Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 776 - A Dream of Creating Multiple Entities

Chapter 776 - A Dream of Creating Multiple Entities

As Noah was butchering GALAXY Realm experts on one side, one of his clones within the same Infinite Galaxy he was flinging around as a weapon was carrying out a mass teleportation with multiple beings.

The teleportation this time included all of the Harbingers of Sin along with other important personages and Chosen Extras, all of these major powerhouses being brought into a Galaxy Noah had laid siege to weeks ago- the Burning Domains Galaxy!


The figures of multiple beings disappeared from the Infinite Galaxy and reappeared in a Domain of the Burning Domains Galaxy, the line up being something that would make one rub their eyes in shock.

This was because it was the same beings we were familiar with, but each of them was in the grand Realm of QUASAR!

This was the requirement from Noah for all of those that wanted to participate- that’s their realms had to be power leveled to QUASAR before they would be allowed to delve outside of the Infinite Galaxy.

This meant that aside from the Emperor Penguin, all the others had also forgone achieving Grand Completion of their Realms as they used the abundant Cores and resources of the Infinite Galaxy to break through Nebula and Black Hole, ultimately achieving Quasar as it was within this realm that they truly began to shine.

They truly shone because in this realm...each of them could have 3 Animus Summons that they trained to Grand Completion!

To understand this shocking phenomenon, one must recall the resources and features of the Infinite Galaxy, as well as putting Noah himself and his [Chosen Extras] ability into account.

The foremost feature that made such a rapid rise in strength in the past weeks since Noah first fused with the Novus Galaxy was of course...the Time Space!

Since the fusion, the Feature of Time Space had stopped its ratio at 1:100.

Yes. 1:100!

This meant that a day in the outside world was 100 days in the Time Space of the Infinite Galaxy! When you accounted for the fact that an entire month had passed since Noah’s siege of the Burning Domains Galaxy and the fruition of the Infinite Galaxy, it meant that any of his subordinates who remained constantly in the Time Space would have experiences 100 months.

That was 8 years!

8 years...was truly a great number of days when one looked at how Noah had risen from nothing to the stage he was at in less than a year.

Of course, if you looked at it from the perspective of Ancient Powers that had lived for tens of thousands of years, you could say 8 years was nothing.

But when it came to beings who only had to absorb cores to was just the perfect amount of time they needed to very quickly rise in strength!

In this period of time, the Realm of QUASAR was long achieved by each of them as they utilized the skills that Noah created to embark on the Dao of Summoning and bring forth their own Animus Summons.

This was where the crux of their strength lay- the fact that they were able to summon multiple contracted pets and train them to Grand Completion as the years passed in the Time Space of the Infinite Galaxy!

Those who had were selected as Chosen Extras when they Summoned their pets were lucky enough to get a higher rarity of pets, with a few of Noah’s subordinates getting multiple Ultra Rare Animus Summons as uniquely...Barbatos and the Emperor Penguin were the only ones to obtain a PRISMATIC summon!

The beak of the sleek penguin had risen ever higher when this scene occurred, with Barbatos merely looking at her summon with shining eyes as a dangerous light appeared.

The Emperor Penguin was lucky enough to obtain a Mythical Frostbourne Mammoth while Barbatos contracted with a Holy Millennium Phoenix!


Such creatures were the ones summoned the moment that Noah’s clone teleported them into the Burning Domains Galaxy.

The stellar image of a pristine white feathered Holy Millennium Phoenix that had white flames dancing on its body stood grandly next to Barbatos as she also summoned her Skeleton King and a Winged Onyx, her hand waving behind her to also summon the Arch Lich Ra-Zan as Abyssal Undead would soon stand behind her only to be boosted by the Holy Light of the Millennium Phoenix!

The arrogant Emperor Penguin stood on the tusks of his Mythical Frostbourne Mammoth as he also summoned his other two pets, his image looking extremely grand as the Sin of Pride made an ever-present golden l.u.s.ter hang behind him.

Such was the stage of Noah’s subordinates at this moment! The most powerful ones already had 2 PRISMATIC Pets at Grand Completion of the QUASAR Realm as they could easily match weak Low Tier GALAXY beings!

You still had the Kraken, Kazuhiko, Athena, Elena...and many others that each had their own three Animus Summons at the Grand Completion of the QUASAR Realm. Even if their pets weren’t at the PRISMATIC stage, they still had horrendous over as the moment these beings stepped into the stage of normal beings on the same stage as them would be able to stand against them...

Such was the force that Noah was raising!

So aside from the Time Space, the other thing that made it possible for Noah’s subordinates to rise to such levels of power was the Dao of Summoning that granted them terribly powerful Animus Pets that could be brought up to Grand Completion within their Realms.

As his clone glanced at the line up of his subordinates currently ready to go against the remaining 2 GALAXY ranked Elder Fiends in the Burning Domains Galaxy, he could already imagine each of them standing in the Realm of Peak Tier GALAXY with multiple pets in the same realm...his heart trembling with excitement as he thought of commanding such beings!

If he could command such a force where each of them would hold the power of an Entity, what were Ancient Powers in front of him then?

As many Ancient Powers were scrambling to bring more Entities into their organizations, he was in the process of creating his own at this very moment!

"Go! Target only the Fiends at QUASAR and above!"

He gave the command as his force descended onto a Galaxy in a shocking fashion.


The fearsome cry of an Emperor Penguin could be heard as he stood atop a Mythical Frostbourne Mammoth majestically, yet another battle erupting out at this time!


Back in the Secret Realm of Great Sage Aoin, there was a single door that represented Noah’s [Life Realm], an isolated space that he had locked himself in with 20 GALAXY Realm experts from the Primal Winged Expanse.

These experts were beings from an Ancient Power, Aileron Royals that had comprehended the Dao of Withering! Some were even Princes from the direct lineage of the Primal Emperor that ruled the Primal Winged Expanse.

At this moment, a devastating scene lay inside of this isolated realm as these 20 GALAXY Realm Aileron Royals...were no more!

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