Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 769 - GALAXY! II

Chapter 769 - GALAXY! II

Going past the Realm of QUASAR was an enormous step for many beings, especially so because the active galactic nucleus of a QUASAR would be utilized to finally bloom into a genuine Galaxy.

This stage of GALAXY was a special one in the Dark Universe, as a majority of experts were within this stage!

These experts then fight tooth and nail for powerful treasures that can enhance them from the Lower Tier of this Realm until they enter the Peak. From Low, Middle, and finally to Peak- each had its own distinction as those at the peak could easily crush those below them, with a few creatures being the exceptions.

The Peak Tier GALAXY Realm was particularly unique as it was also the prerequisite for any being to be considered an Entity- they had to first be in this stage as they then had to be particularly proficient in dao or mastered it, with the most powerful Entities being ones already assimilating the Dao into their very origins and souls. In the Dark Universe, these were the beings that stood at the peak of power!

Others became rulers of their home Galaxies while others wandered the Dark Universe in search for unknown Secret Realms or Unique Galaxies as they sought for treasures, while others joined established Ancient Powers that offered such things and legacies of Sages so that they could seek even greater levels of strength!

At this moment, Noah would simply be stepping into the Low Tier GALAXY rank as he absorbed a great number of cores, and this action held its own significance as he would be doing it while maintaining his Manifested Realm.


The eruption of essence began as above the enormous body of the Colossal Helios Leviathan, Noah absorbed the last glimmering Galaxy Core as the vibrant Quasar within his Origin...shone in a grandiose light that nearly blinded the nearby Anna!

Such light was so damn bright as searing heat could be felt from Noah- such intense heat that Anna was pulled away protectively by her Four Winged Unicorn.


The Colossal Helios Leviathan also let out a bellow as this Low Tier GALAXY Animus Summon actually felt the searing heat above its body, bearing with it as its role was to loyally act as its master’s mount!

Noah felt all of these changes as he came out of the wondrous stage and gave a command, the Colossal Helios Leviathan flying even lower while his body shot to the skies, putting distance from the others as the light from his origin only became brighter.

The surrounding space that his body occupied shimmered and seemed to oscillate from the searing heat, making for a shocking image as if the very sky around him was melting!

This was the Forging of a Galaxy! Of a QUASAR having its active galactic nucleus used as it birthed billions of stars within the Origin of a being!

The phenomenon was even wilder than others as for this realm elevation, Noah even let himself fall into the sleeping state as he enjoyed the effects of the Sin of Sloth that allowed him even grander effects when advancing through stages.


The moment his eyes closed, the essence around him became even wilder as space shattered, chaotic voids appearing around Noah as horrendous spatial storms erupted out.

Yet his body...remained still as it shone with magisterial splendor!

Yes! Magisterial splendor as his arms were widespread as if accepting a grand gift, the luminous bright searing light dying down as on Noah’s body at this could see a vibrant GALAXY!

Much more vibrant and luminous than others.

Filled with multicolored stars that would entice beings to want to enter such a galaxy and live within it.

Yet such rights were only being enjoyed by his Animus Summons!

Within his shared Origin, the figures of the Three-Legged Fate Crow, Oraculothorax, and the Calamity Bear could be seen floating within happily.


At this moment, Noah opened his eyes as he sensed the profound strength dwelling within him, as well as his body having arrived at the top of the Low Tier GALAXY Realm simply after his elevation in rank!

From now on, he would need a great deal of Cores at the Middle and Peak Tiers of the GALAXY Realm in order to enter these distinct stages within the same Realm.

Since it was a new Realm, it meant he could summon an additional Animus Pet for each of his two main bodies. This also meant that even though the stages of Low, Middle, and Peak were distinct, as it was still within the same Realm- he wouldn’t be getting the perk of being able to summon extra pets when he advanced to Middle and Peak of the same GALAXY Realm! He considered this a pain as for now...he would enjoy the immense feeling of power while understanding what this Realm truly represented.

"Genius doesn’t even seem appropriate at this point. You’re just a monster."

The voice of Anna rang out as she came back to his position on her Four Winged Unicorn, his Animus Pets also making their way back as the Obsidian Panther was the first one to flash towards Noah as it looked at his figure up and down.

"Wow wow wow! Master, how is yours so much bigger and brighter than mine? So many more stars too...Ah!" The Panther flashed all around Noah speedily as a second later, the serpentine tail of the Void Serpent timed its path and wrapped its body to quiet it down briefly.

Noah glanced at everyone around him as his eyes landed on the Void Serpent. This Animus Summon was still at the QUASAR Realm as it showed battle power at the Low Tier GALAXY, and it would be the first one that he would bring up in Realm before he worked on the chicken, bear, and the oculothorax!

His body rumbled with essence as his shimmering GALAXY shone, preparing to unleash a spam of abilities from the [Animus Summoner Trainer] skill tree when suddenly, his expression changed as he looked towards a certain direction.


Off in the distance, a sharp light appeared as the aura of over 20 beings could be felt, the multiple pairs of wings on their backs very quickly making their appearance clear as their voices reached them even before their figures fully materialized.

"My future wife and the fly that continues to be around her, we meet again."

The figure of Prince Kirigan appeared grandly as 19 other Aileron Royals appeared behind him, their gazes that of coldness and ridicule as they glanced towards the pair of humans domineeringly!

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