Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 775 - Not Even a Challenge!

Chapter 775 - Not Even a Challenge!

The battle was one that moved at such a rapid pace that grand changes would occur after just a single second!

The moment that yet another Aileron Royal fell in less than a second, Prince Kirigan made a decision as he thundered forth towards Noah, the remaining experts spread out taking the attention of the Colossal Helios Leviathan and Void Serpent as the Obsidian Panther was already flashing in another direction.


Prince Kirigan bellowed out as his four pairs of wings shone with immense l.u.s.ter, large reserves of mana exploding from him as it made the swirling Dao essence even more pronounced.

His figure looked like an archaic bird swooping down to rip apart his enemy as his two hands were outstretched and forming into the shape of two claws, the Dao essence around him manifesting into two phantom claws that threatened to pulverize any enemy they touched!

Anna stood beside Noah as her eyes slightly shook, but she observed him to not even bat an eye as she calmed down, watching as his reply to this terrifying enemy at the Middle Tier GALAXY Realm...was to simply throw the glimmering blue miniaturized Galaxy towards the terrifying phantom Dao claws.


The eyes of Prince Kirigan constricted when it came to this blue glimmering treasure, the moment it touched his manifested Dao claws causing an intense clash as it seemed to be held in place!


Space quaked as the Dao essence was actually able to bring the thrown Galaxy to a halt, Prince Kirigan feeling a horrendous as he felt his essence drained rapidly, knowing he could not even hold on for long.

Yet Noah did not even give this Prince time to think as from his body, the light of the Sin of Pride and Envy shone as his essence was boosted by a large amount while the attributes of Prince Kirigan suddenly came down a level, his essence reducing out of nowhere!

This wasn’t all as on top of this, the essence of the Dao of Summoning erupted out from Noah to clash with the Dao of Withering essence that Kirigan was pushing out majestically before but it had now waned, instantly dispelling it as the Galaxy continued unhindered and smashed into his outstretched palm!


A disastrous impact resounded out as the body of the Middle Tier GALAXY expert was much more sturdier and powerful, a treasured light also shining out from the body of the Prince as a protective armament was ruptured, the impact not directly pulverizing him as his figure was shot back like a cannon ball.


He knocked onto the periphery of the wriggling roots of the Life Realm as he spurt oout blood, the moment pushing him out again like a rag doll as Noah finally began putting in some more effort and flashed towards the trajectory of his body, his hands having already reclaimed the Infinite Galaxy as he simply pushed this out again towards the body Prince Kirigan!


For the second time, the Galaxy smashed onto his body as even more treasured armaments shattered, his figure flung backward again as Noah followed.


"You cannot kill!"

"You will start a war!"

The Aileron Royals not being pinned down by the three Animus Pets tried to make way as they shockingly saw their prince targeted to the point where his body nearly burst, but their cries fell on deaf ears.

Noah was lazily not using any more overpowered skills or even merging with his pets, simply throwing out a Galaxy that was reinforced with swirling Dao essence like a battering ram as once more, he flung it to the battered body of the Aileron Prince that had nearly all of his body ruptured and bloody!


The third time the body of this Prince came in contact with the weight of the Infinite Galaxy...was also the time it could hold on no longer as it utterly broke down and was pulverized into a mass of flesh and bones, his origin and soul utterly destroyed from the sheer horrendous force.

Noah shook his head disappointedly as he saw the body of the prince did not explode into a shower of treasured loot, not mattering to him the order that he killed his enemies!

If the Prince came to him to die, he wouldn’t tell him to wait as he killed all of his lackeys first before he made his way to the big boss.

This meant that the Aileron Prince that has looking at everything with an arrogant and domineering gaze...died even before all of his goons were wiped out!


"Prince Kirigan!"

Wails rang out at this moment as Noah paid them no heed, waving his hands to collect the resplendent Middle Tier GALAXY Cores as well as the belongings of this Prince, his expression changing as his aura caught on to an aura of something familiar in an isolated space treasure on the body of the Prince.

His eyes then shone with golden l.u.s.ter as he affirmed the outline of a red black page, a page from the Book of Ruination!


He waved his hand to collect everything as he would give them a thorough look later, turning his gaze towards the remaining Aileron Royals as there were even fewer of them remaining now.

The moment they saw the pulverization of their prince from a specific being merely spamming the throw of his Galaxy, some were too shaken as the Obsidian Panther used this time to split apart the skull of another being, the Colossal Helios Leviathan and the Void Serpent doing something similar as they released horrendous attacks that caused the downfall of another 3 Low Tier GALAXY experts just seconds after Price Kirigan fell!


The remaining Middle Tier GALAXY Realm experts bellowed out as they tried to gang up on the Animus Summons, each of them staying away from the figure of Noah in the skies as some even went back to try attacking the thick roots of Life Realm to see if they could get out!

As Noah glanced at this scene of GALAXY Rank experts panicking while he floated towards them while waving a shimmering galaxy, he shook his head lightly as he had a domineering thought.

’This...isn’t even a challenge anymore!’


With his gaze set to massacre more experts of an Ancient Power, Noah continued!

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