Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 770 - You want to be my loot this badly?!

Chapter 770 - You want to be my loot this badly?!

The figures of the Aileron Royals shone with l.u.s.ter as they floated in the skies, their image being extremely menacing when paired up with their mystical wings.

"Holy Princess Anna, come tour the scenery of this Secret Realm with your future husband. We have much to learn about each other."

The attention of Prince Kirigan remained on Anna as always, his eyes shining with light as he looked towards her like a prized possession he had to have!

His words only made Anna’s expression cloudy as she answered back curtly.

"I’ll say it again, I have no intention of being around you. Not now. Not in the future."


The words were as decisive as they could be, the intentions of Anna being blatantly clear as she spoke without caring about the face of this Aileron Prince! This Prince heard the biting words as his eyes began to gradually lose their calmness. He felt as if he could see the gazes of the other Aileron Royals digging into his back as to them, it seemed like he could not even handle his own woman.

"You’re going to continue to act this way?" While speaking with a cold voice, his body began to erupt with power as the essence of the Dao of Withering rumbled around him.

"With even your grandfather giving you away, what gives you the confidence? Is it this mere human you call a genius who just now advanced into the GALAXY Realm? A being that has lived and accomplished barely a hundredth of what I’ve done in my lifetime?"


With every word, the swirling Dao around him became wilder and wilder as his eyes gained a trace of anger, seeing that even now Anna was still not moved as she just moved closer to Noah, making her stance clear!

Seeing this scene infuriated Prince Kirigan even more as he took a few seconds to think something through before his expression became cold and decisive.

"You are to be engaged and wed to me, you must be by my side and not some random fly. If you cannot see that, then as your future husband- I must discipline and show you, starting with the fly that shows no respect to those above him!"


Shocking words erupted from the mouth of the Aileron Prince as Anna’s eyes now shone with anger, her mouth moving as fast as her thoughts.

"You little bird, what did you say? Discipline me? Haha!"

She laughed in her anger as she looked towards the 20 Aileron Royals as well as the prince. She then turned towards Noah as a single thought passed through her mind.

’He’s always broken common sense before, so he should be fine, right?’

With this single thought, she also made her decision as she turned to the being that Prince Kirigan called a fly and spoke out coldly.

"Count this as another favor to add to my tab. I don’t even want the possibility of this winged bastard being married to me. Wipe him out."


Cold and decisive words erupted out as Noah’s three PRISMATIC Summons were kept close, the Aileron Royals surrounding them glancing at each other as they laughed in derision!

"Wipe the Primal Prince out? Haha!"

"Prince Kirigan, this girl might need a lot of discipline to get her right in the head, it seems she doesn’t even know of the concepts of power!"

Insults and derision flew out from the mouths of the Aileron Royals as Noah adopted a wide smile.

The situation around them seemed extremely bad as 20 Aileron Royals surrounded them. Each of these beings was in the GALAXY Realm, with a significant portion being in the Middle Tier as they represented geniuses that were learned in the Dao!

The Aileron Race especially was proficient in the Dao of Withering, a Dao with high destructive capabilities as those proficient in it could release terrifying forces to desiccate, decay, and cause the decline of all life, with a rumor that those fully assimilating it might even be able to cause the decline of abstruse concepts such as time as they brought things to a halt, or cause the desiccation of entire Galaxies with based on mere whims and wishes.

It was a truly terrifying dao even though it was classified as lesser, and yet even while faced with this...Noah still had a wide smile!

He was actually a very calm and laid back guy, you know? He didn’t go out of his way to kill others or start a conflict. seemed that some people just could not help but throw themselves at him!

Beings like these Aileron Royals glancing down towards him arrogantly as they talked of teaching them a lesson cropped up way too many times.

They seemed to be fighting very hard just to become his loot, so he could only give them what they wanted as he was also a truly kind guy!

What others wanted, he would give. And these Aileron Royals...they were chasing death!

As for the consequences?

He would merely anger and put himself against an Ancient Power. If one were to ask him what he thought about that, he would say-

So what!


Essence erupted from him as he did many actions in the next second.

First was the activation of the Ruination Core as he switched into another miscellaneous affix, this time an offensive one!

To add some information briefly- when it came to his Ruination Core within his origin, it naturally could not be sensed by others even if they held the pages from the book of ruination in their hands. This Ruination Core was completely equipped by him as everything about it was contained within Noah’s origin, him being the only one to sense or do anything with it.

As he activated it, he chose the Miscellaneous Suffix of [10% chance to Smite enemies for 10,000% Ruination Damage when you hit them].

He was feeling a tad bit high as he had just achieved a huge advancement in a realm so he wanted to test out some of the more fun features of the abilities he held.

And what could be more fun than spamming skills with an extremely high cast and attack rate that would give a 1 in 10 chance to allow an enemy to be Smitten by 10,000% Ruination Damage?!


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