eagle Eyes] to check for the incoming beasts. My attention was fully on reconnaissance as the Virulent Abomination took the brunts of the fight, our progress becoming slower as we moved in

Powerful beasts were present the deeper we went, and we soon came across three rank S leaders commanding a large group of beasts towards us. I looked excitedly towards these ugly looking monsters as they already seemed like the perfect loot in my eyes

We waited for the large groups of beasts to come to us and moved back as we fought, putting a safe distance for the fight not to take place any closer inland. The Virulent Abomination clashed with the groups led by the two rank S BOSSes, its body quickly becoming shredded when two of the Leaders attacked it in conjunction

The other leader was making its way towards me, its large body moving at fast speeds and evading the cold blasts of [Arctic Zone] as it neared. The beasts that were ravaging the summon thought they had won as they tore through its wings and tough muscles, but were dismayed soon after when the abomination exploded in front of them


The impact took out many of the normal surrounding beasts and heavily wounded the two leaders that were ganging up on it. Not a moment after, a large malachite rune bore out a completely brand new Abomination that jumped back into the fight.

The leader targeting me was finally caught by one of the [Arctic Zone]s as its attention was pulled away, its figure slowing down and allowing me to cast even more of the skill where it stood.

Its body let out uncomfortable sounds as the destructive cold elements that appeared tried to break down its defenses unsuccessfully. [Rage of the Thunder Monarch] and [Volcanic Eruption] would be its only respite as its large figure took multiple strikes of the roiling purple lightning and molten flames, letting out screeching howls before it fell to the continued casts of the skills

I continued to keep looking out to our surroundings as I neared the body of the dead rank S BOSS and received a golden skill book and cores. The third rank S skill addition of the day would be [Saint’s Phantom- A mirage of a saint from long ago appears for 10 seconds, using its powerful magic to heal all wounds and dispel any major negative effects]

I learned the skill right away and looked ahead to the summon that had ripped apart one of the beasts it was facing and was now clashing with the final one. At this point in time though, I saw a drastic change to the area ahead of us that I had been continuously watching with [Eagle Eyes]

A powerful figure was rushing towards us like a speeding bullet train, its body ignoring the extremely sturdy trees shooting up to the skies as it knocked onto them and blasted through in a straight line


I quickly used [Instant Transfer] to the body of one of the dead Leaders and obtained another skill book and cores, before I turned my head at full speed and used [Eagle Eyes] with [Instant Transfer] again to appear more than a mile away from the location


I heard the impact the moment I disappeared as the large beast that was coming towards us smashed onto the Virulent Abomination and wrecked the summon through the trees around it

I only briefly watched as glistening white claws shredded into the chest of my summon before it exploded into the blast of flesh and bones that slightly pushed the figure back. The beast showed slight injuries as some its fur became tinted green, but they soon turned spotlessly white as its piercing eyes found my figure more than a mile away

Another Virulent Abomination appeared in my location as I used [Instant Transfer] to appear at a distance another mile away, sending the summon to hold back the beast. Yea. F.u.c.k that.

I used [Instant Transfer] multiple times until I neared the periphery of the Nest again, not looking behind as I continued flashing away. When I was more than a few miles away and could see the floating landmass in the distance, a resounding roar of anger that could be heard from here broke out

I steadied my breathing as I continued to fly away from the Nest, remembering the information I read that powerful beasts did not rush out of the Nest they were in unless a truly powerful one had united many of the beasts congregated together to attack the lands surrounding them

This hadn’t occurred for the past years in this area as the number of beasts was regularly reduced, with powerful adventures and mercenaries forming parties to take down Leaders that rose past rank S every few years

The roars of the angered beasts continued, and became distant as I continued to fly away. My heart was beating at a fast pace as I thought about the EPIC ranked beast that I almost clashed with. Not yet. Not yet.

I had to play it safe until the skills I collected rose in proficiency and I stood no chance of losing my life while fighting against such a beast. My life was too important for me to play around without having full confidence. Once the proficiency of the rank S skills rose, I would be back to take down this powerful beast. It was highly dangerous, but would also be extremely profitable

Other people could not gain power exceeding rank S just by defeating an EPIC ranked BOSS. But I could, and I was looking forward to it!

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