Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 757 - Just Loot at the End of it All! I

Chapter 757 - Just Loot at the End of it All! I

The Expansive Holy Land that stood at the center of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter had a bustle of activities occurring throughout.

It seemed like celebrations and festivities had overtaken the entire draconic shaped land as even though not everyone could participate in the grand celebration that would be occurring in the Expansive Ballroom, most still celebrated in their own regions as they welcomed the return of their Holy Princess and the news of a dreadful Genius Summoner that had multiple PRISMATIC Pets began to spread out!

Such news called for grand celebrations! Meanwhile, Noah was talking with a mother and daughter pair as he gained more understanding of the situation around them, Anastasia bringing the two of them through a few portals that only someone of her status could pass through without any issues as their destination was a paradisiacal isolated world that held fantastical castles.

"There should be some privacy in here, what happened with the Nexus Galaxy?"

The most pressing matter was the one of safety for the beings they knew for years, Anastasia asking of this as they passed through the colorful gardens that looked like mazes around the unique medieval styled castles.

Noah gave a light smile as he walked with the two women, nodding in front of them as they came to a stop and watched the area he pointed to begin to bubble with spatial essence as something came forth.

"Alright, prepare yourselves for this."

The spatial essence brought forth a clone, a clone that had the same face as Alexander as the two women looked towards it with their expressions agape! But this wasn’t all as this clone very quickly unfurled his hand, bringing forth a stellar looking circular object that shone with scintillating light.

The object floating on the palm was shockingly a Galaxy, and one that was the product of the fusion of many galaxies!

"Don’t resist."

Noah said these words as he used his authority as the Infinite Galaxy Master to warp the two of them into his home, many things being much easier to explain in this location.


After a flash of essence, their figures disappeared silently from the garden as a miniaturized galaxy fell on the earth below, merging with the small grains of sand seamlessly!


Within the Infinite Galaxy, some of the more powerful figures were floating in the starry space between multiple shimmering stars as they enjoyed the essence filled fruits of the Infinite Galaxy.

They had briefly stopped their training to recuperate and relax as they got a message from Noah that powerful guests would be coming into the Infinite Galaxy! These guests were beings that the Imperial Adjudicator was connected to, so the Harbingers took some time aside to see the beings that the Adjudicator they trained with always talked about.

With a flash of light, the appearance of two curvaceous women appeared along with Noah’s two bodies near the space they were in, their expressions looking around with their mouths agape as they wanted to confirm they were now truly in a separate space that had multiple stars!

"Anna! Anastasia!"

The Emperor Penguin and others then watched as the tough Imperial Adjudicator flew towards these two beings without any of the majestic demeanor of a king, hugging them tightly as he finally met his family again.

This powerful ruler glanced towards Noah’s two bodies as his eyes were red with emotion and said softly, "Thank you."

Noah nodded at this as he smiled lightly, his voice ringing out thereafter.

"Welcome the new guests to the Infinite Galaxy. We have much to do!"

What followed next was the introduction of the Infinite Galaxy to the shocked mother and daughter, the reality that the Nexus Galaxy they knew was fused into another galaxy being something they could hardly believe.

"How does that even work? Like, doesn’t make sense..."

Anna was shaking her head as she barraged Noah with questions in the starry space, her fiery red hair dancing in space while the Imperial Adjudicator pulled Anastasia close to him as if he didn’t know when he would lose her again.

Far off in the distance, the Emperor Penguin looked at this scene as he shook his head in amazement, his beady eyes glancing to the side as he saw a fiery Barbaros crossing her arms while gazing towards Noah and the two new beings.

’Is master really about to add another woman he can barely take care of? Truly unfathomable!’

The Emperor Penguin had a ridiculous thought as his eyes shifted from Anna to the Barbaros near him, the stupor and shock of the reality of the Infinite Galaxy being accepted by the two women as they moved on to the issue at hand.

"My weakness seems to have only made things worse, where now I’ve gotten even Anna embroiled in the mess of Ancient Powers."

After things settled down, Anastasia told the story of their return and exactly how events had played out, mentioning to them the standing of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter and the Primal Winged Expanse as she talked of the broken engagement she ran away from, as well as the new one that was about to be formed now.


The Imperial Adjudicator was furious as he bellowed out.

"A prideful Aileron Race? Needed allies? So what! All I see is birdmen trying to force my daughter, I won’t have it!"

His stance was made clear as Anna nodded in a matter of fact fashion, but her face and Anastasia’s face was one of difficulty as they knew the many more intricacies within it!

Anastasia waved her hands in front of them as she spoke.

"My father has already chained me to make sure I don’t step out of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter again, and he knows Anna won’t go anywhere if I’m forced to remain here. In the next day or two, he plans to make the engagement official as two Ancient Powers join together."


Silence overtook the starry space that these beings were in as many had thoughtful expressions, all of their gazes going towards one person at this moment!

They all went towards Noah who was sipping a golden drink squeezed from fruits dense in fate essence, listening to the issue at hand that weighed down on others heavily as if it was nothing to him.

Seeing the worried looks of the Adjudicator and the mother and daughter pair, Noah finished his drink as he turned towards Anna and asked simply!

"Are you planning on getting together with a random Aileron Prince?"


Anna’s reply was instant as her gaze was calm, looking expectantly towards this genius that always surprised her to no end.

"Then if you don’t want to, you simply won’t. I’ll make sure of it."


With a domineering gaze, Noah sipped his golden drink as he spoke out lazily, making his stance clear! Anna looked towards him as her bright eyes shined, all of the beings here listening to his words as he made one thing clear.

Even if the will of an Ancient Land was to do something, if he said they won’t- then they would have to bend to Noah’s will!

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