Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 704 - Spam All the Buffs!

Chapter 704 - Spam All the Buffs!

A magisterial sight was taking place in the chaotic void as a stellar Void Serpent adorned with a golden crown appeared, numerous runic sigils branded on its purple-blue scales as the pressure it released was not something a QUASAR Realm being should have!

The other pets looked at each other in excitement while observing this scene, turning their eyes to the three remaining Noahs as each of them smiled calmly while calling out- [One Body, One Soul].


A light that linked the original body of Noah and the two clones to the three remaining pets shone out, another 3 fusions of Summoner and Pet occurring as the blinding light spread out for miles.

[Incandescent Emperor].[Incandescent Emperor].[Incandescent Emperor].

The descent of the strong golden light of fate then came down as the runic lines were carved like archaic tattoos on each of the pets, a shimmering golden crown adorned on each of them as they shone with ridiculous power!


The cry of the future Golden Crow resounded as the chicken grew twice as large, its wings shining with even more golden light. But it seemed tiny in comparison to the enormous Void Serpent as well as..the Calamity Bear that looked like an Archaic King while now sitting at 500 meters while adorned with a golden crown.

Its obsidian-colored fur seemed thicker and stronger than the rarest diamonds as its face was filled with a regal aura, its thick bear claws shining menacingly as the essence of Life and Earth abundantly leaked from it.

Meanwhile, the Oculothorax’s shimmering crown nearly covered all of this creature, the huge eye shining even brighter as it gained enticing beauty to those who deeply favored eyes!

"This power..."

The ancient voice of the Void Serpent was filled with surprise as it sensed its aura actually nearing the Lower Tier of the GALAXY Realm even before it used its abilities.

’With such supporting skills...if they last long enough...’

Numerous thoughts crossed the ancient creature’s mind as at this moment, the voice of its master rang out.

"We aren’t done."




His word was filled by the repetition of the same word by the other three merged pets, the colors of the dark chaotic void changing as above them, rivers of the essence of life dripped down like a broken dam as it went to coalesce around them, thick branches and leaves beginning to shroud their 4 bodies as they didn’t take the form of the enormous Tree of Life, but instead, the thick branches and leaves wrapped around them as they began to form a primal looking visage.

The form of the Tree of Life was that on an ancient armored visage that went on to fully cover every spot on the bodies of the four merged summons, each of them gaining a thick layer of protection as the main use of this covering was to reinforce their power- enormous amounts of Life Essence pumping into them every second as they looked like huge creatures of the forest!

The aura of power they released continued to shoot ever higher as from the body of the Void Serpent, the aura it now released was no less than a being at the Lower Tier of the GALAXY Realm.

All the other pets...were releasing horrendous aura at the peak of QUASAR Realm that threatened to spill out to GALAXY at any time!

One must recall that Noah himself...was only at the Black Hole Realm.

Manifested Black Hole, yes, but still at the Realm of Black Hole!

Yet combined with his pets and while adorned with [Incandescent Emperor] and [Yggdrasil], one of his pets already released an aura able to match a being at the Lower Tier of the GALAXY Realm while the others could reap the lives of QUASAR ranked experts with ease.

Yet even at this juncture...stupidly and unbelievably- Noah was not done.

He ridiculously wasn’t f.u.c.k.i.n.g done!


"[Death Scythe]"


The immense aura of death began to permeate out as before the rivers of the essence of life could even finish granting the primal armor of Yggdrasil, a flood of the essence of death rumbled through to wrap around the bodies of the summons as above their crowns, the illusory image of a shockingly long Scythe began to appear.

The Death Scythe was constantly thrumming as it released a thick barrier of death around the bodies already layered with numerous buffs, this being a new ability that Noah obtained from the techniques of the Law of Death!

One must recall that previously, we only mentioned the cultivating ability of <<Death’s Apostle>> but not the other abilities that came with the techniques from the Imperial Library. The skill he just cast one that came from the skill tree under the techniques of the Law of Death! The boosts of the ability were also very similar to Yggdrasil.

[Death Scythe](5/5) :: Death is something no being can escape, something that many run from but never find success! This ability grants the user an illusory protection in the form of a Scythe, this protection giving them the possibility of interfering with death. While active, the user gains +3000% Physical and Soul Defense, +3000% to All Damage, +1000% Extra Death Essence Damage, +3000% Increased Attack Speed, +100% Universal Laws Resistance Penetration, +100% to all Universal Laws Resistance, and All enemies struck by you abilities gain the [Death Leech] status effect. The user will also gain a Death Shield after every 10 minutes this ability is kept active. (The skill is currently being enhanced by the [Death] ability.)

It was literally just the boosts of the Yggdrasil abilities with a few extra additions or differences, but it contributed even greater percentages of boosts as aside from the Primal verdant armor given by Yggdrasil as the Scythe constantly pulsed and released a layer of death essence to cover all the pets.

As Noah got to this point, he could feel a tremendous strain on his soul as he knew these transformations were the max that he could do even while being reinforced with the souls of the merged pets, that if he tried to add the [Terror of Aether Form] or the [Arch Demon Lord] form from the Seven Deadly Sins abilities...he would only get a momentary boost before his origin and soul could not keep that many transformations together as they would fall apart in the next minute.

But what he had now..should be more than enough!

When he looked around at the four Summons he had merged with, each of them looked like a Primal Archaic Beast that could tear apart anything they faced with ease as the strongest Void Serpent and Calamity Bear seemed particularly monstrous.

The layers of boosts from merging, [Incandescent Emperor], [Yggdrasil], and [Death Scythe] made them and the Three-Legged Fate Crow and the Oculothorax look so damn sturdy and ancient!

They looked so f.u.c.k.i.n.g sturdy as they emanated a horrendous pressure that seemed to say nothing would be able to bypass them!


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