Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 765 - A Fantastical Holy Land! I

Chapter 765 - A Fantastical Holy Land! I

He was merely a single being, so what could he do when it came to the grand stage of the Dark Universe where multiple Ancient Powers were embroiled?

What could be done against powerful Entities who had mastered Daos with some even Assimilating them?!

What could a mere Noah Osmont do to those holding Legacies of Sages and Great Sages?

To such a challenge, Noah only smiled as his eyes locked with the Holy Emperor.

"Time will tell. You made the engagement a year away, yes? All I will need is a few weeks or months. You’ll naturally see if my words are just boasting then!"


Even the surroundings seemed to hold Noah’s words accountable as space trembled, the Holy Emperor squinting his eyes as he nodded.

"Alright, it is only but a small period of time. Until then, you are of my Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, and you will be a part of the group descending into the Primal Holy Land that I will open in two days. With your genius, you might be able to find something good there...and your arrogant attitude might even be ground away!"

The two men looked at each other with the same gazes, this staring contest continuing for a whole minute as each of them had their own thoughts.

To the Holy Emperor, it mattered not whether Noah’s words were true or false, just that he would have this genius tied to him! All he had to do was wipe away the pride that seemed to be dripping from every word this genius said.

As for Noah, he would be getting access to a Land that apparently had the Legacy of a Great Sage as he was given more time and even the resources he denounced for him to just grow. It was a win-win for everyone, thus they came to an understanding!


In the next days, a solemn atmosphere overtook the central regions of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter as multiple Holy Descendantants were chosen to enter the Primal Holy Land.

Among them, the new genius known as Alexander and even the Holy Princess Anna were included!

The party from the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter consisted of many genius summoners of the younger generation, with the levels ranging from Black Hole all the way to the Low Tier GALAXY Realm.

This party would be accompanied by the Aileron Royals of the Primal Winged Expanse, these Royals also holding similar levels of strength as the chosen ones already arrived at the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter a day before the Primal Holy Land would open.

When the day came for the Primal Holy Land to open, Noah was standing on a mystical garden of the castle designated to him as he stared out into the open world around him, his senses picking up the auras of Anastasia and Anna flying in as he knew it was time.

He flew up to meet them as he observed the stern face of Anastasia who spoke while stroking the vibrant crimson hair of Anna.

"Take care of her in there. I’ve only visited the Primal Holy Land once, and while there shouldn’t be too much danger unless you delve deep into it, there are other sources of danger from those accompanying you."

She let out cautioning words as Noah smiled, nodding to let her know that he understood!

By the side, Anna shook her head in annoyance as this genius by her own right felt she could protect herself.

The two of them were led by Anastasia through multiple portals as they went deeper and deeper into the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, gaining more knowledge about the Primal Holy Land on the way there.

This Primal Holy Land was said to be the Abode of the Great Sage that had fully comprehended and assimilated the Dao of Summoning, this Great Sage finding a unique realm where used his power of the fully assimilated Dao to summon forth numerous Animus Pets that could remain in the Realm without being contracted!

This Great Sage had been such a great genius that he recreated the environment of the Animus Universe within this small realm, setting up restrictions as all the Animus Pets he summoned within this Realm would remain there even if no being in the Dark Universe contracted them.

This was the Primal Holy Land! A land that a Great Sage made which held a great deal Animus Summons along with who knew how many secrets and treasures.

When the Great Sage perished, the Animus Summons within this Primal Holy Land turned wild and savage, attacking all those that entered indiscriminately.

The more that Noah heard about this land, the more his eyes lit up as in his mind, he just continued imagining piles and piles of loot just coming towards him!

He looked forward to finding out exactly what this land that had the Legacy of a Great Sage would bring as their figures arrived at the target location.

Noah saw that at this moment, they were actually in the belly region of the huge draconic shaped realm as his eyes caught the images of the two big bosses- the Primal Emperor and the Holy Emperor standing side by side.

Below them, the figures of Holy Descendants and Aileron Royals could be seen standing with vigor, their eyes shining as they looked towards a certain location where Noah’s eyes saw...a crack in space!

Yet this crack in space held a shocking identity as his Eyes of Truth showed him its wonders.

[Secret Realm](Primal Holy Land) :: A unique Realm created by Great Sage Aoin. It holds within it a myriad of beings unique to animus summons, with the atmosphere of the Realm granting unique effects to such creatures. Within, Animus Summons gain the following effects: +100% Growth, +100% Bloodline Refinement, and +100% Battle Power.

A wondrous Realm and its amazing effects of Animus Summons appeared in front of Noah’s eyes, the identity of the Great Sage that made this Realm also appearing in front of him!

Great Sage Aoin!

Noah hid his smile as he was ready to plunder whatever this supposed Great Sage left behind...

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