Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 758 - Just Loot at the End of it All! II

Chapter 758 - Just Loot at the End of it All! II

In the starry space of the Infinite Galaxy, a group of important beings were sitting together as a heavy discussion took place!

Anastasia was the one speaking right now as she understood the immensity of Ancient Powers, as she knew of the dreadful monsters hidden within these places that were actually legacies of long lost Sages.

"But...this involves Ancient Powers, Entities that have nearly comprehended Daos, beings who have legacies of Sages with much of a genius as you are, you haven’t been given enough time to-"


Before Anastasia could finish her worried words as she looked at Noah, he erupted with essence as his brilliant QUASAR shone resplendently on his body. His face took a hint of seriousness as he spoke once more.

"The Nexus Galaxy has become a part of my Infinite Galaxy, so its people fall under my responsibility! Your husband, your daughter, and even you...all of you fall under my responsibility!"


The swirling essence of Dao erupted out with his words, Anastasia shockingly sensing the Dao of Summoning and ridiculously another Dao mixed in as Noah continued.

"So if I say other people cannot lay their hands on you, they cannot lay their hands on you! It matters not if they are Entities or Sages, they are nothing! To me, they shall merely be loot in the very end!"


Those listening felt their hearts pump as they listened to a being that did not put Entities or Sages in his eyes!

His last words reverberated throughout as they left a deep impact on those listening.

"...shall merely be loot in the very end..."

"...merely be loot..."

"...merely loot...!"

Entities and Sages- in front of Noah, he foresaw that that could only be loot!


As Noah let out domineering words with one body, one of his main bodies was casting a profoundly powerful skill that could not be used for weeks after- it was the Protagonist’s Bookmark!

More than always, Noah would be doing multiple things at the same time with his different bodies. So as one of them was entertaining the crimson haired mother and daughter pair while understanding the happenings of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, other bodies were training skill trees, utilizing features of the Infinite Galaxy, and now his main body was selecting a target for Protagonist’s Bookmark.

The being this time around was naturally the top most being of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, the Holy Emperor himself who held profound comprehensions on the Dao of Summoning!

Noah made this Dao his target to master as his Animus Summons were the ones granting him the biggest battle power at this moment. From the experiment with the Dao of Vitality, he knew that spending the entire Protagonist’s Bookmark on a Dao would grant him over 30% into it, so he would be waiting merely less than 3 months before he completely comprehends the Dao.

3 months! And that was barring any other opportunities he came across during that time.


Essence moved under his command as first, he changed the affix of the Ruination Core to [+10,000% Comprehension and Assimilation in the Dao of Summoning], Protagonist’s Bookmark being cast thereafter as a portion of his soul traversed the wide space to go elsewhere!

Going from the miniaturized galaxy that was a grain of sand in the garden of the paradisiacal world within the Expansive Holy Land, he traveled rapidly as he passed through restricted areas and actually entered deep into the Head Region of the draconic shaped land, bursting into an isolated world filled with mystical billowing blue smoke that only held two discussing beings- the Holy Emperor and the Primal Emperor.

His soul whizzed by unknowingly as it descended into the body of the Holy Emperor, even this powerful Entity or the being he was talking to not being able to notice a single thing!

"Things have gotten even wilder with the changes we saw in the Ruination Tools. The other Ancient Powers have begun making movements they wouldn’t dare to make before."

The voice of the Primal Emperor rang out as the minute countdown started in the periphery of Noah’s vision, his mind having already given the command on what experiences to focus on as he listened in on the conversations of these two big bosses!

" the North, the Arch Human Race is consolidating power once more as they bring even more Entities under their banner."

The talk between these two bosses was a heavy one that concerned the environment of the Dark Universe, the discussion staying on the Ancient Powers that surrounded them!

The current discussion was for the force that controlled a portion of what could be considered the Northern Region of the Dark Universe, where the terrifying Arch Human Race ruled a terrifying Ancient Power that was at this moment recruiting more Entities.

The two big bosses continued their talk without the knowledge that at this moment, Noah was listening in while crystallizing immense comprehensions of the Dao of Summoning from the Holy Emperor.

"Ever since the reaction from the Tools of Ruination, every Ancient Power has been scrambling to obtain more knowledge and consolidate more power. We are the same, we just have to make sure our alliance starts off on the right path!"

The Primal Emperor that held 5 shining pairs of wings said this with a wily smile while staring at the Holy Emperor who nodded calmly while replying.

"Anastasia may have not been able to complete the pact last time, but my granddaughter will! I will set the engagement for a year later."

"A year? You do not wish to join hands right now?"

"A year is nothing to us. I hope Brother Primal can understand."

The gaze of the Holy Emperor remained impassive as he said these words, the winged ruler of the Aileron Race in front of him only smiling as he nodded!

"My Primal Winged Expanse is fairly protected as we reside past the Pestiferous Chaotic Regions that we know how to navigate, but others will be aiming for your Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter with even more vigor soon because of your intact Sage’s Legacy..."

Noah’s soul perked up in the midst of absorbing Dao comprehensions, his attention on the intact ’Sage’s Legacy’ that was mentioned between these two bosses!

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