Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 764 - Merely Strikes From an Entity!

Chapter 764 - Merely Strikes From an Entity!

As his shimmering palm went towards a certain genius, the Holy Emperor saw that this being did not even dodge as he looked towards him with his head raised high. The thought of stopping did not enter the Holy Emperor as he pushed the ferocious palm forward, knowing it would at most injure this genius as he would need a day or two to recuperate.

Yet when the palm was inches away from Noah...


A soft force of expulsion occurred from the point of contact of the palm and a transparent barrier that was the Ruination Shield!


The Holy Emperor felt a light force push him back as his Dao essence was sucked into nothingness, his eyes opening wide as he looked over to see the genius still standing without even lifting a hand, and yet he was pushed away!


A strike from an Entity...was pushed away!

"You are truly full of surprises..."

The gaze of the Holy Emperor became even more heated as he glanced towards Noah, his figure disappearing at a speed Noah could not even follow as he only felt another palm near him from behind.


The strike was bounced away as the figure of the Holy Emperor disappeared from Noah’s sight once more, in the next millisecond another strike appearing to his left as the scene repeated once more!


5 strikes were released as Noah did nothing but stand still, his heart becoming chilly as the latter strikes felt extremely powerful that he knew they could heavily injure his physical body and origin if they were to land on him.


The figure of the Holy Emperor reappeared in front of Noah with a shocked look as his gaze towards him became truly unique, Noah himself sighing with relief as he felt the Ruination Shield would have shattered after it absorbed another 5 attacks!

This meant that one single strike from a Sage was the same as 10 strikes from an Entity! This was a rough estimation from Noah as it would vary depending on how deadly the attacks were, as well as who was dealing them. Yet his bet had paid off as the Holy Emperor of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter looked towards him incredulously, his eyes seemingly shooting off golden lights as he felt like he was looking at a pristine treasure he had to have!

Yet his emotions were thrown down once more as the arrogant voice of this genius rang out again.

"Merely some strikes from an Entity, they aren’t enough to harm me!"


A domineering atmosphere no lesser than the Holy Emperor rumbled out with these words, the white robe of the Ruler of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter calming down as it stopped waving wildly, his energy retracting as he looked at this being with a calm gaze.

Many things seemed to pass through his mind as an entire minute passed while these two beings stared at each other, the Holy Emperor opening his mouth as he spoke with a calm expression thereafter.

"What do you want?"


A Ruler of an entire Ancient Power uttered these words to a QUASAR ranked being!

The Holy Emperor locked his gaze unto this being as he prepared himself for whatever crazy request this genius would bring forth. He was slightly apprehensive as his aged mind calculated the aims this being could have, many possibilities forming in his mind as he saw the lips of the horrendous genius open.

"I want...your daughter!"


The Holy Emperor looked towards Noah incredulously as he wondered once more if he had heard correctly.

"Are you serious?"

"...why doesn’t that seem serious?" Noah tilted his head as he answered back quizzically! Of course, he couldn’t tell this Ruler at this moment that he wanted to obtain the Ruination Core hidden somewhere in this Ancient Power, so he could only play around with his aims first!

The Holy Emperor saw this scene as he shook his head with yet another tinge of disappointment while waving his hands.

"That cannot be done, I’ve just promised her to the Aileron Prince of the Primal Winged Expanse."

"So what? Unpromise it." Noah’s gaze was uncompromising as he also waved his hands and said this!

A brief lull occurred between the discussion as they seemed to come to an impasse before the Holy Emperor spoke once more.

"How about Anastasia? Your teacher-student relationship can bloom into something else."

"" Noah was nearly speechless as he thought about the poor adjudicator, this Holy Emperor giving away his daughters and granddaughter as if they were nothing! His eyes squinted as he voiced out his thoughts clearly.

"Why did you promise Anastasia to the Aileron Race before and your granddaughter now? Even if I was mentally inept, even I could obviously see that those from the Primal Winged Expanse have ulterior motives. Why give your own blood to them?"

A common sense question was given out as the gaze of the Holy Emperor turned cold, his voice coming out coldly thereafter as he seemed very clear on this as well.

"At the end of the day, it matters not their true or false intentions. Tying ourselves together means any more attacks we face from other Ancient Powers will have to be shouldered by the both of us. It is the most effective means to protect the trillions of lives under me, the most effective means to escape the coming Cataclysm!"


Noah silently pondered this answer as he replied with great disappointment himself!

"You would sacrifice your family for this?"

"Each of us has to make sacrifices. Those of us that rule Ancient Powers have a responsibility to shoulder that nobody else can imagine!"

The gaze of the Holy Emperor remained the same as he said this, Noah making the disappointment in his eyes clear as he voiced out slowly.

"What if I told you that I was a better power to tie yourself with in order to escape the coming Cataclysm?"


The words were so arrogant and domineering that essence erupted out from the mere mention of them, the Holy Emperor looking Noah up and down as he made sure he didn’t miss something.

"You...? Yes, you’re a genius. Yes, you have unique means that even I cannot explain. But in the grand scale of the Dark Universe...what can you do?"

The reply of the Holy Emperor seemed more like a challenge as Noah smiled grandly, his eyes lighting up as essence rumbled within his body!

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